30 Benefits Of Tomato For Health, Skin And Hair

Benefits Of Tomato For Health, Skin And Hair . Of the many vegetables and fruits, tomatoes are one of the most preferred ingredients and are not liked by many people. Tomatoes, fruit can be said because the content is in the tomato is similar to a lot of material in fruits. Also, tomatoes including vegetables because of the same physiological with plants that many equated to be classified as a vegetable as well.

Tomatoes or commonly called Solanum Lycopersicum are often used as juice, or additions to various dishes. Not infrequently also used as a tomato sauce and a complement of various foods. Including Indonesian food. What are the benefits of health and beauty are:

1). Overcoming oily skin

Tomato is a natural ingredient that is famous as a material for beauty and treats various problems that exist on the face. One is tomatoes used to treat oily or oily skin. On oily skin are many issues that appear like acne and also enlarged pores. Because tomatoes contain ingredients such as lycopene and vitamin C are useful for anti-germs and also prevent irritation of the oily skin. Use a few pieces of tomato and paste on face, then rinse and do every morning and night for a whole week.

2). Prevents blackheads on the face

In addition to avoiding facial problems such as skin problems, then it is better to use tomatoes. Because it contains vitamin C and saturated fat is small then when done on the face will help reduce and eliminate blackheads that accumulate in the front. Especially if the face is often exposed to sun and dust outside and experiencing high activity outside then, it is better to apply tomatoes when going to bed at night or early morning.

3). Increase mother's milk production

Because lycopene contained, then the tomato can be the same function with katuk leaf, which can improve the quality and production of mother's milk. Also, if you eat tomatoes milk production will be qualified and also nourish infants who are breastfed. Because of the benefits that the new mother gave birth is better to consume food with tomato processed as the main ingredient.

4). Reduce pain

Because it contains materials such as bioflavonoids and also karetonoid that can reduce pain. So for those of you who are sick or injured it is better to consume tomato for faster recovery from inside the body. Tomatoes can also relieve pain in the back and can even cope with pain such as joint pain and arthritis. Because of the second content that is good, you eat tomatoes if you experience pain or chronic.

5). Reduces high blood pressure

High blood is a disease that may occur because of the amount of sodium consumed by the people of Indonesia. While tomatoes contain potassium that can help reduce sodium. Consumption of tomatoes can also help to lower high blood pressure including high blood pressure or hypertension that occurs due to the wrong lifestyle. Consume tomatoes or tomato juice regularly every day until blood pressure returns to normal.

6). Prevent heart disease

Due to the presence of potassium content will reduce the occurrence of hypertension and causes of complications of heart disease. Also, there is the content of fiber, potassium and vitamin C while choline is a part contained by tomatoes. Can prevent the occurrence of heart and other dangerous diseases. Especially chronic illnesses that can kill and kill the sufferer.

7). Lose weight

Losing weight is the most wanted by women. Well, it turns out one that can support weight loss by consuming tomatoes regularly. Tomatoes contain fibrous material and lots of water, so the tomatoes can fill the stomach quickly and cause the body to fill soon. Besides, the calories and fat contained therein are not too many. So that tomato will not shrink the body, precisely the consumption of tomatoes well without sugar and ice. Then tomatoes can actually lose weight.

8). Prevent cancer in the body

Cancer is a disease that most feared by many people including the people of Indonesia. Tomatoes can be used to reduce the likelihood of cancer. Tomatoes contain lycopene which can reduce the risk, especially pancreatic cancer. Disease may occur due to a decrease in the parent or an error in the patient's lifestyle. Regular consumption of tomato juice without any waste, then you will feel the effect.

9). Utilized as sunscreen

Sunscreen is a material used to protect themselves from very high sunlight and also the intensity that causes blacks and irritated. Tomatoes themselves can be used to protect the skin with lycopene in tomatoes. So it can protect the sensitive skin against UV rays damage. Besides, inflammation of the skin can be added with yogurt and applied to the skin that is inflamed.

10). Overcoming loss

Loss usually occurs in the body and hair. Failure occurs due to various causes such as stress and also the product mistakes used in the hair. Loss also occurs due to lack of healthy intake consumed. Tomatoes are foods that contain vitamin A so it can prevent hair loss. Tomatoes that indeed include vitamin A very much then it can cope with the loss from within. You can also apply tomatoes on the scalp directly on a regular basis.

11). Prevent the occurrence of acne

Acne becomes the next beauty problem that many women worry about. Including one of them maybe you. Preventing acne by using tomatoes can be done because tomatoes contain vitamin E that serves to prevent acne on the skin. Use tomatoes using masks as well as cucumber and other fruit.

12). Reduce levels of fat in the body

In the body contained two types of fat, such as saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats cause many diseases and are also problematic in the body. Also, unsaturated fats are used for combustion and even the metabolism that is utilized by the body. Tomatoes are fruits that contain unsaturated fats and high protein and carbohydrates. So for those of you who need fat intake and also metabolism without having to get a saturated fat intake.

