Top 12 List Foods Contain High Zinc

List Foods Contain High Zinc For Your Health. Zinc is an essential mineral that is naturally present in some foods and is also available as a supplement. Furthermore, zinc is also found in many cold suction tablets and some flu medicines.

Zinc can help prevent osteoporosis in women, especially for those who already have menopause. Studies have shown that low levels of zinc in women are closely related to reduced bone density, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Also, zinc is also essential to help improve skin health, prevent dandruff, and hair loss.

Essential for cell division and growth, so it is essential for pregnant women to consume foods containing high zinc. Zinc also helps avoid congenital abnormalities and prevent premature birth. As for the zinc, man can maintain the health of testosterone (male hormone). Zinc will protect the prostate gland from infection and inflammation. So help keep male fertility.

1. Beef. 

Beef is the primary Zinc source food because in 100 grams of meat provides at least 4.18 mg of zinc. Not to mention beef also contains high protein, magnesium, and iron that is needed by the body, especially bone. Make sure you choose quality beef to get the benefits of zinc and other nutrients.

2. Spinach. 

This food is highly favored by vegetarians because it contains high essential nutrients including Zinc in it. 1 serving of spinach weighing 100gram contains 0.53 milligrams of zinc and has only 23 calories. Spinach also has many other advantages, especially fiber and vitamin content that really helps you get a healthy body.

3. Pumpkin seeds. 

One serving (100 grams) of pumpkin seed contains about 10.3 mg of zinc, the amount is about 69% of your daily zinc requirement. In addition to very high zinc, pumpkin seeds can also help prevent prostate cancer and strengthen the immune system. To get the maximum zinc content, it is advisable to consume pumpkin seeds raw, but if you do not like it, you may cook it, although it will reduce the zinc content in it.

4. Scallops. 

Seafood generally does contain high minerals. Serving with 6 oysters includes 76 mg of zinc which already exceeds your daily zinc requirement. However, these foods are not readily available. Therefore maybe you will only consume it occasionally. Besides, excess zinc intake can cause immune disorders and other mineral metabolism disturbance.

5. Garlic. 

This food is more often used as a spice compared to the kitchen consumed directly. Because the benefits of garlic are very much for health makes its use more extensive. Garlic offers some nutrients including zinc. Garlic is also an excellent food to detox the body because it is enriched with manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and selenium.

6. Black chocolate. 

Eating dark chocolate can give your daily zinc intake a boost. 100 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate has up to 9.6mg of zinc. Cocoa powder contains 6.8mg of zinc. Black chocolate is also an excellent source of antioxidants to prevent cancer and improve mental health. However, you should be wary because the chocolate that has been circulating has less cocoa content, plus very high calories due to the addition of sugar.

7. Mushrooms. 

Among other vegetables, mushrooms also deserve special mention as a good source of zinc food. Mushrooms have almost no fat content and are very low in calories, so it is good to lose weight. A cup of cooked white mushroom slice gives 1.4 mg or 9% DV zinc. Although the amount is not too high, the fungus is still the right choice because there are many essential nutrients in it.

8. Sesame seeds. 

Sesame seeds are often used as a mixture of making cakes or other foods. As a mixture of sesame seeds have a lot more benefits than the main meal. Sesame seeds contain at least 10 mg of zinc of 100 grams. In addition to zinc, sesame seeds also contain other minerals such as magnesium.

9. Watermelon seeds. 

This one food may be less commonly consumed by our community, but admittedly or not watermelon seeds provide abundant nutrients for the body. Watermelon seeds contain several nutrients such as zinc, protein, magnesium, healthy fats, and some Vitamin B. 100 grams of watermelon seeds contain 10 mg of zinc and 602 calories.

10. Beef Liver. 

The liver is considered a source of fast food and should not be consumed excessively, but on the other hand, the liver is also a source of minerals including iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. For that, you should not use the cow as the primary food source of zinc, you can only consume occasionally.

11. Salmon fish. 

The reputation of this fish is excellent, along with the omega-3 content it has. Salmon is a very healthy fish and used to maintain heart health. In addition to zinc, you will also get other minerals from these fish including calcium and selenium.

12. Brown rice. 

If you want to get a zinc intake easily, try replacing white rice with brown rice. Brown rice is the most unique staple food because it has a shallow glycemic index than white rice. 100 grams of brown rice contains about 2.2 mg of zinc.

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