10 Amazing Health Benefits of Binahong leaves

Amazing Health Benefits of Binahong leaves. Binahong leaf is a plant that usually creeps on walls or fences, in Indonesia alone this plant is commonly called Gondola. Leaf shape at a glance resembles a betel leaf but slightly thicker. Leaves binahong included in the family Basellaceae and have 2 types of variation of Basella Rubr which leaves bone color and stem red and Basella Alba the color of dark green leaves. This plant is also called Heartleaf Madeira vine Madevine in English.

This plant comes from several countries. As in Korea, binahong leaves can be found easily in the ginseng country and it is also used as a medicinal ingredient from ancient times. In China, there is also this binahong plant, but better known as Deng San Chi. Chinese society uses almost all parts of the binahong plant for its treatment. Similarly in the African country, precisely in the forest of Madagascar, binahong is famous as a powerful drug to cure the disease. Now binahong plants can be found in Indonesia, in addition to these plants can grow in the climate of Indonesia as well as the benefits of so much as a medicinal plant in particular.

All parts of the binahong plant can function as a medicine but often the processed part of the leaves. Binahong leaf is believed to have many very useful content to cure a disease. Some of the important content of the binahong leaves are:


Is an active compound that resembles a soap and is present on the surface of the binahong leaf. Dilution and dissolution of these compounds will provide results as body protective substances such as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-virus. Saponins also turn out to form collagen that serves as a protein to heal wounds. Another benefit of saponins is as a cleanser in the body, lowering cholesterol and boosting immunity

Essential oil

This oil has many benefits such as a natural antiseptic drug either from the inside or outside the body. In addition, essential oils also serve as hemolytic, sedative, analgesic, enzymatic and stimulant. For external use, this oil can be obtained by distillation because it includes volatile etheric oil. The fresh essential oil from the distillation will not be colored but if it is too long in the open air it will oxidize and change color. Therefore immediately store the essential oil in a protected place so that the user is not lost


Is a substance that has hypoglycemic properties. This substance is needed for people with diabetes because it has a function as a lowering of sugar levels in the body

Ascorbic acid

One of the substances in the leaf binahong which is very useful for healing burns or wounds outside. When exposed to the wound it is also likely to be infected with the wound, this is where the function of ascorbic acid. The compound will accelerate wound closure to prevent infection


Is a substance that plays an important role in combating carcinogenic substances from free radicals that exist in the body and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Oleanolic acid

Is a compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory or inflammatory. In the presence of this substance can help to reduce pain during wounds

Other content contained in the leaves of binahong and is very good for health is like mono polysaccharide, polyphenols, L-arabinose, L-rhamnose, D-glucose, D-Galactose, flavonoids, and proteins. So many proved useful in the binahong plant is so natural that it is very popular if used as a healing of both serious illness and minor illness. Although in Indonesia alone the utilization is still lacking, now has begun many who realize the usefulness of leaves binahong as herbal medicine and plant it for later used as health herb therapy.

1. Treat cancer

Binahong leaves contain many anti-oxidants that can prevent cancer-free radicals. Then there is also vitamin C or ascorbic acid that can provide body resistance. How to make a binahong concoction for cancer is to boil 30 grams of binahong leaves in 1 liter of boiling water. Boil until the water is reduced and the remaining approximately 600 ml. Cooking water is taken as much as 3 times a day with a dose of 200 ml every time drinking

2. Treating heartburn

Binahong leaf contents can also cure heartburn. Potions for this heartburn by boiling 3 cups water and 5 - 7 sheets of binahong leaves. Cocke boiled water is drunk 3 times a day before meals

3. Treating lung pain

To treat lung disease by consuming boiled water of binahong leaves. Take ten leaves of binahong and boil until boiling. Drink boiled water and to get the maximum cure try to consume every day

4. Treat wounds

Binahong leaves contain essential oils and ascorbic acid which is very useful to cover the wound and provide a natural antiseptic. The way by pounding some leaves of binahong until smooth, then apply to the wound or swollen body. Apply every day regularly until the wound or swelling is healed. This method of treatment can also be used if exposed to bruises due to beating, due to burns, pegel linu, rheumatism and joint pain. If the injury is severe as being exposed to sharp objects or burning, then after being smeared with a collision binahong wound should be covered with a bandage or a clean cloth so as not exposed to bacteria from outside

5. Concussion

For diseases caused by concussion can make binahong concoction by taking about 10 pieces of binahong leaves and wash until clean. Boil water as much as 2 cups and leaves the binahong to boiling. After that filter the results of the stew and drink as much as 2 times a day

6. Menstruating

For women whose menstruation is not fluent can try the binahong potion to overcome it. How to boil 3 pieces of binahong leaves with water as much as 2 cups. But boil until boiling and leaving water as much as 1 cup. After that filter and drink the boiled water every day

7. Treating dysentery

To treat this defecation can be by making a concoction of binahong by boiling the top 10 leaves that have been washed clean. Boil the leaves together with 2 cups water to boiling and remaining boiled water only about 1 cup only. Drink the water and do this treatment every day until disentrinya healed

8. Treat acne and skin care

With the content that can heal the wound is also able to provide collagen that is beneficial for skin health, then the leaves binahong very useful on acne healing. Way by mashing until smooth about 5 pieces of binahong leaves that have been washed clean. Apply the ingredients to the acne. This herb is more maximal work if used before bed and every day. As for facial treatment, the collision of leaves binahong dioles to the entire face as a mask. Anti oxidants in the leaves binohang can prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face

9. The hemorrhoids bleed

For hemorrhoid sufferers who are already at the bleeding stage can try this herb as a herbal step. Take the leaf binahong as many as 16 pieces and wash clean. Boil the leaves with water as much as 3 cups, boil until boiling and the water remaining about 1 cup. Drink boiled water leaves binahong every day to get a total recovery

10. Adds stamina and vitality

The content of the leaves of binahong can restore the energy and stamina of the body is drained due to work. Boil 1 binahong leaves with 2 cups water to boiling and the remaining water only 1 cup. Drink every day.

For men who suffer from impotence can also get the vitality back with herb binahong. Boil 3 - 10 pieces of binahong leaves with water as much as 2 cups. Boil until the remaining water only 1 cup and then drink. Do this therapy every day.

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