6 Amazing Benefits of Kefir for skin And Acne

Amazing Benefits of Kefir for skin And Acne. Kefir is a fermented beverage derived from kefir seeds that are fed into milk. Kefir has many benefits for its primary health because it contains high natural probiotics. Besides beneficial to health turns kefir has other benefits, especially for the beauty of facial skin. What are the benefits of mask kefir for facial skin? Let's look at the following reviews:

Benefits of mask kefir for facial skin

1. Maintain an acid balance of facial skin

Kefir contains good bacteria that is not only good for digestive health but also your skin. One of the good bacteria contained in kefir is Lactobacilli, where the bacteria are able to balance the acid on the surface.

2. Brighten the skin naturally

Among the benefits of mask kefir for the facial skin, you should try is the ability to brighten the face. This is because the use of kefir as a mask can help lift dead skin cells that can cover your face brightness and make skin look dull.

3. Reduce the signs of aging

Aging is a natural process that you can not avoid, but you can slow down the process by applying a healthy lifestyle. Signs of aging arise because of unhealthy lifestyles such as eating too many fatty foods, and less eating fruits and vegetables. In addition to these factors, free radicals can also accelerate the aging of the supposed. Fortunately, kefir has high antioxidant important amino acids that are useful to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Applying the mask of kefir to the facial skin on a regular basis will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

4. Overcoming oily skin

Kefir is one of the natural masks for oily skin that you can use. Oily face beside can make your face becomes dull also increase the risk of acne on face. For that, you need to use a mask kefir to reduce the excess oil on the skin

5. Reduce and Prevent Acne

If you are in need of natural acne remedies, you can use a kefir mask. Besides cheap mask kefir more natural, so you do not have to worry about the side effects caused.

6. Helps overcome dry skin

Dry skin will make a face look unhealthy, and undoubtedly alarming appearance. There is a practical solution that you can use to overcome the problem that is using kefir. To make this mask, you need other materials such as olive oil.

How to Make a Kefir Mask for a Face

Kefir and egg whites: Take two tablespoons of organic kefir then mix it with egg whites. Stir the two ingredients until evenly afterward use as a face mask for about 15 minutes until the marker dries. Mask kefir and egg whites can help overcome the problem of oily skin and also reduce acne on the face

Kefir and honey: Enter 2 tablespoons kefir in a small bowl, add honey about 1 tablespoon. Stir the two ingredients until they are completely fused. Wash your face thoroughly to remove any dirt. When the half-dry face apply mask kefir and honey earlier to the face until evenly distributed. Wait about 20 minutes after that rinse as usual

Kefir and olive oil: Surely you are familiar with the benefits of olive oil for the face? Besides useful to prevent acne olive oil can also help overcome dry skin, especially when combined with kefir, then the benefits of course much more. How to make it easy enough because you only need to mix about 2 Tbsp kefir and 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. Stir until evenly then use as a face mask, wait about 20 minutes while relaxing and rinse with water until clean.

In addition to mixing with these three ingredients, you can also use kefir directly to your facial skin. But to get the maximum hail, you need to add all three materials

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