31 Amazing Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves

The Health benefits of soursop leaves are so popular among the people of Indonesia. Especially since the emergence of research that shows that this sheet is able to treat cancer. As is known, soursop leaves do have unique content that can overcome and treat various chronic diseases. So no wonder if many researchers are interested in examining the properties of what soursop leaves have. Therefore, this time will be discussed related to the benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves for the health of the human body.

Soursop Leaf Benefits for Body Health

1. Uric acid

Eating soursop leaves regularly turned out to treat gout disease. This is evidenced by the number of uric acid drugs that use soursop leaves as the main ingredient. To make this herbal acid, uric acid, you only need to boil 6 to 10 soursop leaves that have been cleaned (choose the old) using 2 cups water to boil and remaining just 1 cup. Drink this herbal medicine for 2 times a day for the benefits generated the maximum.

2. Drug wounds outside

Benefits of other soursop leaves are as an obvious wound remedy. This medicine can be used for you who suffered injuries to the skin such as eczema, due to fall, and so forth. How to make a topical drug is quite easy, you just need to smooth the leaves of soursop some sheets. Then immediately attach to the damaged skin and leave for 30 minutes. After that, clean it.

3. Back pain

Backache problem, of course, is often experienced by many people, especially the elderly. Using chemical drugs in overcoming it will cause side effects that are not good for health. Therefore, the consumption of herbal remedies for back pain can be the best solution. How to use it very easy, you boil soursop leaves as much as 20 sheets with 5 cups water until the remaining only 3 cups. After that, take this herbal medicine for back pain once a day as far as a ¾ cup.

4. Diabetes

The benefits of soursop leaves were able to treat diabetes. This is because the nutrients in soursop leaf extract that is tested able to stabilize the amount of blood sugar levels in the human body in the normal range so that it can be used as an herbal remedy for diabetes. How to manufacture herbal medicine is quite easy, first prepare the leaves of sours as much as 2 to 5 sheets. Then cleaned with running water so that the bacteria and bacteria disappear. Next, boil the soursop leaves in 3 glasses of warm water and let it shrink to 1 cup. For people with diabetes, drink this herb regularly for 3 to 4 days in the morning and evening for maximum results shown.

5. Antibodies

The benefits of further soursop leaves are antibodies. Keep in mind that other antioxidants and nutrients in soursop leaves can increase the body's immune system and avoid infection in the human body. That way, the body will be spared from various deadly diseases. The trick is to boil soursop leaves as much as 4 to 5 sheets with 4 glasses of water until only 1 cup left and drink. If drunk regularly boiled water soursop leaves, our bodies will always awake health.

6. Helps to relieve muscle pain

Eating soursop leaf water is also believed to be able to relieve pain in human muscles. This is because the content of soursop leaf that is able to relax muscles, so that muscle pain is reduced.

7. Strengthen the nerves

Besides, to relieve pain, the benefits of other soursop leaves is to strengthen the nerves of the human body to be able to work correctly. Because of its ability, this soursop leaves can even be used to be anti-seizure medication.

8. Helps reduce fever

Soursop leaves can also help reduce fever. The trick is to boil some leaves of soursop. Then, the cooling water is used as a herbal remedy that is safe and natural fever.

9. Dilate blood vessels in the body

Narrow blood vessels result in the emergence of heart disease, and stroke are very harmful to the body. However, no need to worry because soursop decoction water can dilate blood vessels so that blood can flow properly.

10. Kill the parasitic worms

The benefits of soursop leaf next are to kill the parasitic worms. Humans, especially those who are still very vulnerable children contracting parasitic infections because they often play in dirty places and do not use footwear when playing. Well, soursop leaf water is able to kill the parasitic worms in the body without giving any side effects.

11. Overcoming rheumatism

Usually, rheumatic diseases are more common in elderly people. These rheumatic sufferers will feel tremendous pain in the bones. In fact, not infrequently from those who cannot perform activities as usual because of this disease. How to use to treat rheumatism is different from other drugs. First, you puree first soursop leaves that have been cleaned. Then, apply to areas of the body that feel pain due to rheumatism, eczema or arthritis for two times a day on a regular basis. Let stand for a few minutes until the leaves start to dry.

