10 Amazing Health Benefits of Star Apple

Amazing Health Benefits of Star Apple Including Maintain eye health. Star Apple is known as Star Apple. This fruit is a kind of sawo that looks like an apple. The color of this fruit consists of several types, namely purple, green, and red. The inner structure of the fruit durian starfruit star with small stars and seeds. This fruit is delicious and tasty to be consumed directly. In addition to direct consumption, you can also process it into raw materials for ice cream.

Star Apple is a food of the type of fruit that is not good to enjoy but also provide adequate nutrition for your body health. This fruit has some natural content such as minerals and vitamins, namely carbohydrates, calcium, energy, protein, fat, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, iron, and also vitamin C. Star Apple is also able to become fruit with herbal properties to cope and Remove disease attacks.

1. Overcoming diarrhea

Savor Duro sawdust to overcome diarrhea has proved effective in relieving the symptoms and this disease. This fruit will cleanse your digestive tract first and then eliminate the diarrhea disease.

2. Prevent anemia

Savored sawo durian was also good for you who suffer from anemia. This fruit with its natural iron substances will produce red blood cells in your body more quickly.

3. Overcoming mouth inflammation

Soybean efficacy durian for inflammation is reliable, especially in the mouth. This fruit will be active with its nutritional content to heal your inflamed mouth so it can heal again.

4. Healthy Bones

Soybean efficacy bone for bone obtained from calcium content. This fruit after further investigation turned out to have enough calcium for your bone health and strength, and prevent osteoporosis or degeneration.

5. Maintain eye health

Savored Star Apple with vitamin A in it you can consume as a nutritious fruit to maintain eye health. This fruit will prevent eye diseases such as nearsightedness or nearness.

6. Growing Bones

Sapodilla fruit can also be used as a food booster and help bone growth. This fruit is suitable for children consumed, and sufferers are broken bones in the healing period.

7. Anticancer bowel

Sapodilla fruit is a type of fruit with anti-cancer, especially colon cancer. This fruit has a good vitamin C content to protect the body cells in your intestines so as not to cause cancer cells.

8. Prevent infection

Sapodilla fruit can prevent infection in your body. That's because this fruit has an excellent nutritional content to avoid the onset of disease. Your body will become stronger in the fight against infection.

9. Natural dysentery medicine

Sapodilla fruit can be used to treat dysentery. This fruit contains natural nutrients, so you do not have to worry about side effects. Consume this fruit regularly if you want to cure your disease.

10. Strengthens the teeth

Duro saffron fruit with calcium is not only useful for bones, but also for your teeth. Eat these fruits every day to keep your teeth healthy. Do not forget to regularly brush your teeth twice a day.

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