7 Amazing Benefits Of Jicama For Facial Skin

Amazing Benefits Of Jicama For Facial Skin. Evident from the many beauty products that have been using jicama as standard ingredients. Benefits jicama indeed real. Fruit with thick meat white milk is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C, fiber, and other nutritious minerals. The air content in jicama is quite high between 86-90%, so it gives a refreshing benefit for the body and skin.

With a complete nutritional content, jicama fruit is not only good consumed routine. Gynecology thanks to the vitamin C content is very high. The content of vitamin C in jicama will ensure the skin is more beautiful and healthy. Of course when used correctly. jicama fruit can be used to treat the skin naturally. No need to depend on beauty products that have the composition of hazardous chemicals. The following are myriad of benefits of jicama fruit for the secret of a beautiful and healthy facial skin:

1. jicama To Prevent Premature Aging

The signs of premature aging are fine for youthful skin. Where premature aging causes a person to look older. Of course, you do not expect this to happen, is not it?

Premature aging itself due to free attacks. You need not worry. Provide the content of vitamin C in jicama powerful. It would be better for premature aging on the facial skin. To get this benefit you can make a mask and apply it every night. Regular treatment with a jicama mask will keep your skin healthy free of premature aging.

2. jicama To Refresh Skin

As mentioned earlier, the water content in jicama is very high. Eating jicama will give a refreshing effect on the body and also the skin.

Especially to wake up the facial skin, you can make a jicama mask. Choose fresh jicama fruit and fleshy. Grate jicama then squeezes to get the juice. Let jicama juice to settle due to white sediment that can be used as a mask. Apply the mask evenly to face and let stand until dry. Rinse until clean later.

3. jicama To Brighten Skin

Vitamin C Can make facial skin brighter glow. Not only that. Vitamin C will also be guaranteed to keep the face healthy and protected from dull stains. Uneven skin color, dark, dull, and have dark spots can be disguised with the benefits of jicama starch.

jicama starch can be obtained by peeling the fruit jicama then wash it clean. Grate jicama is then squeezed to get the natural essence. Wait some time until the sediment is found on the bottom. Deposition is the essence of jicama that can be applied as a natural mask. In order for the mask to be used at a later time, you can dry the sediment until dry. After the night applies a mask on facial skin and leaves overnight should get optimal results.

4. jicama To Cool Skin

Frequent outdoor activities force you to be exposed to constant sunlight. As a result, the skin will feel hot, dry, and more severe burns. As is known water content in a powerful jicama cooling the skin as well as overcoming the symptoms of skin burns due to direct exposure to sunlight.

Apply jicama mask to facial skin exposed to sun exposure. In order to get the cooling effect is more better to make a mask of jicama pieces previously stored in the refrigerator. Anti-inflammatory elements in jicama essence will cool the facial skin. So the skin is always moist, fresh natural, and healthy.

5. jicama To Moisturize Facial Skin

Dry and dull skin makes the appearance less prime. Dry skin that is not immediately addressed can trigger other problems on the skin. More dry skin conditions will cause scaly skin away from the fresh skin. Lucky fruit jicama useful moisturize the skin.

jicama rich in fresh water and sweet taste. Water content has anti-inflammatory ingredients that nutritious moisturize dry skin. The result will be moist and fresh skin. In order to face more fresh, you can make jicama fruit into a cold powder. The way he added wet rice flour and lime juice on the essence of jicama. Stir until all the ingredients are evenly mixed. If you want a sensation of fragrance you can add rose water or water leaves pandan sufficiently. Form dough into a small round and then dry naturally by drying it. The cold powder you can use at any time by adding cold water.

5. jicama To Lock Natural Skin Moisture

Not only powerful moisturize the skin, the content of jicama fruit will also help lock the skin's natural moisture. So you no longer have problems with dry skin.

High moisture content in jicama will help maintain the skin's natural moisture. So the skin will look fresh. Benefits jicama for this skin can you can by eating jicama regularly or use it as a mask.

6. jicama To Remove Acne

Acne on the face will only make you inferior and not confident. Not only that. Acne is inflamed feels quite painful, so interfere with daily activities.

One way to get rid of acne with natural ingredients is to use a jicama mask. With a number of nutrients in it, jicama helps refresh the skin and minimize inflammation of acne. How to apply jicama masks regularly at least 2-3 times a week. jicama mask will repel acne and acne scars. In order for the benefits feel maximum make sure to clean the face first using a suitable cleaner so that no stains or dirt.

7. jicama To Remove Black Spots

Black spots or black spots on the face appear due to the cleanliness of the face is not awake. This condition can be worse if you used to make makeup and rarely clean it. As a result dirt and makeup remnants attached to the face, buried, and eventually, cause black spots.

The existence of black spots on the face will reduce the charm of skin beauty. Overcome with jicama mask treatment that is able to remove black spots on the face. Routine care 3-4 times a week will give tangible results when balanced with healthy habits to keep skin clean.

8. jicama To Maintain Healthy Skin

Facial skin is not quite beautiful but also must be healthy. With a healthy skin, you will certainly look fresh. jicama contain vitamin B1 and C which will help your skin become healthier.

In order for beautiful and healthy skin is recommended to consume fresh jicama regularly. You can eat it directly or process it into jicama juice which is added a little honey. In addition, can also try the treatment by applying a jicama mask at night to get the benefits jicama for a beautiful and healthy skin.

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