12. Prevent tumors from developing

The benefits of soursop leaves are also beneficial to suppress the development of tumors. This is because the ability of soursop leaves that can combat tumor development.

13. Treating inflammation or swelling

Soursop leaf can overcome the problem of inflammation or swell in the body. The trick is to apply soursop leaves that have been pounded or smoothed on the inflamed or swollen parts of the body.

14. Lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be treated by various chemical drugs, but it indeed provides adverse side effects for health. Therefore, taking herbal medicine made from soursop decoction water can be the best solution.

15. Streamlining digestion

You are experiencing digestive problems such as constipation, can consume boiled water soursop leaf so CHAPTER more smoothly. Besides, to facilitate digestion, eating soursop leaf extract is also able to increase appetite.

16. Treating ulcers

The benefits of soursop leaf next are to treat ulcers. How to use is quite easy, the first step you picked a few sheets of soursop leaves then clean. After that, pounded or blender until smooth and smeared on the body part contained boils.

17. Helps nourish the heart

Soursop leaf has content that can nourish the heart. The trick is to consume boiled water soursop leaves regularly once a day.

18. Inhibits bacterial growth

The content contained in soursop leaf, able to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the body. Therefore, no wonder if this sheet is often used as one of the anti-bacterial drugs.

19. Helps lower bad cholesterol

The benefits of soursop leave further is to help lower the bad cholesterol in human blood. As information, this evil cholesterol is capable of causing various kinds of chronic diseases ranging from heart, stroke, high blood pressure and so forth.

20. Increase milk production

Soursop leaf contains excellent natural nutrients for nursing mothers. Because this sheet is very helpful to the mother concerning increasing milk production.

21. Relieves dizziness

Benefits of other soursop leaves are to relieve dizziness caused by excessive stress. This is due to the ability of soursop leaves that maintain the health of the nerves, especially in the brain to always be stable and robust.

22. Prevent aging

Soursop leaf has content that can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles naturally. The trick is to smear soursop leaves that have been smoothed on the face area.

23. Increase fertility

For those of you who have not also get a decent, eating boiled water soursop leaves can be used as one solution. In men, eating soursop leaf extract can increase sperm count. As for women will be a stronger womb.

24. Treating hemorrhoids

The benefits of further soursop leaves are as a hemorrhoids medicine. Soursop leaf has content that can stop bleeding in the anal area and make the surrounding muscles more relaxed.

25. Overcoming acne

Soursop leaves also have properties to overcome the problem of stubborn acne. You just need to smear the acne with soursop leaves that have been mashed.

26. Treating kidney inflammation

The content of antioxidants found in soursop leaves believed to be able to treat kidney diseases. In addition to treating, soursop leaves can also be used to maintain kidney health.

27. Treating lung pain

Benefits of other soursop leaves are as a lung medicine. Soursop leaf can treat both dry and wet lung diseases. Besides, its antibacterial content is also able to maintain lung health.

28. Accelerate the cure for malaria

Soursop leaves can also be used to accelerate the cure for malaria. This is because the content of soursop leaves that can kill the virus that causes disease.

29. Overcoming leucorrhoea

The benefits of soursop leaves are beneficial for women is to overcome the problem of whiteness. This is of course because the ability of soursop leaves to kill the bacteria that cause leucorrhoea.

30. Treating cysts

The benefit of the other soursop leaves is treating cysts. Soursop leaves have individual ingredients and nutrients that can inhibit the growth of cysts in the body.

31. Cancer

The benefits of soursop leaves are very phenomenal is its ability to treat cancer. Based on research conducted by many experts, soursop leaf has inhibitory content of cancer cells and can cure cancer more efficiently and quickly than with chemotherapy. If chemotherapy requires a lot of costs and cause various side effects on the body, soursop leaves are cheaper and also safe. Even after investigation, soursop leaves have an active ingredient of 10,000 times better and stronger to fight cancer than chemotherapy. Soursop leaves can treat various types of cancer ranging from breast cancer, prostate, and lung.

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