6 Excellent Benefits Of Banana For Skin

Excellent Benefits Of Banana For Skin. Bananas are often praised for providing many benefits for the health and beauty of facial skin. Benefits of bananas for the face very much from skin softening to help prevent acne on the face. If you do not want to spend a lot of money to buy beauty products that are not necessarily safe you can use bananas as a face mask.

In addition to cheap of course masks of bananas is also quite effective in dealing with various kinds of skin and hair problems. For more details let's see the benefits of the banana mask for the following facial skin:

1. Helps treat acne

Banana fruit is packed with anti-bacterial properties that help in curing acne and stains on the face. You can make a banana mask by mixing a teaspoon of milk, a pinch of nutmeg, and a teaspoon of oatmeal powder. Apply the mixture of the ingredients to your facial skin. Wait until dry after that rinse with water. The material can help remove acne.

2. Helps heal dry eyes

Consuming bananas on a regular basis can help overcome dry eyes. Bananas contain high potassium which can help control the balance of sodium and the release of fluid in your cells so that it will effectively cure dry eyes.

3. Treat hair loss

Who would have thought if it turns out bananas can also cope with hair loss. The trick: blend banana fruit with a blender, add a spoon of yogurt to provide more benefits. Apply the mixture to your hair until evenly distributed. Allow about 30-60 minutes. Doing it regularly will help to combat hair loss.

4. Helps soften facial skin

Bananas are rich in vitamins A and potassium, both of which can provide you with the help to naturally smooth the skin. How: Blend bananas together with sugar. Apply a mixture of these two ingredients to your facial and hands skin. Banana and sugar masks will help to exfoliate unhealthy skin and stimulate the new skin change that makes the skin becomes smoother.

5. Reduce excess oil on facial skin

Oily skin is certainly very disturbing for you. In addition, too because it can cause acne, excess oil also makes skin look dull and shiny. How to cope with oily skin can be done by utilizing bananas. First Take a spoon of milk, 2 spoons of lemon juice and 1 medium banana. Blend all the ingredients and apply to facial skin, let stand about 20 minutes then clean your face as usual.

6. Make your skin more luminous

Which woman does not want to have radiant bright skin? To get it sometimes a lot of women who have to spend a lot of money, but there are many natural ingredients that you can use to make the skin more radiant, one of which is a banana. How: Mix a tablespoon of banana that has been smoothed, a tablespoon of honey, and a spoon of sandalwood powder. Stir the three ingredients until evenly distributed. Then apply to your facial skin. Leave at least 20 minutes then rinse with water. Banana mask and honey will make the skin look younger and radiate naturally.

7. Soothes the skin after being bitten by an insect

Itching and discomfort of the skin sometimes occur due to insect bites. Although not harmful this condition is actually quite disturbing. You can handle it by using bananas. The trick is very easy, which is enough to apply a banana fruit that has been smoothed to your skin that bitten insects or other skin problems. Using bananas was a useful addition to cure insect bites can also speed up the bruise recovery process.

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