9 Health Benefits of Kefir And Nutritional Information

Health Benefits of Kefir And Nutritional Information. Amazing Health Benefits of Kefir. If all this time we are familiar with yogurt products as fermentation products are recognized to have prebiotic and probiotic content is very high, now comes another fermentation product that many experts recommended nutrition duniakefir. It is claimed that the health benefits of kefir outweigh the benefits of yogurt that was already popular.

What is the difference between kefir and yogurt and how can this product be better and more beneficial than ordinary yogurt? To answer this question, we will discuss some of the health benefits of kefir along with some empirical facts that accompany it.

What are the Health Benefits of Kefir?

In authority, nutrition explained what the health benefits of kefir are. And now we're going to put it to you. Here are the health benefits of kefir for your body.

As one of the alternative sources of nutrition
With made from milk, kefir apparently contains all the benefits of milk at every drop. Kefir clearly includes a wealth of vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B, and magnesium.

As one of the fermentation products, of course, this product also contains high levels of probiotics and prebiotics. One of the most dominant is the lactic acid producer bacteria. It also includes many healthy bioactive compounds that are essential for the body such as organic acids and peptides.

The content of probiotic kefir better than yogurt

The content of healthy bacteria in kefir can reach 23 species with at least 8 types of yeast. All have some benefits for digestive health, break down fatty deposits and cholesterol in the body and help improve some body functions, including kidney and brain performance.

In the review, authoritynutrition explained that the content of probiotic and prebiotic compounds in kefir even reached 2 times of the type of liquid yogurt. Enhanced with complicated calorie and carbohydrate levels in it perfects the health benefits of kefir for your body.

Kefir contains anti-bacterial

Some types of bacteria in kefir such as Lactobacillus kefir is one of the essential bacteria in kefir that work off specific chemical compounds that actively work to encourage the immune system and against bacterial attacks. This is described in a journal entitled Safety Characterization and Antimicrobial Properties of Kefir-Isolated Lactobacillus kefir released at Biomed Research International in 2014.

Also in kefir also found a compound called keefiran, a derivative of the fermentation of carbohydrate molecules kefir which turned out to even have anti-bacterial properties. This is also explained in the National Institutes of Health in 2005 with the headline Antimicrobial and healing activity of kefir and kefiran extract.

Helps maintain bone health

In a journal titled The Role of Calcium in Human Aging released in Clinical Nutrition Research 2015 described how the role of calcium in preventing osteoporosis and helps maintain density or bone density.

And kefir which in fact is made of milk clearly contains high levels of calcium. But it does not stop there because calcium in kefir is enhanced with vitamin K2 and vitamin D which is very important in the process of absorption of calcium in bone. Folate or vitamin B9 in kefir will help the optimal bone density.

Helps prevent cancer

It turns out that in kefir also found many compounds that work as an antigen in the fight against cell oxidation and DNA damage that can trigger abnormal cell growth, including cancer.

In a journal published in the British Food Journal in 2007 titled Potential of kefir as a dietetic beverage - a review described that probiotics have a significant role as anti-carcinogens as well as stimulate the body in forming an anti-gene immune system that works against cell oxidation.

In a study published at the National Institutes of Health in 2007 titled Kefir extracts suppress in vitro proliferation of estrogen-dependent human breast cancer cells, but not normal mammary epithelial cells revealed how there are health benefits of kefir to prevent breast cancer 3 times better than yogurt.

Helps digestive health

The problem of probiotic and prebiotic abilities in helping digestive health is actually not new news at all. We have received enough information about this subject before.

But it is interesting to see because the health benefits of kefir not only to prevent constipation but also healthy to overcome diarrhea. Very efficiently encourages digestion performance in absorbing the juice, enzyme production and help break down the fat, so it is not easy to accumulate in the digestion.

More easily tolerated by those with lactose allergy

Although made from milk, it was found that kefir more easily tolerated by those who are actually allergic to milk components. This is because probiotics in kefir convert lactose into milk to lactic acid. And the good news, although it is located as a lactose derivative product, is entirely different, so it is usually safe to be consumed by people with lactose allergy.

In a journal entitled Kefir improves lactose digestion and tolerance in adults with lactose maldigestion in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2003, it was revealed that in kefir also found many enzymes and enzyme stimulants that help the stomach become stronger and tolerant with lactose. In addition to this protein also helps the body to process lactose and lactose acid further.

Helps improve immune function

Apparently, you can also get the health benefits of kefir by helping to strengthen immunity. Actually, it has long been explained how probiotics work to improve the quality of protection and so is the case with kefir. Not only resistance, because kefir also helps overcome many allergic and asthma complaints as revealed in the journal Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects of kefir in a mouse asthma model at the National Institutes of Health in 2007.

Helps mental health and emotions

Prebiotics and probiotics work very efficiently to help improve brain health conditions, maintain emotional stability and enhance mood. And with the high levels of probiotics and prebiotics in kefir, undoubtedly kefir can be your choice to preserve the health of your mind and attitude.

What exactly is Kefir?

Fundamentally kefir almost similar to yogurt, the fermented product of milk. Usually to produce kefir used milk from cow or sheep. Kefir is made by adding kefir seeds into milk to be dispensed in a container made of animal skin. Traditionally kefir is made by hanging the fermentation container on the door, so often the door is opened and the dough lid in kefir mixed.

Kefir seeds here are actually yeast seeds that have been processed so that it looks more like the rough rice. Yeast itself is made from a forming process involving cow milk dough, soy milk, fruit juice, coconut water, sugar, and molasses. In the manufacturing industry of kefir, kefir seed is taken precisely from liquid kefir that has been clothed post-fermented in a longer tempo.

Kefir itself is very popular in the Caucasian region and has been one of their high local beverages for at least 1400 years. Kefir itself shaped similar to liquid yogurt, but with a more perfect composition of regular yogurt, so it is claimed that the health benefits of kefir more than yogurt.

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