30 Impressive Health Benefits Of Spinach

Impressive Health Benefits Of Spinach. One type of green vegetables are processed and used as vegetables is spinach. Spinach itself comes from a tropical American country, but also very easy to live and planted in Indonesia. vegetables with Latin name Amaranthus l. This is known as the iron content in it, which is very important for the body. Although famous for its iron substance, spinach also has a content and other nutrients that are not less important for the body.

1). Smooth digestion

Stimulating digestion is a major requirement if you frequently eat spinach. Spinach has a high fiber that helps the digestive tract and helps grind the food you consume. Spinach also includes green vegetables, as some green vegetable experts have high fiber research. Smooth digestion is the first benefit.

2). Maintain skin beauty

Spinach contains vitamin A. This vitamin can moisturize and brighten the skin. So if you eat spinach then your skin will be well preserved. We recommend using natural ingredients including spinach consumption. It helps you to be beautiful without chemicals.

3). Helps growth and strengthening of bones

Bone is the next point that should be maintained, especially if you have an advanced age. Spinach is a vegetable that contains vitamin K up to 1000 AKG. Of course, this is increasingly explaining that spinach can keep your body from bone damage. Especially if you eat red spinach.

4). Good for the development of children

Iron is a major part or content of many on spinach. Of course, iron has advantages, which helps the development to be better than other vegetables. Children are still in its infancy, iron will add to the blood and make the body better and more resistant to disease. Children are very susceptible to disease. It's good spinach to be an additional consumption of your children once a week. In order to his body more healthy.

5). Anti-inflammatory or anti-pain

The content of violaxanthin can reduce inflammation in the body. This is very important, considering our bodies often experience inflammation because the body is often wrong to consume food or experience pain due to bacteria and viruses. so that the inner body often experience inflammation. Spinach consumption to make the body get better and better.

6). Prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most feared cancer in men. Well, spinach can help you with cancer. Flavonoids contained in spinach can prevent cancer. For women, spinach is also equally prevented cancer with various cancers. Especially women allow a greater range of cancer.

7). High blood drop

High blood is the next thing that is often experienced by the people of Indonesia. The disease is experienced due to heredity or poor lifestyle. Spinach contains peptides that can lower blood pressure so good enough to be a good food for people with high blood.

8). Healthy eyes

As said earlier that spinach contains vitamin A, then spinach is very good for eye health. besides spinach is also very good for preventing cataracts and eye diseases such as glaucoma and myopic disease.

9). Nourish the brain

The content of vitamin K in spinach guards the brain's nervous system and synthesis Sphingolipids. So spinach can be consumed by people who recover brain or children who are developing.

10). Blood sugar controller

Blood sugar is often high, it happens because of many wrong lifestyles. Spinach can be a sugar controller in the body. With so many diabetics are recommended as foods suitable for blood sugar control with spinach.

11). For diet foods

In one bundle of spinach contains an excellent 20% RDA to control food intake. For that spinach is a good vegetable for the diet. Diet itself is assumed as an activity in regulating lifestyle with healthy consumption pattern and correct. Diet does not mean not eating food and drink.

12). Eliminate acne

Did you know that spinach can get rid of acne? Well, it turns out because spinach is a fairly complete vegetable from vitamin A to K. Use spinach as a mask and then cleaned after 20 minutes of use. Also use regularly then acne will disappear. In addition to using it to be smeared then it's good you also eat it. So that the acne is also clean because your intake is clean.

21). Binding calcium

Calcium is the intake the body needs. With the content of vitamin C in spinach, the calcium is easily bound and easily obtained by the body so that spinach is very important. Calcium alone can help bones grow well. In addition to milk and nuts, green vegetables also contain calcium. Incidentally, spinach contains calcium but is very small. For that more useful is its vitamin C in binding calcium in the body.

22). Nourish the joints

Joints are well nourished with food consumed. Spinach contains enough vitamin D to nourish the joints. Then spinach is good for old age. In addition, spinach can also prevent joint pain that is easy to occur in adulthood. For those with joint pain due to calcification or accidents, consuming spinach will quickly restore joints to better work. Especially joint pain is a pretty painful pain.

23). Improve memory

Because vitamins and important substances contained in spinach then this vegetable can improve brain memory. Especially vitamin K in spinach. This intake can also be obtained in Tempe or in the know. Improving brain memory is also good for elderly adults who are easily senile. Spinach can be consumed for adulthood on a regular basis.

24). Strengthens the intestines

The intestine is a vital organ that is used for processing food consumed. If the food is wrong then the gut will be damaged or injured. Spinach can help to strengthen bowel work so that the intestines are better and protected. Iron in spinach can protect this main organ.

25). Helps the heart work

Magnesium in spinach was quite high. This can help the heart work in pumping blood. Especially since magnesium is quite rarely found in foods or vegetables and only exists in certain green vegetables. Red spinach also contains high enough magnesium.

26). Increase body energy

If you feel quickly tired easily then the consumption of spinach that contains iron. This substance can keep your body to stay fit and fit and nutrients and energy are met. For that, if you're limp eating spinach can reactivate the metabolism in your body.

27). Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients. In addition to nutritional needs of pregnant women also can not carelessly eat food. Then spinach can be one alternative or solution to get the nutrients called folic acid. One of them is folic acid. Folic acid works for the strengthening of the fetus and this can be found in spinach, especially red spinach.

28). Prevents liming

For those of you who are elderly and experiencing calcification then spinach can be an alternative to your food. Vitamin K is an important component of a process called carboxylation which produces a GLA matrix protein that directly prevents calcium from forming lime in the tissues. Vitamin K is contained in spinach. Automatic spinach is useful for generating GLA matrix proteins.

29). Good for menstruation

Menstruation is a natural thing for women. With wasted dirt, the body is healthier. Menstruation requires a lot of minerals and it can be obtained in spinach. With the mineral, menstruation awake and the body will not limp because on the other hand can be a source of energy.

30). Avoid the bad cholesterol

Spinach contains high calories but does not contain bad fats or cholesterol. This is very good for health. Especially for those of you who have high cholesterol. Spinach can neutralize it. Consumption of at least twice a week without frying. Better to be smothered or made smoothies.

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