22 Amazing Health Benefits of Bay Leaves

Amazing Health Benefits of Bay Leaves. Greetings more famous for treating cholesterol, but actually many other diseases that can be overcome by using bay leaves. Laurel leaf can be used in fresh or dry conditions. The content of the compounds in it will not be different even after it has dried. Before discussing what are the benefits, we should know what compounds contained in bay leaves.

1. Control Heartbeat

Potassium contained in bay leaves can work to regulate the heart rate to remain stable and normal. That way heart health will always awake and function properly.

2. Controlling Blood Pressure

If you have a history of high blood disease, do not hesitate to consume boiled water bay leaves. Potassium minerals can keep blood pressure steady and prevent it from rising.

3. Enzyme Enzyme Work

Enzymes in the body function to regulate the metabolic processes and other body organ functions. In order for enzyme work to increase, we can utilize bay leaf, because manganese and copper in it can act as a co-enzyme factor.

4. Treating Cholesterol Disease

The greeting leaves are well known for their powerful benefits of controlling cholesterol levels in the blood. By consuming leaf salts on a regular basis, high cholesterol can be overcome. How to use it, simply boil 15 bay leaves with 3 glasses of water. Bring to a boil to 1 cup. Drink boiled water twice a day until cholesterol returns to normal.

5. Prevent Diabetes Disease

Laurel leaf is also proven effective in controlling blood sugar, so it can be used to prevent diabetes or diabetes. To get these benefits, boil and drink boiled water bay leaves like the way above.

6. Treating Eye Pain

Usually when the eye pain we use betel or eye drops for the eyes soon healed. Apparently, bay leaves can also treat the disease. The content of vitamin A will keep the eyes healthy. The way is enough to apply or soak the eyes in boiling water bay leaves.

7. Lowering Uric Acid Level

The high uric acid indicates high levels of purine in the blood. It makes the pain and swelling a bit in some parts of the body, especially the joints. To fix this, we can boil 10 bay leaves with 10 cups water to be 7 cups. Drink boiled water 2 times a day.

8. Treating Magh Disease

If you are often disturbed by stomach problems like math, take advantage of bay leaves to get healing. Way, boil two handfull bay leaves with half a liter of water. After the water is reduced, add a little palm sugar. Drink the herb regularly until the disease does not recur again.

9. Overcoming Various Digestive Problems

Digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea can be treated by using boiled water of bay leaves. When boiling bay leaves, add a little salt. And drink the herb on a regular basis so that the digestion becomes smooth.

10. Prevent Cancer

The amazing thing about bay leaves is the content of compounds such as caffeic acid, quercetin, eugenol and catechin in it can prevent the emergence of cancer cells. In addition, fitonutriennya can inhibit the cell-causing cervical cancer cell. To get the benefits, simply use bay leaves in cooking. If done regularly eat the usefulness will also be felt.

11. Treating Cough and Cold

To overcome the problem of a cough and cold, there are 2 ways to use bay leaves. First boiled water bay leaves used to compress the sore parts such as the chest and throat. The second way, drink boiled water leaves bay at least twice a day until the disease healed.

12. Overcoming Kidney Problems

To treat kidney problems such as kidney stones, we can drink the herb from the bay leaf. Boil 5 bay leaves and 5 sheets of soursop leaf that has been washed clean with half a liter of water. Boil to 300 ml, there will be 2 cups of the stew. Drink while warm for the first glass in the morning, and keep the rest in the refrigerator. The second glass can be drunk in the afternoon but first warm it up first.

13. As Anti Inflammation

Laurel leaf contains active compounds that can overcome inflammation, so it is anti-inflammatory. Pain caused by swelling, sprain or sprain can be overcome with bay leaf. How to smooth the bay leaf along with leaf distance. Use to apply to parts of the body or joints that hurt. The herb is also powerful to overcome rheumatism and arthritis.

14. Stimulate Pregnancy

Folate-containing salam leaves are very good for pregnant women and those who are undergoing pregnant programs. Folate makes women more fertile and prevents the fetus from being disabled.

15. Overcoming Menstrual and Whitish Problems

Feminine problems such as leucorrhoea and irregular menstruation should not be underestimated. If left alone it will cause dangerous diseases. In order for menstruation to be more regular and less leucorrhoea, consume water boiled bay leaves regularly.

16. Overcoming Insomnia

Leaf salut also efficacious in overcoming insomnia or insomnia. By utilizing a little extract of laurel leaves mixed into the drink, then we will more easily enter the phase of a good sleep.

17. Treating Nosebleeds

If you have frequent nosebleeds, the problem can be solved by using a bay leaf. Destroy leaves 2-3 pieces then boiled in 200 ml of water. Wait until it shrinks to half, then drink regularly.

18. Preventing Stroke

Leaves greetings are routinely used in every dish will provide benefits for prevent stroke. Determine the benefits will be more pronounced if the cuisine does not contain fat and oil.

19. Powerful Removal of Insects

Laurel leaf contains lauric acid which can avoid natural insect bites. its distinctive aroma makes insects like mosquitoes reluctant to come near and bite us. We can get these benefits by applying laurel oil to the body.

20. Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungus

Laurel leaves can also be used as an antibacterial and anti-fungal. Because of its nature then the bay leaves can overcome various skin problems caused by bacteria and fungi such as scabies and ringworm.

21. Eradicate worms in the stomach

Although there is no scientific research that proves, bay leaves are believed to overcome the worms by shutting down the worm and remove it with feces.

22. Increasing Body Endurance

The leaves are rich in vitamin C so they can act as antioxidants and prevent various diseases. In addition, bay leaves are also powerful to increase endurance and eliminate various chemical compounds in the body that can trigger various health problems.

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