Causes Of Excessive Drowsiness And Treatment

Causes Of Excessive Drowsiness  and Treatment. Drowsiness is a natural process that must be experienced by everyone. Sleepiness is caused by tired body and brain resulting in a shortage of oxygen supply and requires a short rest to restore the condition to prime. Usually, a person is sleepy due to lack of sleep at night or has just completed a tough job.

If that happens, then it's natural to be sleepy. But sometimes a person feels very sleepy and that often occurs for no apparent reason. These conditions should not be underestimated because, in addition to disrupting the activities during the day, there could be serious health problems that may be experienced. Here are some of the most frequent causes of sleepiness and how to overcome them.

The cause is easily drowsy

1). Suffering from Anemia

Anemia is a disease in which a person has blood deficiency, which contains iron to bind and deliver oxygen to the brain and the entire body. As a result, the blood supply to the brain is reduced so that the person will feel weak and often drowsy.

2). Suffer from Diabetes

People who have a history of diabetes will often be sleepy. This is because diabetics are unable to produce insulin that neutralizes blood sugar levels. Excess sugar in the blood causes the body weak and usually drowsy.

3). Dehydration

Dehydration due to lack of body fluids can make a person easily drowsy. Because cell activity does not work correctly so the muscles become limp and eventually cause drowsiness.

4). Experiencing Stress or Depression

Stress from work that accumulates or a monotonous routine will make a person tend to become lazy, so reluctant to finish the job and prefer to sit back while fantasizing. The state of depression also sometimes causes difficulty sleeping at night so that the next day will be sleepy all the time.

5). Obesity

If you are obese, then sleepiness will become a habit during the day. Because people with fat bodies tend to be lazy to do a lot of movement so spend more time by sitting, watching tv and eating. The amount of food eaten also becomes a smooth trigger for drowsiness because the body needs more energy to digest the food.

After knowing some of the causes of frequent drowsiness, it is necessary also to understand how to cope so that we can minimize the feeling of sleepiness while on the move or work during the day. Here's how to overcome excessive sleepiness, and can be applied immediately in everyday life.

How to overcome often sleepy

1). A short break

When drowsiness is no longer bearable during the day, it is best to take ten to fifteen minutes to close your eyes and rest. With so sleepiness will soon disappear because the body is back fit and out of fatigue.

2). Drinking Water

If the cause of drowsiness is due to dehydration, drink plenty of water. Ideally, adults need 8-10 glasses of water per day. So make sure the body fluids are well met so as not to be quickly drowsy at the time of work.

3). Stand from the Chair

Drowsiness can be a sign of a tired body or saturated with work activities such as sitting too long in the chair and front of the computer. Therefore, occasionally give a little time to get up from the seat and stretch the muscles for the body back fresh. Also, to refresh the eye look out the window or toward the tree so that sleepiness disappears immediately.

So the article causes frequent drowsiness and how to overcome them. After resting with enough but still often drowsy, you should consult a doctor to be able to find out the cause. Because if drowsiness caused by certain diseases, we can immediately treat it before it gets worse.

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