Top 10 Health Benefits of Mulberries

Health Benefits of Mulberries And Nutrient Information. Mulberries is a fruit that comes with a family berry along with strawberries, blackberry, raspberries, and blueberries. In China, mulberry trees are used to feed silkworms. While the fruit is consumed to provide extraordinary health benefits. In fact, mulberry is considered a health tonic and is used as tea and syrup. Some of the benefits of mulberry fruit include:

1. Prevent premature aging. 

Aging is a natural process that a person experiences because of age. However, it can be unnatural when aging is caused by cell damage caused by free radicals. Radicals are oxidative products obtained from pollutants or some conditions such as stress. To prevent the adverse effects of these free radicals, you need foods high in antioxidants such as mulberry. Mulberries are known to contain several antioxidants such as leptin and Zea-xanthine, carotene and phytonutrients. Both are able to neutralize free radicals and protect the body from premature aging.

2. Prevent kidney stones. 

There are four types of kidney stones, and the most common type is calcium oxalate. They can proliferate and become large in the urinary tract so that it can trigger an infection. Besides, this condition can also cause the kidneys to remove excess amino acids. This unwanted calcium accumulation can be prevented by consuming fresh mulberry juice regularly. Mulberries are often added to drugs to strengthen the kidneys.

3. Blood Cleanser. 

You need blood-cleansing food? Maybe mulberry could be the answer. Dirty blood can cause mild to severe health problems. One of the main products of infected blood is acne and ulcers. Mulberries can be used as the best blood cleanser because it contains high antioxidant essential. Also, mulberry can also improve blood circulation.

4. Maintaining Heart Health. 

Consuming mulberry regularly has proven to be beneficial in improving heart health. This is because mulberry is able to strengthen the nervous system and reduce bad cholesterol, thus preventing blockage in the bloodstream. Reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood is very important to prevent heart disease and stroke.

5. Prevent hypertension. 

Mulberries are one of the foods to lower high blood pressure best. According to research published in March 2008 in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" mulberry is known to provide positive benefits in blood circulation while lowering high blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure can cause blood clots, strokes and heart disease. For that, try to do prevention by eating healthy fruits such as mulberry.

6. Improving the immune system. 

There is no doubt if the mulberry is a portion of food with high antioxidants. These antioxidants are beneficial to boost the immune system, which in turn will prevent virus attacks and infections. The weakening of the immune system also makes you susceptible to diseases such as flu and cough.

7. Prevent damage to the retina. 

Mulberries can be said to be a natural protector of your eyes. This is because mulberry is rich in Zea-xanthin, a food carotenoid that concentrates into the lutea of the macula of the retina. These zeos-xanthin work as antioxidants that protect the retina from damage by harmful ultraviolet rays through the action of light filtering.

8. Diabetes. 

Benefits of mulberry fruit did not stop there. This small fruit is also fortified with flavonoids that are used to prevent the increase in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. So that mulberry is sufficient enough to avoid complications in diabetics caused by spikes in blood sugar levels.

9. As a source of nutrition. 

Mulberry is a complete source of vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate (vitamin B9). These vitamins are beneficial to provide relief to the body in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Besides, mulberry also contains many other nutrients including dietary fiber, protein, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid, and potassium.

10. For beauty. 

Apparently, the benefits of mulberry fruit are not limited to disease prevention only. Using mulberry can prevent some problems like dry skin, acne, and aging. The antioxidant properties of mulberry are able to work by removing toxins, minimizing pores, moisturizing the skin and fighting black spots on the face. Not only that, but mulberry is also believed to help improve hair health, so it makes it look more healthy shine.

Although mulberry can provide benefits in preventing kidney stones, you should not consume them excessively. The reason, mulberry contains high potassium so it can create discomfort to patients with kidney disease. Therefore, for patients with kidney disease should consult to a doctor if you want to consume mulberry.

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