30 Health Benefits of Cinnamon And Nutrition Values

Health Benefits of Cinnamon And Nutrition Values. Cinnamon is one of the many spices. In addition to being used as a spice kitchen, cinnamon is also often used as a natural remedy that is still traditional. Plants that belong to the genus Cinnamomum has a distinctive aroma, so it is delicious if mixed with drinks, cakes or daily cuisine.

There are at least 55 types of cinnamon that have been found throughout the world, but commonly used in Indonesia there are 12 types. Cinnamon is often used to add the aroma and taste of food, beverages, herbal medicine to cosmetics. Because of the many benefits of cinnamon, this spice has a fairly high export value. Even abroad their cinnamon price is quite expensive.

Nutrition Values in Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains several compounds that make it very nutritious. These compounds are safrol, cinnamaldehyde, tannin, calcium oxalate, tannin, eugenol, and essential oils. Actually essential oil itself more content in the leaf. Meanwhile, eugenol in cinnamon is also subdivided into ethyl cinnamate, betakarofilen, Linalool, and methyl kavikol.

Some other compounds such as cinnzelanol, coumarin, benzyl, benzoate, and felandren are also found in cinnamon. Some minerals such as iron, manganese, and calcium can also be found in cinnamon though in very small quantities. All of these compounds give a considerable effect to maintain health. So do not be surprised if many people are looking for cinnamon for various purposes.

1. Prevent Blood Clots

When there is injury or inflammation in the body, there will usually be bleeding. But sometimes the blood clots that can clog blood vessels. It will certainly have an impact on health. To overcome this we can consume cinnamon to prevent blood clots.

2. Relieve Pain during menstruation

It is reasonable if the stomach during menstrual pain and cramps. Even sometimes to make a woman who experienced it not able to perform daily activities. This will hamper the agenda that will be done. In order to reduce pain, drink cinnamon ingredients with the right dose.

3. Overcoming Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatic disease is very disturbing because the pain caused around the joints to make the body condition becomes uncomfortable. To relieve pain when rheumatic relapse, we can take advantage of cinnamon.

4. Balancing Hormones in the Body

Hormones have a very important function in regulating the passage of organ function. If the hormone condition is not balanced, then the body condition is also unstable. To keep hormones balanced, we can use cinnamon. The content of cinnamaldehyde on cinnamon will regulate the hormone levels in our body.

5. Overcoming Heart Disease

Heart disease can affect anyone and often appear suddenly. To prevent and treat heart disease, we can use cinnamon powder to prevent heart attacks from bacteria and infections.

6. Overcoming Diabetes Disease

Cinnamon can control blood sugar levels. This is because cinnamon can stimulate the production of insulin, which controls blood sugar remained normal. Just a dose of one gram of cinnamon powder alone can control the excess blood sugar in the body.

7. Treating Cholesterol

Most foods today contain more bad cholesterol than good cholesterol. high cholesterol levels in the body will have a negative impact on health. To restore cholesterol to a normal condition we can use cinnamon.

8. As Anti Bacteria

Mixing a little bit of cinnamon powder into a drink such as tea or ginger drink will benefit the body. Cinnamon can act as an anti-bacterial so it can protect the body from various types of bacteria.

9. Warming the Body

When the weather is a cold or rainy season, we definitely need warmers such as warm drinks and warm clothes. In order for the body to feel warmer from the inside, we can consume cinnamon that is mixed with food or drink.

10. As Mineral Source

Although in a very small amount, cinnamon still has the mineral content needed by the body. These minerals will help in any cell activity in our body.

11. Make Body Relax More

When the body is tired or tired mind to stress, it's good to relax while enjoying a warm drink that has been mixed with cinnamon. The typical aroma will provide a sense of calm so the body becomes more relaxed.

12. Overcoming Magh Disease

Do not think trivial with Magh disease, because if it is severe it will be more difficult to treat and can be life-threatening. So that the disease does not get worse, we can cope with cinnamon.

