20 List Foods Contain High Vitamin B12

List Foods Contain High Vitamin B12. One of the vitamin B complexes is quite an important role in the body is vitamin B12 or also called cobalamin. This vitamin can only be obtained from animals and animal products, so it is not possible we can meet the needs of vitamin B12 with fruits and vegetables. Even if there are from plants, only marine facilities that can provide this cobalamin intake.

Vitamin B12 is needed by the body to form red blood cells, supporting the smoothness of the body's metabolic processes, protecting the nervous system, strengthening the hair roots, producing DNA and preventing anemia. Vitamin B12 can also be obtained from some packaged foods enriched with vitamins and minerals, but it would be better if we get it from natural food sources.

Based on data from Ministry of Health, daily requirement of vitamin B12 of adult male age 19-29 years that is 2,4 mcg. Indeed the amount required is minimal, but if the shortage will cause problems for the body. Therefore, 20 kinds of foods that contain vitamin B12 can be your daily menu choice.

1. Meat

Meat provides enough vitamin B12 to meet the daily needs of the body. Beef contains 70.7 mcg per three ounces, while mutton includes vitamin B12 15.7 ug each ounce, while chicken meat contains vitamin B12 about 13.7 ugs in each cup. Therefore, there is no harm if occasionally enter the beef in one of the daily menus.

2. Salmon Fish

Salmon contains as much as 9 mcg of vitamin B12 in half the fillet. However, this fish can only be found in Alaska waters, so if seen in other countries including Indonesia would have been in a state of being frozen or preserved in a can. The price is also quite high for the middle to lower class.

3. Scallops

Although not everyone likes shellfish because the smell is very fishy, seafood does not hurt to learn to enjoy it. Because the shells contain vitamin B12 as much as 94.1 mcg every three ounces. Therefore, do not underestimate the pods that also contain essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, and copper.

4. Crabs

Many people love crab meat because it tastes sweet, fresh and soft. Although it is somewhat difficult to eat because it has to deal with its hard shell, people's interest to eat it does not recede. Sea crabs contain cobalamin of 10 ugs, but stone crabs contain fewer vitamin B12.

5. Lobster

Lobster is a jumbo shrimp with a harder skin. The content of vitamin B12 in lobster reaches 4.5 ugs per 100 grams, it feels good to make everyone who tastes it will be addicted. But the price is quite high so not everyone can afford it.

6. Cheese

As a derivative product of milk, cheese also contains vitamin B12. But the content of these vitamins will vary depending on the process and the producers who process them. Currently, the highest cheese type cobalamin Swiss cheese that ranges fugsm 6.5 ug per one ounce. Followed by Ghetto cheese, Mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese. But do not over-consume cheese if you do not want to get cholesterol disease.

7. Mussels

Mussels are a kind of shell that is more tolerant to the environment with turbid or slightly polluted water, making it safer to consume. But if not good at cooking, mussels will feel less delicious and smell fishy. Mussels contain vitamin B12 of 84.1 mcg in three ounces, also containing potassium which is also needed by the body.

8. Oysters

Oysters are also the same as mussels, both derived from the type of shellfish. However, oysters more easily absorb chemicals or waste that pollute the waters so that if not processed specifically before being eaten, oysters can cause poisoning. The content of vitamin B12 in the size of 6 oysters reached 16.4 mcg.

9. Kakap Fish

Snapper fish contain selenium and also vitamin B12 of course. Snapper can also maintain heart health by lowering the levels of homocysteine substances in the body. In size 4 ounces the snapper is enough to meet 66% of daily vitamin B12 requirement.

10. Tempe

How tempeh can meet the intake of vitamin B12? Is not tempe made from soybeans that in fact comes from plants? Yes, it is true plants cannot provide vitamin B12 in the body, but with the help of fermentation of yeast by fungi that form tempeh, vitamin B12 can be produced. The content of vitamin B12 in Tempe of 19 mcg.

11. Blue Green Algae

As discussed previously only a few marine plants can produce vitamin B12 even in small amounts. One of them is a blue-green alga. This alga also contains protein and iron needed by the body.

12. Seaweed

Other marine plants that can produce vitamin B12 are seaweed but in very small quantities. Usually, seaweed is consumed in gelatinous form. Seaweed also contains vitamin A, protein, fiber and, calcium so it is very good to be consumed regularly.

13. Shrimp

This one seafood food is the most popular, although somewhat feared by people with cholesterol and gout. The content of vitamin B12 in 4 ounces of shrimp is 1.69 mcg. So there is no harm in occasionally consume shrimp as long as not excessive.

14. Yoghurt

Yogurt is also a dairy product besides cheese. Yogurt contains vitamin B12 of 0.53 mcg in one ounce. Although in small numbers, yogurt is still good to eat.

15. Eggs

Who does not know eggs, because almost every day the people of Indonesia consume eggs, either cooked or consumed raw with honey? Eggs contain vitamin B12 with a range of 1.95 mcg in 100 grams, but if only the yellow content of vitamin B12 is only 0.33 mcg. Eggs also provide adequate protein intake for the needs of the body.

16. Cow's Heart

In one calf's liver, there is vitamin B12 of 67.7 mcg. Very large even exceeds the body's daily requirement of vitamin B12. But this one is less desirable and not everyone likes the calf's heart.

17. Deer Meat

Although venison is almost never found in the market, it turns out this food contains vitamin B12 of 3.47 mcg every 4 ounces. In addition, venison also contains niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B6 needed by the body.

18. Turkey Meat

Turkey is almost the same as chicken, but its size is bigger and its meat tastes better. The meat is also safer to eat because it is not like chicken pieces that have received many injections and chemicals in its infancy. In each cup, the vitamin B12 content in turkey meat reaches 48.2 mcg.

19. Haring fish

Herring comes from Atlantic waters, the price is also expensive in Indonesia. The content of vitamin B12 for every 3 ounces of fish is 3.6 mcg.

20. Fish Forel

The trout contains vitamin B12 of 4.2 mcg for each ounce dose. Just like salmon, trout is also found in Alaska waters.

Similarly, article 20 kinds of foods that contain vitamin B12 or cobalamin, may be a consideration to meet your daily menu.

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