30 Benefits of Avocado For Health, Skin And Hair

Benefits of Avocado For Health, Skin And Hair. Avocado from Central America and Mexico can grow fertile in tropical climates. Avocado is known for its high-fat content. But do not worry, because fat is a good fat, so it is good if consumed with a routine.

Avocado has the Latin name Persea Americana and is often consumed in the form of juice. Behind the delicious taste, it turns out the avocado can be beneficial for health and beauty. Because of its usefulness, avocado is now increasingly favored by people. In addition to containing fat, avocados also contain many vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

Avocado Nutrition Ingredients

Avocado proved efficacious to cure some disease. The benefits are probably not independent of the nutritional content in it. Here are some of the ingredients contained in the avocado.

• Good Fat

Good fats belonging to the monounsaturated fats are available in the form of oleic acid. The fat is the most portion of all the nutritional content in the avocado. Even the fat content of ¾ of all calories of avocado.

• Fiber

As with other vegetables and fruits, avocado is also very rich in fiber. The amount can reach 11% on one medium-sized fruit. By consuming one avocado every day, then half of our daily fiber requirement has been fulfilled.

• Protein

In one avocado, at least contain 4 grams of protein. Even the only avocado with the highest protein content. Protein is needed by the body to be utilized as a builder and body regulator.

• Minerals and Vitamins

Avocado contains mineral in the form of potassium. Besides, there are several vitamins such as vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. avocado also contains omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid.

• Sugar

Although in small amounts, avocados still contain sugar. But the number is only 0.4 grams of one avocado, so it is very safe for people with diabetes.

Benefits of Avocado For Health and Beauty

Well, after knowing the various nutritional content in the avocado, now we will discuss what the benefits for our bodies are. Here are the benefits that can be obtained from the avocado for health and beauty.

1. Good for Pregnant Women

A woman who is pregnant is strongly recommended to consume folic acid every day. One source of natural folic acid that we can get is from avocado. Folic acid will help the growth and development of the fetal brain and prevent it from neural tube defects.

2. Helps Prevent Stroke Disease

Stroke disease occurs due to blood clots in the brain. Avocado can help prevent the occurrence of stroke due to potassium and folic acid. Potassium can promote blood circulation while folic acid improves brain function.

3. Overcoming Cholesterol

Avocado contains beta-sitosterol which can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. By consuming avocado regularly then you are trying to prevent the rise of cholesterol levels in the body.

4. Maintain Eye Health

Avocado can help increase the absorption of lutein. Lutein itself can protect the eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, by consuming avocado, we can maintain eye health.

5. Helps Accelerate the Absorption of Nutrition

Eating avocado can help digestive organs to absorb nutrients from foods that are eaten five times faster. That way the body will be healthier because the nutritional needs can be met.

6. Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth

The content of avocado can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and destroy the seeds of cancer cells contained in the body. With so consuming avocado regularly will keep us from cancer.

7. Maintain Ideal Stay Weight

Avocado contains lots of protein but low in calories. Fat content is also quite high so it can give effect full satiety longer. Avocado prevents us from overeating so that weight will remain stable.

8. Maintaining Heart Health

The content of oleic acid and potassium in avocados can help regulate heart rate, control good body fat levels and suppress bad fats. That way the heart will function adequately, and its health will always be maintained.

9. The Best Glutathione Source

Avocados contain high glutathione. As the mother of all antioxidants, glutathione provides benefits such as preventing cancer, increasing collagen production and maintaining healthy skin.

10. Stabilize Blood Pressure

High potassium or potassium content in avocado can help smooth blood circulation and keep blood pressure healthy. Avocados also provide benefits in regulating the heart rate, so that blood flow is also stable.

11. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

The body may have insulin resistance, in which the resulting insulin cannot function to control blood sugar levels. With the content of monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado, the risk of insulin resistance can be prevented.

12. Preventing Inflammation

Avocado has been proven in various studies to cope with inflammation. Because it is not wrong if the avocado is said to be the best natural anti-inflammatory. Numerous minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that exist in avocados that support its function in overcoming inflammation.

