5 Foods That Can Suppress Appetite

Foods That Can Suppress Appetite. Keeping appetite is not excessive will make you avoid the greedy nature that can trigger obesity. As reported by OurVanity (20/04), below there are five types of foods that can suppress your appetite.

1. Avocado

Avocado fruit is rich in fiber and unsaturated fats that will serve as an appetite suppressant if you consume them regularly. Also, the fat on the avocado is able to send signals to the brain quickly that you are already full.

2. Apple

Eating apples is a great way to suppress your appetite because apples contain fiber but are low in carbohydrates. Nutrition on uncut apples will also take you longer to chew on apples. This will allow the brain to transmit a signal that you are already full. Besides, apples are good for the balance of glucose and increase your energy.

3. Tofu

Tofu is rich in protein and isoflavones called genistein. Genistein is believed to be useful as a healthy and healthy appetite suppressant. The essential ingredients of tofu, namely soybeans, are also sources of genistein.

4. Green tea

Maybe this is not too convincing, but a cup of green tea can suppress your appetite. Catechin in green tea slows the process of changing glucose into fat cells and then is able to reduce the sugar content in the blood. When blood sugar stabilizes, hunger will be depressed.

5. Dark chocolates

High-quality black chocolate can be an appetite suppressant food because the bitter taste in dark chocolate will signal to the body that you feel full. Other benefits of eating dark chocolate are to help you lose weight, increase libido, and even slow down aging.

Immediately consume these foods and drinks on a regular basis but not excessive to suppress your appetite.

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