20 Health and beauty benefits of Argan oil you must know

Health and beauty benefits of Argan oil you must know. Argan oil is oil which is extracted from argan fruit seed with a special method. Argan tree itself is a tree with a fruit called argan nuts. Argan trees will not be found in Indonesia because the plants are not compatible with our tropical country climate. Argan trees are found in Morocco, also in Algeria and Israel.

Most of the argan oil sold is imported from Morocco because argan trees thrive there. We do not have a tree, but we can still get argan oil by importing it. In Indonesia alone has a lot to sell argan oil. It's a bit expensive, but the quality is no longer in doubt. Argan oil provides amazing benefits for both health and beauty.

Argan oil has almost the same properties as olive oil. If you have never used argan oil, you have missed the opportunity to experience the miracle of the oil. In this article will be discussed what benefits can be given by argan oil. But before, it is better if we know what the content of compounds in argan oil.

Argan Oil Compound Content

Argan oil contains vitamin A, omega 6, omega 9 and tocopherol. Argan oil also contains vitamin E which is needed skin to keep moist. Argan oil has antibacterial, anti-aging and antioxidant compounds that are very effective in counteracting free radical attacks. All of these compounds are very important for maintaining health and beauty. Currently, more popular argan oil is used to maintain skin and facial beauty.

Health Benefits of Argan Oil 

Argan oil is not only useful for maintaining health, but also can treat various types of diseases. Here are some benefits of argan oil for the health of our body.

1). Overcoming Rheumatism

Rheumatism often attacks people who have aged or people who rarely exercise. Fatty foods with high cholesterol levels can also cause rheumatism. To overcome this, use argan oil as a topical oil and massage on the body part that feels pain. Perform routine until the pain is reduced or lost.

2). Smooth Blood Circulation

Blood circulation may become unstable because of the blockage caused by chemical compounds that enter the body. Non-fluid blood circulation will cause various diseases because the blood supply to all body organs becomes obstructed. In order for blood circulation back smoothly we can consume argan oil regularly.

3). Overcoming Digestive Problems

Whenever there is interference with the digestive organs, remember argan oil. Consuming argan oil can keep the digestive organs and protect it from various problems such as maagh and bloating.

4). Increase Body Resistance

Each person's immune must be different. For those who are declining or weak immunity, make use of argan oil for the immune system back prime. That way the body will not be susceptible to disease.

5). Preventing and Overcoming Cancer

Antioxidant compounds in argan oil are high enough to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Cancer can occur due to abnormal cell activity, triggered by chemical compounds and pollutants that contaminate the body. At least argan oil has been proven to overcome prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil 

As mentioned before, argan oil is a trend used to treat beauty. Here are the various benefits of argan oil to add beauty.

1). Overcoming the Signs of Aging

When the age of 30 years, usually the signs of aging will begin to look. Wrinkles and fine lines will begin to look around the eye area. To prevent these signs from coming too fast, we can use argan oil. The way is simply put argan oil on the face every night before bed and leave overnight. Feel the changes on the skin that feel fresher.

2). Helps Brighten the Skin

Argan oil can also help brighten dull skin. Apply Argan oil regularly on the skin of the body and face on a regular basis so that results quickly visible.

3). Overcoming Acne

Acne is very annoying and hated everyone. Pain and discomfort and damaging appearance make us reluctant to see acne longer in the face. To get rid of acne, apply argan oil to the acne. Long-time acne will deflate and disappear by itself.

4). Overcoming Black Spots

One more problem on the facial skin is quite disturbing, the black spots. Black spots can appear because of exposure to radiation, pollution or acne scars. To remove it, apply argan oil on the face that contained black spots. Black spots will fade with regular use.

5). Protecting Hair, Skin, and Nails

For women, the beauty of hair, skin, and nails is number one. Various ways are done to keep the asset protected and well maintained. all these things can be done only by relying on argan oil.

6). Preventing Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks or streaks on the stomach, hip or thighs are very disturbing appearance. Usually, these conditions occur because of the process of pregnancy and childbirth. To prevent and reduce stretch marks, we can apply argan oil regularly.

7). Overcoming Dry Hair and Branching

Unhealthy hair is easily known because it usually looks dry and branched. In order for hair smoother, healthier and sheen, use argan oil by applying it directly to the hair.

8). Strengthens Nails

Nails are strong and fragile. If the brittle nails would be easy to peel so damaging appearance. To increase the strength of the nail, apply argan oil regularly. Its antioxidant agent will treat and prevent nails infected by bacteria.

9). Overcoming Hair Loss

Hair loss problems should not be underestimated because it can trigger baldness. Use argan oil to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Soak the hair with warm argan oil while massaged with a circular motion for 10 minutes. Do it before bed and rinse hair the next morning.

10). As a Natural Conditioner

Argan oil can also be used to replace the conditioner we used to use. Simply apply it to the hair and scalp while lightly massaged for 5 minutes. For best results do 2-3 times a week.

11). Preventing Oily Skin

The face certainly removes oil to keep skin moist. But if excessive is also not good because it will bring problems such as acne and blackheads. To fix this, use argan oil regularly on the skin.

12). Overcoming Dry Skin

Dry, scaly skin indicates the skin is deficient in nutrients. To make skin moist and smoother, use argan oil. In addition, argan oil can be used as a mask by mixing it with honey. Combination of this herb is very powerful overcome dry skin.

13). Overcoming Dry Feet and Broken Hite

There is a powerful way to overcome the problem of dry and cracked heels. Soak feet in warm water and then cleaned by rubbing them using a pumice stone. Apply argan oil on heels, leave for 20 minutes in a clean sock. Do it every day until got a smooth heel.

14). Moisturizes Dry and Broken Lips

When we are dehydrated, the lips may become dry and cracked. It certainly will damage the appearance and not good to look at. To overcome this, apply argan oil on the lips before bed. Make sure the oil is not excessive. Do it every day.

15). Longer Eyelashes

If you have a habit of wearing fake eyelashes to add to the beauty of the eye, from now stop the habit. Simply by using argan oil, eyelashes will become longer and be tapering. Apply oil on two fingers and then apply on eyelashes slowly. Can also use an unused mascara brush.

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