13). Shaping body muscles

The body that requires muscle can actually be used to build muscle. Tomatoes that contain good carbohydrates and proteins and build muscle. In addition to regular exercise, consumption of tomatoes either in the form of processed foods or tomato juice with a routine. Coupled with eggs or bread at breakfast, the food is full of total intake.

14). Antidote free radicals

Tomatoes contain zea-xanthan which can help ward off free radicals. Besides, free radicals are quite dangerous because it allows exposed to longer-term diseases such as skin and cancer. Then the tomatoes that contain these ingredients, tomatoes can prevent free radicals. Tomato fruit can be used as food or can be used or applied to the body.

15). Healthy eyes

Because tomatoes contain vitamin A, then it will affect the content that can be beneficial to the body, especially the eye. Just like fruits or vegetables in carrots, then it's okay if you have eye pain consumption of carrots and tomatoes alternately.

16). Controlling blood sugar

For those who suffer from diabetes, sweet foods and rice are things that are forbidden to be consumed. Because consumed limited Diabetesaebetes causes the patient to choose intake. However, tomatoes do not contain high sugar can be consumed by diabetics.

17). Brighten skin color

For those of you who want white or brighten the skin should not use an instant material or consists of chemicals. It is better to use or use materials such as brighten the skin or keep the skin so as not dull. Because tomatoes contain vitamin C that can help brighten the skin. Cut fresh tomatoes drained and applied to the body regularly every day.

18). Keep the skin to stay young

The secret to appearing young is that many women are keeping and caring for skin with natural ingredients that do not provide harmful side effects. One of them is tomatoes. Because tomatoes contain vitamin C that keeps the skin to look young and also stay tight. Use tomatoes and apply regularly every week non-stop. Water from the tomato helps the skin get tighter.

19). Refreshing eyes

Eyes may feel tired then tomatoes can be used to refresh the eyes as well as instant eye drops. However, the tomatoes here are used instead of dripping, but tomato slices are affixed to the eye and close the eyes tightly. Then the tomato will help restore the freshness of the eyes and also eliminating eye bags that interfere with every woman's appearance.

20). Prevent cell damage

Nowadays, the weather is no longer good and also comfortable. In addition, cell damage may occur due to a variety of intakes that may be considered wrong to be consumed. Well, the destruction of these cells can be resisted and handled by tomatoes. Lycopene can help damage the cells because of the skin and body. Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene.

21). Prevents skin burning

Some people who do research, people who use and consume tomatoes and ketchup can withstand sunburn. If you want to use it like a mixture of 2 teaspoons of tomatoes and also 1 spoon of yogurt and apply on the face and also the neck. After that, tomatoes are applied also the part that is often exposed to the sun.

22). Natural conditioner

The conditioner is one of the additional products used by Indonesian people and even women of the world. The conditioner is often used after using the shampoo. Well, tomatoes can be processed and used for conditioner. Destroy the tomatoes and apply to the hair, after using the rinsed shampoo. Tomato content such as vitamin E and vitamin C can nourish the scalp.

23). Eliminate the scent of the head

The smell of the head often occurs because of closed hair or exposed to smoke and other things. Tomatoes can be the ingredients to eliminate the smell of the head. Because tomatoes themselves also contain essens or some vitamins and fiber that can keep the scent of the head.

24). Strengthens hair

Hair needs good nutrition. Just like the ingredients found in the fruit that can nourish the hair, tomatoes that contain many ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber can also strengthen hair that is applied tomatoes regularly. Not only avoid hair loss, but rather stronger hair and also healthy.

25). Exudes a luster of hair

Hair luster is important because hair is the crown of appearance. Tomatoes contain ingredients that can shine the sheen of hair. Because the tomato contains lycopene, the ingredients allow make hair shine.

26). Clean up hair dirt

The scalp often stains and is also dirty due to various activities. Well, for those of you who are difficult to clean the dirt of hair tomato juice rub slowly and let stand for 20 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly. Tomatoes have fiber that is good for the body so it can clean the scalp easily.

27). Smooth skin

Smooth skin is not easy. The content of tomatoes is vitamin E is a material that smooths the skin and also makes skin regenerate. So that dead skin cells will disappear. Blend the tomatoes and mix with honey to taste, then make tomatoes into a thick paste form. So after that the tomatoes that have been smooth dab on the skin. If you have cleaned the skin and also clean with soap.

28). Whiten skin body

Body skin can be bleached with tomatoes. Tomatoes contain lycopene and also vitamin E that can whiten and brighten the skin of the body. Combine the three ingredients such as tomatoes, oatmeal and yogurt then mix and apply. Can also add milk to whiten skin.

29). Caring for the skin

Tomatoes can be used to treat the skin or keep the skin to stay nice and fast. Caring for the skin can be done with tomato juice that contains antioxidants. The process of aging can be conditioned by tomatoes that are applied to the body or face. Tomatoes also overcome eczema, dry the face and also psoriasis well.

30). Belly cooler

Tomatoes have a very large and good water content. So tomatoes can be used as a cooling of the stomach, especially after eating foods that make the stomach uncomfortable such as cholesterol foods or baked goods.

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