Top 21 Foods Contain High Calcium

Foods Contain High Calcium besides milk. Calcium is a kind of natural minerals that are needed so that the body can be healthy and protected from dangerous diseases. One of the highest sources of calcium is milk, but unfortunately, not everyone likes milk consumption.

Almost all the calcium minerals in our body are accumulated into bones and teeth. Only about 1 percent of it spread in blood circulation, muscle, and other body tissues. Along with the increasing age of calcium need for the higher body to prevent osteoporosis.

Not only age but the need for calcium is also influenced by other factors. Starting from activity, gender, and race. Therefore, we must always monitor the daily calcium requirement for the body. In addition to high calcium milk, you can also eat some foods that contain calcium below.

For those of you who do not like milk or have lactose intolerance, that is not able to absorb and digest lactose, no need to worry. Here are some foods that contain calcium that can be consumed.

1. Sardines

Sardines include high calcium fish species. Sardine sources of calcium can be found in fresh or grilled fish. At least every three ounces of sardine contains 325 mg of calcium. Try not to remove the bones of sardines, because the soft bones contain high enough calcium.

2. Salmon

Salmon is a fish that is often used to make sushi in Japan. Every six ounces of salmon meat contains as much as 181 mg of calcium. Not only include the source of calcium alone, but salmon also has a high vitamin D content that can help the absorption of calcium.

3. Broccoli

Not only fish are high sources of calcium, but some vegetables such as broccoli also contain calcium. Every 50 grams of broccoli can provide 30 mg of calcium for the body. You can even make broccoli as a snack during work hours.

4. Pok Choy Small

Pok Choy is usually served by way of stir-fry. These little vegetables are often considered trivial by many communities. In fact, in a small cup of pok choy can provide as much as 70-80 mg of calcium for the body. Regular consumption of at least four cups is excellent for bone.

5. Spinach

Who does not know spinach? These green vegetables contain a variety of nutrients needed by the body, including one is a source of calcium. The calcium content in every 100 grams of spinach is 150 mg. Eat spinach by boiling it without salt, it will taste good and healthy body.

6. Tofu

Perhaps tofu is better known as foods containing vegetable protein, not a source of calcium. It turns out that in 100 grams of tofu is able to supply 500 mg of calcium for the body. The amount of calcium content is beneficial to support the process of growth of bones and teeth.

7. Sesame Seeds

Although small and only used as a complement to food alone, but sesame seeds actually contain high enough calcium. Every one tablespoon of sesame seeds can provide calcium intake as much as 160 mg a day. In order not to saturate, you can consume sesame seeds along with other cakes or snacks.

8. Almonds

Almond is usually used as a brown topping. Typical taste makes almond quite popular among the community, especially young people. To get calcium by 35 mg, at least you should consume almonds as much as 15 grams.

9. Soy milk

For those of you who do not like the consumption of cow's milk, it's good to replace with soy milk. In every 1 cup (243 grams) of soy milk contains as much as 61 mg of calcium. But make sure that soy milk that would not be consumed yet mixed with other ingredients such as dyes and so forth.

10. Cheese

Foods that contain calcium from now on is cheese. Can be spelled out cheese is one of the dairy products are quite liked by all circles, be it young or adult. Not only the source of calcium alone, but cheese also contains protein, phosphorus, vitamins, and much more.

11. Yogurt

Yogurt is made by milk fermentation. In contrast to cheese, yogurt is liquid. Yogurt can be obtained from various types of milk, including one of soy milk. Most yogurt is made from cow's milk. Made from essential ingredients of milk, yogurt is one of the foods high in calcium.

12. Fruits

Consumption of fruit is excellent to launch the digestive system because it contains high enough fiber. However, especially for dried fruits, they provide more calcium. Consumption of 5 types of dried fruit a day can give you 135 mg of calcium, especially for fruits that have high minerals.

13. White beans

White beans also include foods that contain high calcium, even higher than other types of nuts. With the consumption of 100 grams of white beans, you will get a calcium intake of 442 mg or arguably 175 mg / its portion.

14. Radish

Radishes are often cooked in the form of vegetables. Consuming radish as much as 1 stalk can meet the calcium requirement of 200 mg. In addition to high calcium, radish also contains vitamin A that can optimize the absorption of calcium in the body optimally.

15. Orange

Orange is famous for its king 'vitamin C' which is useful for maintaining the immune system. Orange is not only contained vitamins, but he also includes fruits that contain calcium. Calcium content of 1 orange fruit about 60 mg.

16. Oatmeals

Oatmeals are a good food for the heart, rich in fiber, and carbohydrates for the body. In addition to containing calcium, oatmeals also include high calcium compounds. In 1 cup of grains includes 105 mg of calcium.

17. Kale

Kale including cabbage vegetables aka cabbage. In every one cup the kale contains 90 mg of calcium. Or in other words, 3.5 cups of kale is more calcium than 1 cup milk. You can cook kale into delicious culinary to get the benefits of calcium.

18. Kinoa / quinoa

Maybe 'kinoa' still sounds strange to the ears of some of us. Kinoa itself is a kind of pseudocereals that has been the staple food for Indian society in the Andes Mountains, United States.

Said to be 'pseudocereals' because this plant is not included in the grain type, the leaves we can eat like spinach. Kinoa seeds contain a variety of nutrients that are good for the body. When cooked, 1 cup of kinoa seeds can present 60-100 mg of calcium.

19. Bananas

Everyone would already know a lot of bananas. This yellow fruit contains many nutrients needed by the body. In addition to the famous potassium it, bananas also contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, and even iron that can prevent anemia.

20. Fruits

What is a fig? It may still sound unfamiliar to most people in Indonesia. Figs also include a high source of calcium. Each consumption of 1 fig, then you will get 107 mg of calcium intake per day.

21. Avocado

The last high calcium source is avocado. This one fruit is quite famous for its fiber content, but who would have thought he also has a high calcium content. Even regular avocado consumption can help lower cholesterol in your body.

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