Top 25 Foods That Are Contain High Vitamin A

List Foods That Are Contain High Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vitamin associated with eye health. By eating foods rich in vitamin A can prevent us from various types of problem on the eyes. However, foods containing vitamin A are also useful for treating other health disorders.

Foods containing vitamin A have been measured by international unit (IU) insoluble in water. Ideally, on an average day, every adult needs about 5000 IU of vitamin A.

1. Carrots

Who does not know carrots? He is a favorite rabbit's favorite food with high vitamin content. This is the reason why the rabbit has a pretty sharp vision, especially when seeing the danger that threatens him.

The benefits of carrots are plentiful for health. This orange vegetable contains high potassium is useful enough to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), reduce menstrual pain, and even you can use to create a natural face mask.

2. Red Chili

Many people think chili is terrible for health, especially the health of the digestive tract. After further investigation, red chilies contain a source of vitamin A is high enough.

The content of these vitamins can launch the circulatory system, improve eye vision, body metabolism, and so forth. Make sure a daily consumption of enough red chili alone, so that your stomach does not feel heartburn.

3. Spinach

The next source of vitamin A is spinach. Vegetables of this type may be better known as foods containing iron, but in fact, spinach also contains vitamin A that can meet 49% of your daily needs. Eat at least 1 bunch of spinach a day to get the fantastic benefits included in it.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have many benefits for humans. The fruit is usually processed into fresh soup contains vitamin A high enough. Consumption of medium-sized tomatoes can meet the needs of vitamin A by 20% a day.

The benefits of tomatoes more complete with the presence of lycopene and vitamin C. Both nutrients can act like antioxidants in warding off dangerous radicals cause disease.

5. Lettuce

Among housewives would be familiar with lettuce. Usually, lettuce is widely used to make the cuisine. According to experts one cup of lettuce can suffice 361 IU of vitamin A and 10 calories for the body. Therefore, from now on do not hesitate to include lettuce to every dish you make.

6. Sweet potatoes

Many people who consider the highest vitamin A vegetables are carrots, but they are not. Carrots are only able to meet 200% of daily vitamin A requirement, while sweet potato itself can provide 438% requirement of vitamin A for the medium size.

Each medium-sized sweet potato contains 21909 IU of vitamin A. The content of vitamins is more perfect with the presence of natural minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium are good for the body.

7. Red pepper

Red pepper also includes foods that contain high vitamin A. Each consumption of 1 tablespoon of red pepper, then you will get the intake of vitamin A by 2018 IU aka 42% of daily needs. You can eat red pepper by putting it into each dish.

8. Paprika

Still, in the category of kitchen spices, there is paprika that can meet the needs of vitamin A by 69% daily. In addition to vitamin A, it turns out peppers also contain calcium, potassium, and vitamin C is perfect for maintaining a healthy body.

9. Dry basil

Usually, basil is used as fresh vegetables when we eat grilled chicken or grilled catfish. This basil is very useful to prevent the smell of sweat because it contains high antibacterial.

But it turns out basil also contains vitamin A is large enough. According to nutritionists, every 100 grams can meet 744 IU of vitamin A requirement for the body. To the maximum, you can eat dry basil regularly every day.

10. Radish

Foods containing the following vitamin A are turnips. Each one of chopped radish mugs includes 6373 IU of vitamin A. besides, radish also has potassium content that is useful enough to launch the circulatory system of our body.

11. Red pepper

Actually, all types of peppers contain high vitamin A, but the most top is red pepper. This type is capable of sufficient 75% DV or equal to 3726 IU of vitamin A per consumption in medium size. Just enough one-day consumption you can already meet the needs of vitamin A.

12. Mango

Mangoes include fruit that contains high vitamin A. Each cup of mango fruit is able to meet 36% of daily vitamin A requirement with the content reaches 1785 IU. In order not to get bored, you can make fresh mango juice everytime you want to eat it.

13. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is known as a fruit that contains low in fat and calories. Apparently every consumption of 1/8 part, this cantaloupe fruit can give 5986 IU of vitamin A. Of course already able to meet your daily requirement.

