20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bitter Melon

Amazing Health Benefits Of Bitter Melon. Bitter melon is one of the vegetables that come from Asia which is around West India. This plant belongs to the family of pumpkin and is said to be a bitter melon or Bitter Gourd that has a meaning of "bite" because the leaves on this plant as already bitten. Despite the bitter taste, there are still many people who like the taste. Besides bitter melon turns out to have benefits, what are the benefits?

1). Prevent premature aging

For those of you who worry about premature aging that will hit you then it is good to consume bitter melon. Vitamin C contained in bitter melon and also its antioxidants can nourish the skin so that aging and wrinkles are avoided.

2). Relieves breathing

Paria was able to help you who want to relieve respiration. Especially for people with asthma, shortness of breath will be very disturbing and also difficult. Paria can relieve respiration with taste buds with a bitter taste.

3). Prevent pregnancy

Paria can control your pregnancy. bitter melon that has a bitter taste can evict the existing spermatozoid in women. After that percent of pregnancy will occur small.

4). Overcoming diabetes

People with diabetes may already be familiar to consume bitter melon. It's a bitter meaning no sweetener content in the bittermelon. It is thought to be due to the sulfonylurea compounds that are usually present in diabetic drugs. Also due to glycoside sterols. So the bitter melon is great for diabetes. The hypoglycemic properties that exist in bitter melon also can overcome diabetes mellitus.

5). Increase appetite

Although it tastes bitter, it turns out that bitter melon can increase appetite. The content of trichosanic acid and momordicin increase appetite and improve digestive function. So the food can come in greedily and eat a good enough nutritious.

6). Inhibits the development of AIDS

AIDS is the most feared disease. Because of its deadly effects and causing the sufferer to suffer and trouble with getting the medicine. Although difficult to take the drug, but it turns out there are some foods that can be consumed to reduce the spread or inhibit AIDS. The content of alpha-momocharin or MAP 30 protein is investigated to reduce the spread of AIDS.

7). Smooth digestion

Vegetables are foods rich in fiber and also good for every human consumed. Because it can help accelerate blood circulation and also digestion in the body. Fiber can help the stomach and intestines to digest food more quickly. Paria contains vitamin C, fiber and also potassium and carotene. The bitter taste of the bitter melon can help to digest even though it feels bad but this food is very healthy for you. so, regular consumption every day. But do not give bitter melon to children and pregnant women.

8). Ward of Cancer Cells

Cancer is a deadly disease caused by various factors. If the stage or severity is still low, cancer can still be cured with various drugs and also overcome with food. But if entering the stadium is severe enough, maybe a bit difficult to treat it. Vegetables bitter melon was able to overcome or ward off cancer cells that may be able to attack every human body. the content of lecithin substances that proved useful in boosting immunity and preventing cancer cells in your body.

9). Clean the blood

Cleaning the blood is not an easy way. Because it is affected by the consumption of artificial food. Especially for some men, because no menstruation will be difficult to clean the blood. Well, bitter melon can help clean the blood. Because of the bitterness that reduces the sugar content in the blood.

10). Overcoming constipation and pain in the intestine

Foods that are difficult to digest will injure the intestines and also cause stomach constipation. The fiber in bitter melon can help the body and stomach to reduce constipation and relieve intestinal work in digesting food.

11). Caring for Skin Beauty

The skin is the outer part of the body that should be treated by us. Not just because the skin is exposed to sun exposure. The skin should also be properly cultured. Paria contains vitamin C that can contribute nutrients to the skin but also makes the skin better. Consumption of bitter melon regularly, there is a term that says beauty is a pain.

12). Lowers cholesterol

For those of you who eat cholesterol, bittermelon is very good to help lower cholesterol in the body. Especially because the fat content in bitter melon is only 0.3 grams and size is smaller than the other calories for 29 calories and carbohydrates about 6 grams.

13). Overcoming stains on the skin

Stains on the skin are disturbing and also damaging appearance. Especially women, sometimes feel annoyed if the stains adorn their faces. For those of you who have stains on the facial skin you can consume bitter melon-containing the bitter substance, vitamin C and also protein that can nourish the skin so much better.

14). Overcoming bronchitis

Just like asthma, bronchitis is a pain that is worried enough by the people of Indonesia. Although it is still rarely committer melons to asthma the sufferer is also still worried how to overcome bronchitis in the body. For those of you who already have the disease, you can consume bitter melon to overcome bronchitis. Albuminoid, Carbohydrates, and dyestuffs. Consumption of bitter melon regularly every day. Do not get rid of the bitterness, because the bitterness actually helps you in overcoming bronchitis.

15). Overcome dysentery

Dysentery is a disease that is completely avoided by many people. Whereas the cause is very easy, ie food is dirty and also arbitrary. Dysentery causes a decrease in water content in the body and leads to dehydration. The content of memorial acids can overcome dysentery that attacks you and heals. Consumption of boiled water bitter melon or can directly bitter melon that already contains lots of water to treat your dysentery pain.

16). Treating malaria

Malaria is indeed one of the scary diseases because it can cause death. Malaria has one level higher than dengue fever. A bitter meltingly malaria can be overcome or reduced pain by eating bitter melon. Malaria can be treated with bitter melon-containing compounds such as carbohydrates and also albuminoid.

17). Overcoming hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common disease with causes such as false foods, offspring, and other factors. Hemorrhoids are quite disturbing especially when relapse. Even so overcome the hemorrhoids is not easy and also easy. Medication for hemorrhoids alone is also not easy. Some people use bitter melon to cope with hemorrhoids. The contents of bitter melon such as memorial acid and Eleonora acid that can treat hemorrhoids so it is not swollen and also treat hemorrhoids.

18). Overcoming jaundice

Jaundice usually occurs in the body of newborn children. In addition, the yellow disease can also be experienced by adults. Usually jaundice due to lack of intake and also sunlight. Jaundice has symptoms similar to its name, ie, the skin turns slightly yellow including the eye. usually, jaundice is treated like treatment. bitter melon can reduce jaundice. Albuminoid can help you to deal with your abnormal body condition, which affects your skin pigmentation.

19). Lose weight

Calories and carbohydrates contained in bitter melons can fill the full nutrients in the body logic it can help to lose weight and also eliminate saturated fat or bad fats in the body. In addition, the carbohydrate content will fill the body and also make weight will decrease.

20). Treating kidney stones

Kidney or kidney stones occur at different ages. Both young and adult, but most parents and adults who experience it. Kidney stones are a dangerous disease because it affects various kidneys that are used for cleansing the body and filtering urine on the body. Then the kidneys can be guarded by eating bitter melon with phytonutrient content.

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