Reasons Some People Can't Lose Weight

Reasons Some People Can't Lose Weight. Often many people are trying various to lose weight, but weight does not go down. What is the cause?

Although you may have run a loose weight program correctly the results of your lose weight program almost always fail, there may be some problems that are still related to your body's health.

Perhaps this is what is unconscious, often done by most people who want to lose weight but the body does not go slim even though it is usually exercised and reduce the portion of food.

Therefore, in addition to running a weight loss program, but you should also know some problems that can affect your weight. As quoted from Idiva and other sources, see the full description below!

1.) Lack of Sleep

If the body lacks sleep and inadequate rest time, then the hormones in the body cannot function optimally. This is because the body's metabolism becomes affected and causes your weight gain. If the body lacks sleep, then the food consumed cannot be digested properly. Also, for people who have insomnia or have been sleeping at night let alone coupled with coffee consumption will make the body more unhealthy.

Therefore, you are advised to meet your rest time of about seven to eight hours each day. As much as possible avoid caffeine consumption in the afternoon until the evening and preferably the habit of watching television and playing the gadget is avoided when you will sleep.

2.) Depression

Depression becomes a thing that can inhibit your body to be slim. This is because many people who when depressed will tend to consume a lot of food. Also, when taking anti-depressant drugs will make the desire to eat becomes more and more.

You should be able to control the desire to eat properly. It is recommended to consume healthy foods such as fruit, almonds so that weight is not growing.

3.) Stress

When a person experiences stress, the body produces more corps, which triggers hunger. When a person suffering pressure, it will tend and tempted with less healthy foods such as junk food and other unhealthy foods that will then cause fat accumulation in the waist and your stomach.

Therefore, even if you are experiencing stress, do not let you consume unhealthy foods such as junk food and other types of foods / other unhealthy beverages. If you remain stubborn, you must be prepared to bear the effect.

4.) Hypothyroidism

When the body lacks thyroid hormones that make the effect less active is also called Hypothyroidism. If the body is exposed to hypothyroid, it will increase body weight due to decreased metabolism. If the body is exposed to hypothyroidism can be done so that thyroid hormone can be balanced again and the body's metabolism can return to normal, and your weight will return to normal.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in a person can be known from signs quickly tired body, the skin becomes dry, constipation and hair loss. Therefore, if you are exposed to hypothyroidism should immediately consult a doctor and do a blood check.

5.) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

In women, many are overweight because they have polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. At the time of the productive period of PCOS women is a fairly common hormonal disorder. People who suffer from PCOS have insulin resistance as in diabetic patients.

PCOS will make complicated changes to the male and ovarian hormone testosterone to female estrogens. Levels of testosterone in the body will cause the sufferer gain weight and have insulin resistance effect so it has almost the same effect because the body can not take the calories taken.

For people who suffer from PCOS is recommended to check themselves to be given the right medicine so that insulin can go down and hormones in the body can be balanced. Besides, frequent exercise at least twice a week is also recommended for people with PCOS.

6.) Eat At Night

The results of the study showed that the food eaten when one to two hours before you sleep will make the calories produced from the food is twice as influential when compared with food consumption at other times, ie before seven o'clock at night. This is because, at the time of sleep, the body can not digest food correctly so that the body's existing calories will become fat that settles.

Therefore, you should get used to eating at the right time. Besides, the consumption of food with a reasonable course and do not forget to consume healthy food for your daily nutritional needs fulfilled.

7.) Drink other than White Water

Food, when losing weight, is a major concern. In fact, not only food that can make a person fat but also drinks potentially trigger obesity. If you want to lose weight, you should avoid drinks like soft drinks, and drinks that contain sugar, milkshakes and other types of drinks. Drinks like this form can make the calories into the body to be many times over.

The way to overcome that is by consuming mineral water or water if you want to lose weight. If you want to consume fruit juice, should just make your own, because the packaging juice products contain excess sugar. White water is chosen because it has zero calories.

Well, by knowing the Penyabab Why Weight Does Not Also Go Down, you as much as possible to avoid it when in your weight loss program so that in a fast time you can have an ideal body.

Losing weight requires a high commitment and not half-half so you can get satisfactory results. However, do not torture your body with a loose weight that is too extreme because after all health when dieting is the most important thing. This is because, when you lose weight and for example get sick, then the diet you do will be in vain because when ill probably food intake will become more.

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