13. Reduce Pain in Gout

Gout or joint pain can affect people who are old age. Various compounds and antioxidants in avocado can help reduce pain in joints due to gout and osteoarthritis.

14. Smooth the Skin

Avocado is more famous for its usefulness of skin beauty. One of the benefits of avocado for the skin is to help smooth the skin. How to use it, mash the avocado flesh and mix a little warm water. Apply to face, neck, and arm, leave up to 20-30 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly.

15. Helps Brighten the Skin

The content of antioxidants, vitamins C and E on avocado is able to brighten the skin and make it look healthier. How to use it, mash the avocado flesh, then add one egg yolk and half pure milk. After stirring evenly, use as a mask as well as toner that can clean and brighten the skin.

16. Improving the Immune System

Antioxidants contained in the avocado can ward off free radicals and help boost the immune system. By consuming avocados regularly than our body will not easily fall ill.

17. Overcoming the signs of premature aging

As a source of antioxidants and various vitamins, avocados are highly recommended for every woman. The presence of vitamin C and glutathione will help the formation of collagen and remove black spots as a sign of early aging.

18. Healthy Hair

In addition to adding beauty to the skin, avocados can also nourish hair and make it look shiny black. How to use, mash avocado that is cooked and then apply directly to the hair evenly. Leave on for 15 minutes then shampoo as usual.

19. Counteracting Free Radical Compounds

Free radical compounds can come from anywhere, such as food or pollution. Free radicals can trigger mutations of cancer-causing genes, as well as other health problems. By consuming avocados every day, the body will be protected from harmful compounds.

20. Overcoming Skin Wrinkles

Skin wrinkles are generally experienced by people who have entered old age. But if that happens before the time it should, it can ruin the appearance. To improve, regularly consume avocado rich in essential nutrients for the skin.

21. Overcoming Diabetes

To overcome diabetes, we only use the seeds of avocado. Way, take avocado seeds and bake until some time. After that cut into pieces and boiled in two glasses of water. Allow simmering until one glass remains. Strain and drink the boiled water after a cold.

22. Treating Thrush

Thrush can cause discomfort in the mouth and make us difficult to eat. By using avocado, we can relieve the canker sores. The trick is straightforward, consume the avocado along with two tablespoons of honey every day until canker sores are healed.

23. Overcoming Dry Skin

The skin can become dry if lack of nutrients or too long exposed to sunlight. To overcome this, use the nutrient-rich fruit avocados. by merely smoothing the flesh of the avocado and then make a mask. Allow up to half an hour, then rinse with water until clean.

24. Overcoming Painful Toothache

To overcome the pain in the teeth hollow we also only need the seeds of avocado just. Way, take the avocado seeds then mashed until smooth. Use the seed powder to put in the tooth cavity. Let until some time until the usefulness begins to feel.

25. Moisturize the Skin

Avocado is also very powerful in keeping skin moist. The trick, smooth the avocado flesh. Add a spoon of the honey and one egg yolks. Set as the mask and let stand for 20 minutes. Do it this way at least twice a week.

26. Cleanse the Skin

Still, around the skin, avocado can also be used to cleanse the skin naturally. To use it, smooth the avocado flesh and rub it on the skin and whole body. Dead skin cells will be lifted so that the skin will become cleaner. Nutrition from avocados will be more readily absorbed, and the skin can be healthy.

27. Overcoming Magh Disease

Magh disease can attack anyone, and we can use avocado to overcome the disease. Only by taking them regularly to get those benefits.

28. Prevent Spina Bifida Disease

Spina bifida disease can also be prevented if we want to consume avocado regularly. But if you 're going to serve as juice, avoid adding sugar or milk to benefit more felt.

29. Sources of Vitamin E

Avocado contains vitamin E which can maintain healthy skin and help keep health. Besides, vitamin E can also prevent the emergence of various types of diseases.

30. Good Fat Source

If we usually avoid fat, then not for fat from avocado. Good fats contained therein will suppress bad fats and help maintain the healthy body.

That's 30 benefits of avocado for health and beauty. By knowing the benefits, of course, we will prefer this one fruit and more concerned with our health. Maybe useful.

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