6 Beauty Benefits of Turmeric for Skin

Beauty Benefits of Turmeric for Skin. Turmeric is commonly known as spices that are widely used in India and China. Although the use of turmeric still remains as the main ingredient in the culinary tradition in India, the use of turmeric for facial masks have started to be known because these kitchen spices turned out to have many benefits for skin beauty. Turmeric has been known to contain high antioxidant importance and has antibacterial properties that make it very useful for health and beauty.

1. Skin repair and prevention of premature aging

Research has shown that turmeric can help reduce the signs of aging in the facial skin. This is because turmeric contains high antioxidants that are useful to reduce the adverse effects of free radicals. Turmeric also protects your skin from exposure to UV rays, pollution, and harmful chemicals that are potentially damaging to your skin.

Besides, turmeric is also used to reduce inflammation by lowering levels of two inflammatory enzymes called COX-2 and LOX in the body. You can add turmeric with aloe and honey to get the maximum benefit.

2. A natural antiseptic for your skin

Turmeric is an excellent natural antiseptic to be used as your face mask. Turmeric will help fight infection and accelerate the healing process of the skin. Turmeric mask is very suitable used to overcome minor injuries to the skin such as insect bites or bruises.

3. Overcoming the problem of uneven pigmentation of the skin

For those of you who have problems with pigmentation and discoloration of the skin can use a mask from turmeric to overcome them. Turmeric has been reported to be able to alleviate the problem of skin pigmentation and unevenness. This is the main reason why many facial beauty products that use turmeric as their natural ingredients.

4. Helps acne healing

One of the main benefits of turmeric mask is to help remove acne on the face. How to get rid of acne with turmeric: Make a paste using a mixture of sandalwood powder and turmeric. Enter a few drops of rose water then apply to your facial skin. Do it regularly so that acne on your face immediately disappears.

5. Overcoming oily skin

For those of you who have oily skin, it will really like the benefits of turmeric for this one facial skin. Turmeric is known to control the excess oil that became one of the common causes of acne. Make a match by mixing between the sandalwood powder, turmeric, and a little orange juice. Use as a face mask and leave for 10 minutes. Wait until it dries out afterward rinse with water.

6. Disguise stretch marks

Who would have thought if this one kitchen spice turned out to have benefits to disguise stretch marks help relieve stretch marks. Stretch marks are often a problem for women, making them less confident. Indeed the place where the appearance of stretch marks is a closed area but this will reduce your appearance especially in the presence of the husband. A mixture of turmeric, milk, rose water and yogurt will help relieve stretch marks on your skin. The ingredients should be applied daily and continue to dry completely. Also, read the benefits of yogurt for the face

7. Eliminate cracked on heel

In addition to helping disguise turmeric stretch marks, it can also be used to cope with cracked feet. The way is easy enough you just need to make a paste of turmeric and then apply it to the heel. It not only heals chapped heels faster but also helps make the heels softer.

8. Tighten skin

A mixture of turmeric and milk can be used to tighten the skin naturally. Perform this mask treatment every week to keep your skin firm.

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