14. Dry apricots

Perhaps some of us are strangers to hear 'apricots.' This fruit is already quite popular overseas, but in Indonesia is still rare we meet. Consumption of one cup of dried apricots can provide 94% of the average daily vitamin A requirement.

15. Papaya fruit

Papaya is a fruit that contains high enough fiber. The fiber content is useful to launch the digestive system and support healthy diet program. But besides, this fruit is also able to provide 1444 IU vitamin A (29% DV).

16. Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is identical with typical Chinese fruits. In China, the fruit is used for offerings and traditional ceremonies, while in Indonesia is still a fruit import that has a relatively high price. Although expensive, dragon fruit consumption is not a loss because it contains various nutrients.

17. Butternut squash

The yellow-orange color produced by butternut squash is a sign that it contains high beta-carotene, the content of which will be converted into vitamin A in the body. In a cup of this food can meet 22868 IU of vitamin A daily.

18. Peas

Do you like snacking peas? These types of beans contain a considerable amount of vitamin A. Each half cup of peas is sufficient for 134% of the daily average daily vitamin A requirement.

19. Fish liver oil Cod

Cod liver oil actually has many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body. It contains nutrients ranging from natural minerals, omega 3s, vitamins A, and D. Each consumption of 1 tablespoon cod liver oil, then you have given the body 14000 IU of vitamin A.

20. The heart of turkey

Speaking of foods that contain vitamin A, it is incomplete if not mention the heart of turkey. The reason, turkey liver is able to provide vitamin A for 75333 IU (per 100 grams) alias 1507% daily. The intake of vitamin A is excellent that makes many drug companies extract the liver turkey into a multivitamin herbal.

21. Beef Liver

Not only the liver turkey, but you can also get a source of high vitamin A from the liver of the cow. Although not as high as a turkey, 100 grams of cow liver can provide 16898 IU or 300% daily vitamin A requirement.

22. Milk

Foods containing the last vitamin A are milk and its products. Perhaps milk is better known as a good source of calcium and vitamin D for bone, but the fact that consumption of a cup of milk may give 395 IU of vitamin A.

Therefore, make sure you always consume milk every day. In order not to be bored you can also eat processed products such as ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and so on.

23. Salmon Fish 

Salmon is a beneficial fish for health. salmon has a meager amount of sodium. Besides, several sources of nutrients are also found in salmon, such as pantothenic acid, phosphorus, riboflavin, protein, vitamin B6, niacin, vitamin B12, and selenium.

Even the content of vitamin A in salmon can reach 2500 IU. Consumption of salmon regularly will maintain eye health and prevent macular diseases (diseases that attack the eyes and cause blindness) and to avoid eye dryness syndrome. You can consume salmon with some kind of process.

24. Egg

Eggs become everyone's favorite food. Eggs can be processed into various types of cuisine and also has an affordable price for all circles. Although eggs look like cheap food, in one egg has multiple kinds of vitamins and minerals. Some types of vitamins in eggs are vitamin B5 (7%), vitamin B2 (15%), vitamin B2 (9%), folate (5%), vitamin A (6%) and some mineral sources such as zinc, calcium, copper, phosphorus, and selenium. The content of vitamin A in eggs can prevent blindness and organ damage system in the eye. Also, the eggs also contain lots of zeaxanthin and lutein which become potent oxidants to prevent blindness.

25. Pumpkin

Pumpkin can be found in individual seasons. Pumpkin fruit round fruit with orange flesh color. You can process the pumpkin into gelatin, cake, compote, or other dishes. The natural taste of the pumpkin is sweet and has filling properties. In 50 gram pieces of cooked pumpkin found vitamin A content of 19,060 IU or about 820% DV for women's needs. This amount is huge and can be one source of vitamin A is cheap and readily obtained.

We recommend that you consume food sources of vitamin A above on a regular basis every day. If the body does not get enough vitamins, it will cause various disorders and diseases. While specifically for pregnant women and children under five, should consult first about the appropriate dose of vitamin A for every day. Maybe useful!

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