Top 10 Health Benefits of Tuna Fish

Health Benefits of Tuna Fish. Tuna is still related to Cakalang and Tongkol, both members of the Scombridae family. These fish are prevalent in the world of fisheries and fishing world. Due to a lot of demand in the market, ranging from Tuna Big Eye to Blue Fin Tuna. To catch Tuna, it takes a unique tool considering the large and quite ferocious of these fish.

Although famous, some health journals began to issue warning signals for consumption of Tuna, because based on research, these fish contain little mercury. So be careful in processing. Did you know that mercury is a hazardous substance? If swallowed can cause neurotoxic effects, so the performance of the central nervous system is disrupted.

Besides, mercury that has been digested content will never be removed from the body. The effect for a long time can be cancer. When pregnant women eat mercury, then the child's fetus is said to be flawed. Is it really creepy not this Tuna? But you need not worry. Because the benefits and efficacy of this fish are much more than harmful levels. Just how wise we just eat tuna, do not overdo it. Here are the benefits of Tuna for your body's health.

1. Benefits of Tuna as a Source of Protein

Humans need protein to be able to experience maximum muscle growth. Just imagine when humans have a disruption in protein absorption? Maybe his body will suffer malnutrition and dwarf. Tuna fish is excellent as a source of animal protein.

2. Tuna Fish Contains Omega 3

Omega 3 in Tuna can be used to maximize the work of the brain. The integrated nervous system will respond to the omega 3 substances as a very tasty nutrient.

3. Efficacy of Tuna Fish Lowers Triglycerides Levels in Blood

Tuna has the benefit of lowering triglyceride levels. This is the fat that the body produces because a person consumes a lot of glucose (sugar). This fat can be a source of energy, but if most can also cause blood sugar disease. Tuna fish will keep the triglyceride level always in the standard threshold.

4. Cleaning Arteries and Veins

Human blood vessels like a tunnel that every time so blood traffic. As a road, blood vessels are susceptible to damage and accumulation of dirt. As the old teeth are not cleaned, plaques and calculus (tartar) will appear. Just the same as arteries and veins will also have fatty plaques. Therefore it takes cleaning, which is nothing but Tuna fish.

5. Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is often regarded as the culprit of the aches and headaches experienced by adults. Cholesterol occurs because most eat oil. To fix it easy, eat Tuna Fish. Sports into pepes or boiled into tuna soup. Avoid excess crude because the fish is mostly already oily.

6. Coronary Heart Disease Therapy

Not only parents who can get coronary heart disease. Young people can. Even toddlers can make too. The root cause of this condition is usually a decent and a poor lifestyle. Rarely exercise, eat evil fatty foods every day. Until finally the performance of the heart degenerate. To overcome it can try the consumption of Tuna fish of all kinds. Because Tuna could be an alternative therapy for coronary heart disease.

7. Curing Inflammation (Anti Inflammation)

During this anti-inflammatory drug that is widely used is a type of NSAID, an abbreviation of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are actually hazardous if consumed in the long term because it can trigger the emergence of ulcers (ulcer, GERD). Instead of having to bear the adverse effects, mending you try to switch to tuna fish because it proves this fish can cure inflammation. Anywhere. Dermatitis, dental inflammation, and gums, inflammation of the brain, can heal.

8. Relieving Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression drugs are powerful can actually be triggered by know yourself. For you, fans of seafood (seafood) will love to eat Tuna fish because you think this fish can make you happy. But it is true, the old fish was really able to relieve stress and depression because the content of DHA, EPA, and Vitamin C it can refresh the brain.

9. Prevent Diabetes Disease

Diabetes disease occurs because the body produces excess sugar. Sugar is good for body stamina. But if the excess, this sugar just make limp. Diabetes also causes a person to quickly get injured and hard to heal when injured. Surely it would be rotten and even to put out larvae of maggots. Creepy right? Then come on we eat Tuna, to avoid from Diabetes.

10. Healthy Mother and Fetus womb

Anyone who is pregnant is always recommended to eat fish. And pregnant women will ask, "what fish is good for my uterus and my fetus?" The answer is Tuna. Try eating Tuna and many fruit and vegetable consumption, your pregnancy will be healthy and smooth. The fetus will grow correctly and intelligently.

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