Top 12 Health Benefits Of Soursop Fruit

Health Benefits Of Soursop Fruit And Nutrient Values. Soursop fruit (Annona muricata) is a plant that was born in Central America and South America. Indonesia became one of the many preserving countries with many nicknames such as jackfruit sebrang, jackfruit, jackfruit walanda, jackfruit buris, and this Java srikaya.

Soursop meat is ripe has a white color with a little black seed. While the part that is often used is soursop leaves because it stores many benefits for health, you can find out on the benefits of soursop leaves that have been published some time ago.

Soursop Nutrition Ingredients

In the fruit, leaves, and even trees are beneficial for the survival of other living beings, especially humans. Various ingredients stored can play a role as a means of supporting the body's health such as carbohydrates, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C.

The fruit also stores dietary fiber which is a non-nutritious substance, its fiber content reaches 3.3 grams at 100 grams of pulp. Some minerals such as phosphorus (27 mg) and calcium (14 mg) are also contained in 100 grams of soursop fruit.

A large number of nutrients as has been described makes this fruit beneficial to health if it has entered the body's digestive system. Nutrients will be adequately absorbed by the intestines and then spread throughout the body tissue through the blood.

Some of the benefits of soursop fruit that is rarely known to people are on the part of seeds that store toxins. Poison seeds are often functioned by farmers as natural insecticides, like seeds on srikaya fruit. Therefore, when you want to make soursop juice, remove black seeds tucked on the flesh.

While other uses in the field of health are also not small, traditional medicine experts register this fruit as one of the raw materials making herbal medicine that is able to keep the body condition remains stable. Here are the many benefits of soursop fruit such as acetogenins, annonacin, annocatalin, annonacin, annomuricin, annetocin, anonol, anomurine, caclourine, gigantetronin, gentisic acid, linoleic acid, and muricapentocin.

1. Improve the immune system

The content of compounds ranging from acetogenins to muricapentocin that has been mentioned just now used to improve the body's immune system from the danger of disease, but also can also be used as a cure disease.

2. Energy Supplier for Body

The content of carbohydrates in soursop fruit has properties as an energy booster. Besides, the presence of vitamin B1 also adds energy levels to optimize the function of organs such as heart, brain, lungs, and kidneys by acting as a co-enzyme to convert glucose into energy.

3. Increase Concentration

Another specialty of thiamine is to maintain brain function and improve memory and concentration. The existence of this vitamin also helps the brain free from the burden (stress) and strengthen the nervous motor system in mind.

4. Helps Production of Hemoglobin

The function of riboflavin in soursop fruit is essential, that is to help the production of red blood cells so that enough to flow oxygen to the entire tissues in the body. That way all the organs of both vital and non-performance can take place regularly.

5. Maintain Digestive Health

Difficult absorption of nutrients and digest food can disrupt the human digestive system so that problems such as constipation or diarrhea are easy to come.

For that in need vitamin B2 which will help protect the intestinal mucous membranes so that the digestive system remained smooth and maintained good condition. That way, automatically the problem with digestion can be minimized.

6. Reduce Heart Attack Risk

From the results revealed a unique feature of soursop fruit is to eliminate atherosclerosis in the heart. The disease is a condition of the heart arteries thickened to make the blood becomes not smooth and heart attacks easily occur. This fantastic thing experts say as a reaction to vitamin C in soursop fruit.

7. Fighting Cancer

Many researchers that choose vitamin C as the object of his research yielded many results if the vitamin can fight cancer by inhibiting its cells. Besides, another function of vitamin C is to reduce the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea. What to do with soursop? If you've read from above would already know that in soursop fruit there are many vitamin C-content.

8. Preventing Cataracts

Routine soursop fruit drinking at least twice a day is believed to reduce the risk of vision becomes blurred as well as health problems in other eyes such as cataracts and opaque.

9. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Although sweet, sugar levels in soursop fruit are not high to reduce the risk of diabetes. But if you do not want anything to happen to your health condition, better avoid the consumption of various processed from excessive soursop fruit if blood sugar levels are high.

10. Overcoming Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the diseases that must be wary of. But just calm down, you can use soursop fruit to overcome hypertension. One of the benefits of soursop fruit that can ward off and also lower high blood pressure if regularly consumed every day.

Maybe you are already familiar to hear the benefits of soursop leaves are good for health. But make no mistake, in addition to the leaves turned soursop fruit also has tremendous benefits for health. Therefore, get the benefits of soursop fruit for health by eating soursop fruit regularly.

11. Treat Uric Acid

Another benefit of soursop fruit that can help treat gout disease. The way is easy, you can consume soursop fruit regularly every day. By eating soursop fruit daily, you will be protected from gout disease.

12. Overcoming Migraine

For those of you who often experience a migraine or a headache next, consume soursop fruit regularly. The content of soursop fruit is used to help overcome the migraines that you suffer. The benefits of soursop fruit this one has been proven, you just need to consume it regularly.

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