13. Improving Fertility

Cinnamon can increase fertility in both men and women. For men, cinnamon can improve the quality of semen and sperm, while for women can strengthen the uterine muscles to be ready during conception.

14. Overcoming Arthritis

Almost like rheumatism, arthritis also gives a great pain. In order for the pain is reduced, there is no harm in trying cinnamon ingredients. When the pain is reduced of course we can move smoothly. To use it, there are two ways.

The first way, mix honey and cinnamon powder into warm water nails, then apply while massaged to the sick body. The second way, mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon into one glass of hot water. Drink while warm every morning and night.

15. Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss indicates hair deficiency or damage. If the hair loss is more severe the possibility of baldness will occur. To overcome this use cinnamon ingredients directly applied to the head. How to make it, mix hot olive oil with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply the herb to the scalp and let stand 10 minutes. Rinse with water until clean.

16. Overcoming Bladder Infections

Drinking warm water mixed with a little cinnamon and honey can overcome the infection in the bladder. Usually, the infection occurs due to bacteria, and cinnamon can soothe the bacteria so that the infection can be cured.

17. Treating Toothache

It turns out that cinnamon can also treat a toothache. Way, mix 1 teaspoon cinnamon with 5 teaspoons of honey. Apply the ingredients to the affected teeth at least 3 times a day until a toothache becomes healed.

18. Relieves Flu and Cold

Flu and cold are indeed harmless but quite disturbing when it is running activity. To treat it, drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon 3 times a day until the disease healed. Even the sinus can be cleaned by using cinnamon.

19. Healing Boils

Skin diseases such as ulcers can be treated by using cinnamon. Can be drunk or smeared directly on the body contained boils. Even ulcers will be rooted to the root.

20. Overcoming Flatulence

The feeling of bloating due to flatulence really makes it uncomfortable. To reduce gas in the stomach, we can consume cinnamon that has been mixed with honey.

In addition to cinnamon, health has also been proven efficacious for beauty, one of them to reduce wrinkles on the face. Combine 3 drops of cinnamon oil with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply a mixture of oil on the face that began to look wrinkles.

22. Prevent the Signs of Aging

As we get older there will be signs of aging one by one. But if it happens so quickly will certainly reduce the confidence because the appearance becomes less attractive. To overcome this, use cinnamon because the compound cinnamaldehyde in it will stimulate the formation of collagen.

23. Replacing Dead Skin Cells

Skin cells will undergo continuous regeneration and surely there will be dead cells that are formed. Dead cells will accumulate and thicken so will reduce the beauty of the skin. By using cinnamon exfoliate dead skin cells will be faster so that the skin look smoother.

24. Treating Acne

Cinnamon can overcome the problem of acne on the skin especially in the face. But be careful in its use for those who have sensitive skin.

25. Overcoming itching on the skin

Gatak on the skin can occur due to several things, including dust, cosmetics or mismatched allergies. To reduce the itchiness we can use cinnamon powder.

26. Brighten the Skin

One more benefit cinnamon for beauty that can brighten the skin, by way of being made as a mask. The potion is a mixture of yogurt, banana and a little cinnamon. Apply on skin or face and let stand until dry, then rinse with clean water.

27. Prevent Cancer

It has been done in research that cinnamon can inhibit cancer cell proliferation so that it can disrupt its development process. That way cancer can be prevented.

28. Overcoming Neurological Disorders

Cinnamon can overcome the symptoms of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's, dementia, Alzheimer's and others associated with the nerves and brain. Cinnamon can reduce chronic inflammation of the disease, also can maximize brain function.

Bad breath is avoided by everyone because it is very disturbing the other person's comfort. To fix this, it never hurts to try to consume cinnamon that has a distinctive aroma.

30. As Natural Preservative

Cinnamon that is anti-bacterial can also be used as a natural preservative. Because the bacteria can not reproduce, of course the food will not quickly stale.

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