22 Health and beauty benefits of bananas you must know

Health and beauty benefits of bananas you must know. Bananas are one of the most popular fruits to be consumed. Both as a complement to food or as a basic ingredient of cooking, bananas continue to be the main choice. Bananas are known to be popular among people because of their high nutritional and nutritional content. nutritional and nutritional content of course very want known by the public. Bananas have soft flesh and are easy to consume by humans in all ages and classes. Starting from the age of children to the elderly, very like eating bananas. Banana trees are easy to grow in all parts of the country of Indonesia and in some other countries.

1). Treating Stomach Disease (Ulcer)

There is a myth that the content of bananas can increase stomach acid and gastric gas, so ulcer patients should not consume too much. In fact, the content of this banana that will be able to treat the pain in the stomach.

You can consume it when the stomach pain because your ulcer relapse. Eat the banana as if it were your stomach medicine. By doing it regularly, you will find a better condition than the previous maag.

2). Improve Kidney Health

Potassium on one banana as it is known above is very high in number. Potassium content is very useful to help kidney work. Thus, regular consumption of bananas can help improve kidney health.

3). Diet / Weight Loss Program

 bananas are those that contain fructose with low glycemic index. The content of this type of sugar is certainly very good, making a banana is perfect for consumption when dieting. Protein content can also meet the needs of the body and fat and carbohydrate content is not worried to interfere with your diet program. In addition, the fiber content in bananas can help to smooth digestion and make you full faster. Therefore, consume bananas as part of your diet program.

4). Maintaining Heart Health

Nutritional content in bananas in the form of potassium and fiber can help prevent damage to the circulatory system. So the risk of heart attacks in humans who consume bananas are found to be very small in number. Benefits of bananas in maintaining heart health can be maintained.

5). Reduce Pain of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the many diseases that attack humans today. This disease is a disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, one type of banana is known to cure diabetes. This banana is known as banana goroho, from makassar. Therefore, bananas are highly recommended for consumption by diabetics.

6). Helps Eliminate Acne

In the field of beauty, the benefits of banana one of them is to remove acne and scars. The content of bananas rich in vitamins make it able menutrisi facial skin and easy to remove acne or scars. Use a banana with pounded until smooth and stick on the face. Clean the banana patch on the acne face after half an hour of use. Repeat use twice a day to get maximum results.

7). Treating Anemia Disease

 bananas are rich in iron. This content is very good for people with anemia. By eating bananas on a regular basis, anemic patients can feel the condition of the body is improved and no longer easy to fall and drop.

8). Heals Burns

 bananas have the ability to improve the work of building new tissue in skin tissue that suffered burns. You simply pound the banana until smooth. Apply the banana to the skin that burns. If it is, then wait for a while before it is opened and re flushing.

9). Reduce itching caused by insect sting

Once bitten or stung by an insect, you will find your skin bumpy and possibly itchy. You will find you scratch the sting because it is very itchy. Scratching you can make your skin and wound less and less. So the use of bananas to reduce the itching caused by insect stings is recommended. Do it by smoothing the banana and stick it on the itchy skin.

10). Helping the Metabolic Process

Disturbances in the digestive system are not special anymore. Scheduled life habits cause food consumption to become irregular and sometimes very minimal fiber content. banana is one that the fiber content is high enough and good for the lubricant needs of the digestive system. You can consume bananas regularly to get a good digestive system and smoothly. Eat bananas twice a day, to get maximum results.

11). Overcoming Pain during Menstruation / Menstruation

Menstruation / menstrual pain that is often experienced by women can be overcome by eating bananas. bananas have a good mineral content to reduce the pain. Eat bananas regularly during menstruation and feel the benefits for you.

12). Smoothing Facial Skin Surface

bananas are rich in vitamins that are very good for facial skin. One of the benefits is to keep the surface of the skin remains smooth and soft. Use banana as a mask by smoothing it. Add a little honey and apply the banana and honey to the whole face evenly. Let stand for half an hour before you rinse thoroughly.

13). Blood Circulation

The content of potassium and potassium in bananas is very useful to smooth blood circulation. Both of these minerals contain a considerable amount in bananas. So the consumption of bananas is highly recommended for those of you who have problems in blood circulation and the like.

14). Fixing Minus eye condition

Eye health is closely related to the adequacy of vitamin A. bananas are known to have a considerable amount of vitamin A. This banana content which can cause eye condition of minus defect disorder can be repaired slowly. Eat bananas regularly to improve your vision ability.

15). Improving Mood Conditions

bananas have a good tryptophan content to produce serotonin hormone. Hormone serotonin is a hormone that regulates one's mood / mood. The number of serotonin hormones produced by many can make a person have a better mood condition. Therefore, if you are feeling upset you can eat bananas and find yourself happy again.

16). Balancing the amount of fluid in the human body

The body needs fluid intake that should not be less. If there is a lack of fluids, then the body will become dehydrated and easily fall ill. Therefore, bananas that have high potassium content can overcome the need for fluid in the human body. The need for fluids in the human body will be balanced by eating bananas on a regular basis.

17). Treating Constipation

The content of fiber in bananas certainly no doubt the benefits. One is useful in overcoming constipation. The fiber content can treat constipation and relaunch your digestion. Eat bananas from now on to get a healthier digestive condition without being distracted by constipation.

18). Sufficient Energy Requirement in Human Body

Sometimes the consumption of food consumed by humans is not sufficient for the human energy needs. So it takes a complementary food that can provide additional energy intake. Bananas have a complete and sufficient content to meet these additional energy needs. Therefore, consume bananas to overcome the hunger that attacks you.

19). Treating Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is currently very common in humans, consequently was not kidding, can cause stroke in humans. Therefore, to keep blood pressure levels within the normal limits consume bananas. bananas are able to keep blood pressure and lower it if it is too high.

20). Improve Brain Intelligence

banana is one that is able to stimulate the ability of brain intelligence. So the banana is very suitable given since infancy. Baby age is the most important age of brain development. Therefore, give bananas to be consumed for children who need brain intelligence development.

21). Maintaining Cardiovascular Health

Another benefit of potassium content in bananas is to maintain cardiovascular health. Starting from the function and condition will be maintained and work optimally. Therefore, consume bananas regularly and get your cardiovascular health without costing much.

22). Overcoming Asthma Disease

Asthma is a disease generally derived from the elderly. However, some studies show that the more often a child consumes at least one banana a day can reduce the risk of children affected by asthma. Thus, the consumption of bananas is highly recommended to overcome the disease of asthma.

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