How To Remove Black Spots From The Face

How to remove black spots on the face can be done with a variety of ways either using medical procedures, natural ingredients to treat, complete on how to remove black spots you can read in the following article.

Black spots themselves with excessive pigmentation. This pigmentation occurs the process of extreme formation of melanin. Melanin is a protein substance that serves to determine skin color. Produced by melanocyte cells that act as a protective skin due to UV exposure.

Cause of Occurrence of Black Spots

Although black spots are not a severe problem, black spots will interfere with one's appearance. But before you think about how to remove black spots, you must first know the cause of black spots. And here are some causes of the translation of black spots.

1. Sunlight

The appearance of 90% black spots caused by the sun. Exposure to excessive UV rays will cause black spots on the face that most of us can meet in someone who has aged 60 years and over. Going back at this time, black spots can also appear on someone who is young.

2. Pollution

Someone living in a big city is more vulnerable to black spots. This could be also higher air pollution levels. A form of air pollution is one of the things that can damage the skin. The cells in our body produce antioxidants and then release melanin to counteract harmful substances capable of causing damage to the skin. With the presence of air pollution in large quantities, of course, we will make our body work extra in producing melanin.

3. Perfume

Apparently using a perfume in the sun can trigger the occurrence of black spots. This is because generally, the perfume contains photosensitizer that is able to make the skin more exposed to UV exposure. To strengthen the pigmentation of the skin.

4. Hormonal Factors

Women who are in pregnancy, menopause, are taking a pill or inject KB is also prone to black spots. This happens because it affects hormones in women which is one of the triggers of black spots.

5. Post-Inflammation

Black spots may be on the skin at the time of skin trauma caused by burns, acne and also skin care that is too heavy for the skin.

In addition to the above five factors. Several other factors such as genetic factors, the use of antibiotic drugs, as well as the use of cosmetics containing harmful ingredients such as mercury, salicylic acid also cause black spots.

Tips Prevent black spots on the face

Before black spots damage the beauty of the skin and also trust yourself, it's good to make prevention efforts. Here are some ways to remove black spots.

1. Protect Skin From Sunlight

The use of sunscreen is a proper step to remove black spots. Today there are so many sunscreen creams on the market that you can use on your face and body to protect your skin from the dangers of UV exposure. Always use sunscreen cream when you indulge in outdoor activities that are prone to direct exposure to sunlight. Therefore, how to remove black spots you can also use a wide hat, sunglasses and even long clothes to protect your skin from the sun.

2. Maintain Skin Hygiene

Skin hygiene is also one way to eliminate black spots. Always clean your face after your activity from outside the home. Wash your makeup thoroughly before you sleep at night. Do double cleansing so that facial skin free of dust and dirt to the maximum. Always keep your facial skin clean while you sleep,

3. Maintain Food Intake

How to prevent the emergence of black spots can be done by consuming foods that contain antioxidants because it can help your skin counteract free radicals that became one of the triggers of black spots.

Here are some types of foods rich in antioxidants that you can consume every day.

  • Fruit: Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Red Raisin, Red Wine, Plum, Chery, Apricot, Orange, Apple
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, Cabbage, Cole, Green Sawi, Radish, Tomato, Red Pepper, Eggplant, Carrots
  • Nuts: Almonds, Walnuts, Red Beans
  • Grains: Wheat, Red Rice
  • Seasoning: Garlic, Onion, Chili, Turmeric, Ginger
  • Oil: Olive Oil, Walnut Oil

In addition to the above mentioned, green tea is also one that you can consume every day because it is rich in antioxidants. By consuming foods containing antioxidants, it means you've found the right way to remove black spots.

How to Eliminate Black Spots with medical procedures

How to remove black spots can be done by natural means or by medical procedures. Natural ways you can do, among others, using lemon fruit, watermelon, egg white and apple cider vinegar as a natural mask ingredients. While eliminating black spots medically, you can do in several ways.

1. Peeling (Peeling)

Peeling into How to remove the first black spots. Skin exfoliation can be exfoliating foliating using a cleaner containing granules or small particles. This is done with the aim that black spots on you can peel. You can also use skin exfoliation tools such as Clarisonic.

2. Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling you can do if peeling felt not able to overcome black spots on your face. There are several categories in Chemical Peeling, namely:

  • Chemical Peeling Light: Using Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Lactic Acid.
  • Chemical Peeling Medium: Using Trikoloacetic Acid. For maximum results, do this peeling every 2 weeks until black spots disappear.
  • Chemical Peeling Deep: Using Phenol. This peeling can take up to several months, depending on the severity of black spots on your face.

3. Topical Acid Treatment

How to remove the second black spots is Topical Acid. Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinoids. Serves to remove the layer of dead skin, stimulate the process of skin rejuvenation so replaced by new skin cells. This treatment can be obtained through a doctor's prescription and can be done on any type of hyperpigmentation.

4. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a treatment of black spots that are done by lifting dead skin cells using vacuum microdermabrasion to brighten black spots and acne scars and smoothing the skin. This treatment can only be done by a specialist. Also, this treatment should not be done too often. Due to skin healing process takes time.

How to remove black spots with laser

Laser treatment is one of the newest procedures associated with surgery to remove black spots resulting from aging. To treat black spots actually not all the same. This is adapted to the severity of black spots that appear on your face. Basically laser treatment for black spots there are 3 types, these types of laser treatment is selected based on the severity of black spots itself. There is to treat black spots on the early stage, for spots with medium levels and black spots are very black and are in the deep layer of skin.

Then how does the laser work? The laser is one of the different beams of light with the beam of light. Laser light that is focused on specific points on the face can be used to destroy the pigmentation that is on the skin. Therefore, black spots that can be damaged by using a laser is not only black spots that are in the face due to aging but also birthmarks even black stains that occur due to injuries like acne scars. Despite the removal of excessive pigmentation, the use of laser light will not damage your skin's health, so you do not have to worry about using laser light while handled by professionals. Read also how to remove the scar to complete

Treatment after performing laser procedure for black spots
Treatment for black spots can be done with different times. This depends on the extent and severity of the black spots experienced. After doing this laser treatment, there are some things you need to consider. The main thing after doing laser treatment is to avoid exposure to the sun on the areas being treated. Again the use of sunscreen is significant to protect the skin area after surgery and also prevents the return of dark spots on the face after treatment.

How to remove black spots with natural ingredients

If you do not have enough cost to overcome black spots with the above medical procedures, using natural ingredients can be an option. This method is taken to reduce side effects and also certainly cheaper because it is enough to utilize the materials around you. What are the natural ingredients that can be used to remove black spots on the face?

1. Lemon

Lemon fruit contains a lot of substances that are good for the health of the body. Chemical compounds listed in the lemon include vitamin C, polyphenols, naringin, hesperidin, terpenes, diosmin, and periostin. Vitamin C has been known for a long time to brighten the skin naturally, of course, if this is regularly applied on the face it will help disguise black spots.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural ingredient that is known to be powerful enough to remove black spots on the face. Utilization is also quite easy that is by mixing apple cider vinegar with water with a ratio of 2 water 1 apple cider vinegar. After that apply to the face that there are black spots. Let stand until 30 minutes after it washes with water.

3. Egg whites

Mask from egg white is believed to treat black spots acne scars are usually quite painful to remove. In addition to cheap, utilization of egg whites is also very easy. How: Apply egg whites that have been shaken on your face until evenly, including those that do not have black spots. Wait until it dries for about 20-30 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly.

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