7 Best Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a kind of wood that is so famous that it has such a distinctive aroma. Sandalwood itself is actually a parasite plant, which lives on its host tree, to keep it growing and alive. Sandalwood has a unique scent, so it has its own charm. So reasonable if sandalwood has high selling value.

The Use of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is practically very rare. Sandalwood good quality generally can keep fragrance for centuries. In Indonesia itself, sandalwood is common in East Nusa Tenggara province, especially on Timor Island. However, at this time sandalwood can be found also in the area of Java island. Wood with a yellow like sulfur has many benefits. Where one of them, utilized as tasbih, also known as tasbih cendana.

Based on the results of research, showed sandalwood has the property can eliminate various problems such as anxiety, anxiety and relieve stress. Also, there are still many uses and other benefits of sandalwood, such as basic materials of furniture and essential elements of handicrafts. Sandalwood can also be used as a natural remedy, like a perfumed oil for the health of body and beauty.

The Benefits of Sandalwood for Human Lives

Various benefits of sandalwood can be applied in human life, including:

1. For Beauty

Besides being used for fragrances, sandalwood is useful for beauty. The benefits are to prevent acne, overcome the excess oil on the face and remove black spots on the face.

2. Controlling Depression and Stress

Sandalwood is useful for controlling depression and stress. This is because sandalwood oil has the effect as an anti-depressant to minimize and overcome depression and anxiety.

3. As Antiseptic

Sandalwood also has benefits as an antimicrobial or antiseptic. This means that sandalwood can be efficacious for the body's resistance to dispel bacteria and germs that cause disease.

4. Raw Material of Herbal Medicines

Benefits of the next sandalwood that can be used as raw materials of herbal medicine. Generally part of the sandalwood tree applied to herbal medicine, which is taken bark and oil of sandalwood tree. The efficacy of traditional medicine of sandalwood tree, which is as anti-inflammatory, can be used as a cleanser during menstruation and prevent dysentery. Processing raw materials of sandalwood leaves are straightforward, by blending the skin from sandalwood until smooth and then consume water from the filter powder of sandalwood.

5. As Prestige Coat

Can not be denied, through the high quality of wood along with the cultivation process is quite complicated, then the price of sandalwood is very high priced. So that will result in equipment that uses raw materials of sandalwood. Prices of handicrafts, furniture, costs of equipment of sandalwood become higher. It makes a variety of equipment that uses sandalwood raw materials memorable expensive and luxurious and can improve prestige.

6. Launching the KOH

Oil derived from sandalwood trees can help smooth the process of urination. Where sandalwood oil can suppress the pain when doing excretion or urination. That way, sandalwood is very useful for people with urinary disorders.

7. Basic Material of Handicraft

Besides as the basic materials furniture or furniture, sandalwood can also be used as basic materials handicrafts and decorations, such as carvings and kris. Benefits of sandalwood is undoubtedly a sandalwood tree is needed.

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