Top 4 Benefits of clay For Skin

The benefits of clay mask for skin very much, among them is to prevent round faces, shrink the pores of the skin and remove acne scars. Clay is usually used to make various crafts such as ceramics, jugs or flower pots of late switch function as one of the alternative facial skin care traditionally. With the price is quite economical and how to make it that is not difficult, make a lot of people switch to using clay masks. Besides, clay masks are known to have an excellent cleaning effect and can be used for various skin types.

Having a bright face, clean and not acne is the dream of many women. However, most of the women have allergies or are sensitive to specific beauty products. So if one chooses and uses beauty products can make a face become itchy, red and even grow acne. For those of you who have allergies like this, using traditional treatments with clay masks is one solution.

The following will explain some benefits of clay mask for the face, may be useful for you.

1. Eliminate acne and acne scars blemishes.

Bentonite clay mask is a suitable type to remove acne and acne scars on the face. To give a pleasing effect, this bentonite should be mixed with tea tree oil and oatmeal. Saponin content and anti-inflammatory effects of these natural ingredients can prevent bacteria that cause acne develops, cleans the face and remove dead skin cells.

2. Preventing face dullness

The content in the clay that serves to remove dead skin cells can make a face brighter and protected from dullness. The cause of round face is the production of oil on the face of excessive and accumulate dead skin cells, for that besides using this clay mask you are also advised to diligently wash your face to keep skin clean.

3. Maintain facial moisture

In addition to the above benefits, clay mask also serves to keep the face moisture. For those of you who have skin tend to be drier can use this clay mask to keep the facial moisture awake, has a natural color without having to look dry.

4. Decrease the pores

Enlarged pores on the face cannot be considered trivial because it can be one cause of the growth of acne, blackheads, and spots. Some of the reasons of enlarged pores include blistering sunlight, incorrect use of cosmetic products, the presence of excess oil production and hereditary factors. Using a clay mask for about 15 minutes can help shrink the enlarged pores of the face. Apply the mask on the focal points of the extended pores, then wash with warm water.

In addition to taking the benefits of clay mask for the face in overcoming the problems on facial skin, you also have to maintain the cleanliness of the face and eating patterns. It is advisable to consume lots of vegetables and fruits so that the nutrients and vitamins needed skin is met so the face will look fresh. Drink plenty of water is also essential to prevent dullness and dryness of your skin.

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