How to get rid of acne with tomatoes

How to get rid of acne with tomatoes? Can it be done? Acne prone skin with a variety of treatments. If not suitable, for example, wrong in how to clean the face, wrong use of the product, and other errors can be a more severe acne because of healthy skin to care. Therefore, using natural ingredients is one of the alternatives you can do to anyone who prefers to take care of themselves at home. Because, not everyone is comfortable and can also come to a dermatologist, consult, use the product and run the doctor's advice that you pay the price.

Tomato is one of the natural ingredients that could be the answer to your skin problem. One of them is because tomatoes contain vitamin C that can help repair damage to the skin due to acne and acne spots pimples acne scars. Tomatoes are also very easy to find in the kitchen, in the market, as well as in supermarkets at a cheaper price. So how to get rid of acne with tomatoes? No need to worry

Benefits of tomatoes for acne face

Acne occurs due to unhealthy skin conditions such as hormonal changes in the body that are not balanced with adequate nutrition, dirty skin and rarely exfoliated making it difficult for dead skin cells and skin conditions that are less fit because of exposure to free radicals. Tomatoes can help you to get healthier skin so it can be acne. Some of the benefits that can be felt from tomatoes are either consumed directly or make your external skincare part is as follows.

As an antioxidant

Tomatoes contain lycopene which is a natural antioxidant substance so beneficial in sufficient quantities can help protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight. It is also useful for fighting premature aging, inflammation of the skin that causes inflammation and leads to acne, and can also keep the skin moist so your skin does not produce excessive oil and become the culprit of acne.

The astringent is natural

Try checking your skincare product, is there any ingredients of alcohol and the types are contained in the components of the composition? If so, immediately replace with a non-alcoholic product. Many skincare products that use alcohol because of its function that can make a face firmer and the pores are smaller. This astringent character you can get naturally from tomatoes without having to harm your skin. Tomatoes also contain various vitamins such as A, C, and E so that not only the skin is cleaner but also nutritious.

Overcoming oily face

Excess oil as we already know together can cause acne because it will make the dirt easier to stick. As a result, bacteria will accumulate and eventually cause acne. To use tomatoes you can use it as a face mask.

Reduces the size of the pores in the facial skin

Enlarged pores may be a problem for your facial skin. In addition to making the skin look rough pore skin pores that are too large will also make the dirt easier to enter the skin, if you have this certainly you can guess what will happen next, yup face will get more easily overgrown acne. Fortunately, tomatoes can be used as natural ingredients that will help reduce the size of these facial skin pores. Make sure you use tomatoes regularly so the results can be quickly felt.

Cure acne

And of course, the most likely tomato efficacy is to cleanse the skin from acne. Vitamins contained in tomatoes are often used for various acne medications so you can use more natural ingredients to overcome mild acne to stone acne.

How to get rid of acne with tomatoes

Here are some ways to get rid of acne with tomatoes plus for a cleaner skin, smaller pores, excess oil-free, and brighter skin:

  • Squeeze fresh tomatoes to get juice or juice, mix with lemon juice and dab on your face evenly while massaging. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water.
  • Destroy the tomatoes until they are pulp, apply on a face like a mask, let stand for one hour then rinse and apply moisturizer to your skin.
  • Cut the tomatoes into pieces, wipe on the acne areas to cleanse the skin from impurities before applying acne medication. Do it regularly.
  • Combine tomato juice with cucumber juice, by applying cotton to the face of a mask, as well as a natural toner before proceeding to the next skincare step.
  • Blend tomatoes with honey to taste to get a face mask that can make skin softer, relieve inflammation of acne, and provide a natural moisturizer on the skin without making skin look more oily. Rinse with water after mask for 20 minutes.
  • Destroy tomatoes and avocado until mixed and become a paste, use as a mask on the skin that feels oily, let stand for about 20 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Combination of tomatoes with other ingredients to get rid of acne

In addition to using tomatoes directly, tomatoes can also be combined with other ingredients to better benefit. Like using some of the following materials:

1. Tomatoes and cucumbers: 

Surely you are familiar with cucumbers have many benefits for the face, especially in removing excess oil. Of the benefits of this cucumber will be more optimal when combined with tomatoes to eliminate acne. How: Cut the cucumber and tomatoes into small parts. Enter into the blender and puree until the two ingredients are completely fused. Use both materials that have been destroyed earlier as a face mask to treat acne.

2. Tomatoes and yogurt: 

Yogurt is a fermented milk food rich in nutrients such as calcium and vitamins so it is very useful for facial skin including acne problems. The trick: crush the tomatoes until they are paste-shaped, then add the yoghurt and stir until evenly distributed. Apply to your pimply skin, after which let stand for about 15 minutes. If so, you can clean your face.

3. Tomato and lime: 

After we discussed about how to get rid of acne with lemon then now we will try to combine it with tomatoes. Lime is potent enough to be used as a natural remover of acne like tomatoes because it has antibacterial properties. How to use: As usual, soften the tomato first using a blender afterwards add a spoon of lime juice. Apply the ingredients to the skin until evenly distributed. And you can delete it when it's done.

So are some ways to get rid of acne with tomatoes that can help to cure acne, tomatoes can also make skin cleaner, shrink pores, overcome oily skin, and relieve inflammation of the skin. Using natural ingredients to solve health problems is certainly better than using a variety of chemical products that can have a negative impact on the long term.

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