Top 15 Foods Contain High Vitamin E

Foods Contain High Vitamin E. Sources of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) can be found in all foods. Starting from the fruit of vitamin E, vegetables, beans, wheat/cereals, eggs, poultry, beef, and vegetable oils. Vitamin E can be said to be an antioxidant that is very important for the body because he is able to protect us from the adverse effects of free radicals.

With the consumption of vitamin E foods, our immune system is maintained, resistant increases, and even very beneficial to keep healthy skin. Vitamin E is a type of fat-soluble vitamin. Our body basically requires the intake of vitamin E 60 - 75 IU (international unit) a day .. Excess consumption of vitamin E foods is also not good for health.

Therefore, meet the daily requirement of vitamin E sufficiently. Especially for children and pregnant women who are pregnant, should consume vitamin E consult first to the doctor or experts. In addition to getting them from multivitamins, you can also eat some foods that contain the following high vitamin E sources.

1. Sunflower seeds

Do you like to eat Sunflower seeds from sunflower seeds? If you want it is good because sunflower seeds contain high vitamin E. Each consumption of half a glass of sunflower seeds, it is able to meet the needs of 82% of vitamin E daily. Besides being a source of vitamin E, sunflower seeds also contain natural minerals such as magnesium and selenium. So do not miss this delicious snack when you're more relaxed.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is a plant shaped like a spear. This one plant is quite famous in Japan, the United States, and Europe. While in our own country, asparagus is still an import commodity. With asparagus consumption of 1 stalk, then you can meet the needs of vitamin E by 18% a day.

3. Almonds

Who does not know almonds? Usually, these types of nuts are widely consumed along with bread and other snacks. Any consumption of one small cup of almond nuts you can suffice vitamin E intake of 26.2 mg. It tastes delicious and delicious, very suitable if we make this kind of beans as a healthy snack family beloved.

4. Spinach

Spinach is a type of green vegetable that contains a variety of nutrients. This vegetable has high antioxidant content in the form of flavonoids and carotenoids. After examined more deeply, it turns spinach also includes vegetables that contain high vitamin E. Spinach is able to meet the needs of natural vitamin E of 41.4 mg for the body.

5. Mustard Swiss

Hearing the name 'mustard swiss' may still sound familiar to the ear. Indeed, this type of vegetable is not popular enough in Indonesia, but it is already widely consumed in various parts of the world. Sawi swiss has a large black stem with small green leaves. Consumption of a mustard swiss alone can meet the need for vitamin E of 28.8 mg.

6. Radish

Radishes not only include foods containing vitamin E alone, but these vegetables also have high calcium content. This calcium content makes the radish has a bitter taste once. In Indonesia, the use of radishes for cooking is still infrequent. But for other Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea became a food ingredient that is quite popular by the public. Radish vegetables are able to meet the needs of vitamin E by 28.8% of the total daily.

7. Fruit bits

Beets are high vitamin E fruit that is included in tuber types. The purple color on the beets is a sign that beets are a source of high vitamin E. Consumption of one bit a day can meet the needs of this vitamin by 38.7%. You can eat bits in salad or fruit juice mixture.

8. Kale

In Indonesia kale is called by various names, ranging from kale to you guys. This green vegetable has a short stem with broad leaves. Although only able to meet the needs of vitamin E by 5% a day, but kale is very good for people with heart disease. For heart patients, it's good to consume kale by steaming.

9. Chili

Foods that contain vitamin E next is chili. The content of vitamin E in chili is very high, even able to meet 40% of daily needs. Besides, chili also has capcaisin content that can relieve symptoms of inflammation. Interestingly again, although spicy chili is used to prevent arthritis and psoriasis.

11. Paprika

Paprika still into the family Capsicum. Even a country with chilies, paprika has a variety of flavors, there is a spicy flavor, and there is also a sweet taste following the type of Its paprika. Vegetables are able to contribute to the needs of more than 10% of daily vitamin E requirement. With regular consumption of peppers, the content of beta-carotene and zeaxanthin it is also quite useful to prevent heart disease.

12. Shrimp

Speaking of foods containing vitamin E, it seems incomplete if I did not mention shrimp. Source of vitamin E in shrimp able to fulfill requirement 18% daily for the body. Interestingly again, its astaxanthin content is able to prevent degenerative diseases. Therefore, consume shrimp regularly to keep the body healthy and fit.

13. Tomato

Not only shrimp, but tomatoes also include foods that contain high vitamin E. Sometimes vitamin E content is used to create a face mask. These vitamins combine perfectly with lycopene that is able to brighten, tighten, and even whiten skin. As for health, nutritional content in tomatoes is useful for preventing bone disease in the elderly.

14. Avocado

The benefits of avocado for health are enormous. This fruit has vitamin E content that can meet the daily requirement of 21%. The benefits of these vitamins can prevent inflammation in the body. Also, the content of phytosterols (beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol), antioxidant carotenoids (neoxanthin, lutein, neochrome, beta-cryptoxanthin, and flavonoid epicatechin) is very good for maintaining the body's immune system.

15. Kiwi

Kiwifruit is better known as a source of vitamin C. But it turns out vitamin E content is also able to meet the needs of 7% daily. The benefits of kiwi fruit are quite complete, ranging from preventing degenerative diseases to increase the body's immune. You can eat kiwi fruit directly or process it into fresh juice.

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