6 Health Benefits of Red Rice And Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Red Rice And Nutrition Facts. Many people who do not know the benefits of brown rice for a diet that was also very good for health. Not much is known, the number of people has tried to use this brown rice as a menu in their daily diet. Not only that, but brown rice also has a variety of content that is very useful to maintain the health of your digestive system. Not just with our digestive system, brown rice is also already widely used as a high antioxidant food, cholesterol-lowering food and also as an anti-cancer food. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of good brown rice, not only lose weight bullets as well for the health of our body implements. Happy reading!

Here are the Benefits You Can Get From Red Rice for Diet and Health

As already discussed above, so many benefits that we can get from this consumption of brown rice. Not only as a primary choice for a diet program, but it can also lower harmful cholesterol levels in and many more benefits of using this brown rice when compared with white rice. For that let us refer to other than red rice used for diet, what are the other advantages that can be given to our health.

1. Complex carbohydrates

Benefits of brown rice for diet for people caused by complex carbs in it. Yes, brown rice is one source of carbohydrates together with various types of rice in general such as white rice. The difference is the type of carbs they contain. Brown rice with wheat or oatmeal together has a complex carbohydrate content that is needed for everyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way.

A little about the type of carbohydrates, carbohydrates that we consume every day is divided into 2 categories are simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates after consumption will be very quickly absorbed in the digestive system so it can increase blood sugar rapidly but because it does not last long, you will feel hungry again. Examples of simple carbohydrates are foods containing sweeteners such as sugar, brown sugar, various types of syrup, biscuits, milk, and chocolate.

In contrast to simple carbohydrates, foods with high complex carbohydrates will be digested longer in our digestive system. Because of the length of the digestion process can increase satiety and will last for a long time so you will continue to feel full. This is used as the main reason why red rice is used for diet so far.

Then how to cook brown rice for diet? Very easy! You merely cook brown rice just like when you cook white rice to be rice every day. You can cook it manually by steaming or using the help of an automatic rice cooker like a magic jar and others. You can use white rice with this red rice every day, to enjoy the many advantages that we will still discuss below.

2. Fiber content

The content of brown rice for the diet that we will discuss here is the fiber content in it. The fiber content in red rice is very high because it can reach 3.5 grams in 1 cup only. Very high fiber content is what makes many diet programs today advocate the use of brown rice compared to ordinary white rice.

High fiber in a diet is perfect for the health of our digestive system. It contains by consuming fiber-rich foods you can launch the process of absorption of food done by the intestine and launch defecate (BAB) every day. Can you not anymore, especially for your eating breath decreased because of the complex carbohydrate content in it brown rice and so often CHAPTER because of high fiber content in it. Very lovely is not a menu choice for your diet program.

3. Lowers cholesterol

Who would have thought that brown rice other than beneficial to diet lose weight, it can also be of great importance to health? That is able to lower cholesterol in the blood. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that oil content in brown rice has an essential role in reducing cholesterol levels, especially lowering LDL.

This critical role is also said to be enhanced by the high fiber content of red rice. Consumption of foods with high fiber content requires bile acids for the digestive process, in which case cholesterol is one of the bale-forming acids. The decrease in LDL cholesterol in the blood itself occurs due to the use of cholesterol as a bile acid-producing agent.

4. Reduce the risk of getting cancer

Did you know that by eating brown rice as your diet every day can reduce the risk of getting cancer? It turned out that in addition to red rice used for diet he was able to reduce the risk of cancer. The first content that plays a role in reducing cancer risk is manganese, which is allegedly ready to fight free radicals that play an essential role as a cause of cancer.

Other studies suggest that brown rice and its products contain higher levels of phenolic compounds than white rice. The phenolic compound itself has the effect of suppressing the progress of a destructive process. Brown rice itself is thought to play a significant role in lowering the risk of colon cancer (colon), prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Additionally, in an article published in the International Journal of Cancer that observed lifestyle, diet programs and blood samples in more than 500,000 participants from European countries found high levels of selenium in the blood are closely related to cancer risk The low one. Brown rice is known to have high selenium content compared to white rice. By consuming 1 cup of brown rice we have met 35% of the recommended selenium intake per day.

5. Suitable for people with Diabetes Mellitus

Just as previously mentioned, the carbohydrate content of red rice is a complex carbohydrate. The benefits given to maintain the occurrence of blood sugar surge is the main reason for diabetics to consume brown rice.

6. As an anti-inflammatory

The benefits of brown rice further are as anti-inflammatory because of its very high antioxidant content.

After discussing the benefits of brown rice above, you certainly no doubt to choose this type of rice as one of your diet because, in addition to getting the ideal weight, you will also be more healthy and protected from various diseases. Finally, hopefully, this article useful to us all.

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