10 Amazing Health Benefits of Fasting

Amazing Health Benefits of Fasting. At the time of Ramadan Muslims are required to fast. Fasting is very beneficial for the health of the body. This is because fasting is associated with the process of detoxification or removal of toxins from the body. Especially when fasting in the month of Ramadan is done for a full month that can make the body healthier. Here are the benefits of fasting for the health of the body.

1. Improves brainpower

The benefits of fasting can improve the ability of the brain
Fasting can increase the neurotrophic-derived brain, which helps the body to produce more brain cells, and ultimately can improve brain function. Decreasing the amount of cortisol hormone at the time of fasting produced by the adrenal glands can make a person lower the stress level.

2. Helps maintain heart health and blood vessels

Heart disease is one of many deadly diseases. By fasting you will feel a positive effect on your heart health, the body increases HDL and decreases in LDL that are devastating to the health of the heart and blood vessels.

3. Lower cholesterol

Weight loss at the time of fasting is one of the benefits of fasting. A study in the United Arab Emirates concluded that people who fasted there was a reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood. Low cholesterol levels improve heart health so it can reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. Especially if you follow a healthy diet program, cholesterol levels can be lowered quickly.

4. Can think sharper and more creative

Fasting can make the mind more calm and slow, according to a slowing mind study can make it work more sharply. Hunger when fasting is a natural problem when hunger forces to think sharper and more creative.

5. Reduce bad habits

Fasting is one of the right ways to change an unhealthy lifestyle and a bad diet. During fasting, activities can stop the habit such as smoking and eat sweet foods.

6. Remove toxins in the body

The benefits of fasting can also secrete toxins in the body that accumulate or detoxify. During fasting, you can detoxify or remove toxins in the digestive system within a month. When the body consumes fat reserves to gain energy, the fat reserves will burn off any harmful toxins in the body.

7. Preventing diabetes

Diabetes is generally caused by high levels of sugar and cholesterol in the body. With the fasting activity of consumption of sugar and fatty foods will be controlled so that in the end can prevent diabetes and hereditary diseases.

8. Absorbs many nutrients

Metabolism will become more efficient when fasting. Efficient metabolism means that the number of nutrients to be absorbed from food becomes greater. This is due to the increase in adiponectin hormone produced by the combination of fasting with Sahur, making it possible to incorporate more nutrients.

9. Boost the immune system

At the time of fasting, the body will be weak that some people think will become more painful. It is wrong, and it turns out fasting can boost the immune system. When fasting there will be increased lymphocyte even up to 10 times in the body, this can give a significant and useful influence on the immune system, so fasting can prevent various viruses.

10. Overcoming joint pain or gout

By regularly fasting the body can increase the natural neutralizing cells that are useful in reducing the pain of uric acid. A study concluded that there is a correlation between the increased ability to neutralize cells or bacterial eradication with improved arthritis or the cause of gout itself.

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