17 Excellent Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

Excellent Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit You Must Know. Kiwi is a type fruit that comes from the plains of China and its surroundings. This fruit is included in a kind similar to wine because it is round and oval has a soft texture on the tongue.

With its attractive green color and quite exotic taste, kiwi fruit is in high demand by various circles. Starting from children, adolescents, to adults. But behind all that, the benefits of kiwi fruit for health and beauty was quite significant.

After yesterday I discussed the benefits of beet, on this occasion, I will try to explain the benefits of kiwi fruit that is very unusual for humans. According to experts, kiwi fruit is useful for health, beauty, and pregnant women.

1. Helps the body digest food

The benefits of kiwi fruit for digestion is quite significant, almost similar to the benefits of papaya fruit containing papaya compounds.

In raw kiwi contains compounds of actinidin, a soluble protein enzyme that is good enough to help the body digest food such as papain in papaya and bromelain in pineapple.

2. Helps manage blood pressure

Heart disease, stroke, and hypertension may arise because of the unstable blood pressure effect. Especially when the blood pressure is high enough and supported by a narrow blood vessel.

According to experts, raw kiwi fruit contains a reasonably high potassium compound. Believed the potassium content is able to dilate blood vessels, so that blood flow will run smoothly.

Not only that, the potassium content is also efficacious to prevent heart attacks. Because sodium (the cause of heart attack) can be lowered by the potassium mineral

3. Protect the body from DNA damage and prevent cancer

Detrimental oxidation or free radicals can cause cell damage to DNA, if the cells are damaged, then our body will be very vulnerable to deadly cancer disease.

Kiwifruit contains antioxidant compounds that are high enough, this antioxidant content that can counteract the bad effects of free radicals, thus good kiwi fruit to prevent deadly cancer.

4. Boost the immune system

A study conducted by Collins, Horska, and Hotten has proven the benefits of kiwi fruit for the health of the body. This fruit is said to contain good vitamin C to maintain the immune system or immune system.

With the increase of the immune system in your body, then all kinds of disease attacks can be deflected. Starting from the cold disease, cough, flu, fever, and much more.

5. Good for diet

Are you on a healthy weight-loss diet? If so, please input the kiwi fruit into your healthy food. Because the benefits of kiwi fruit for the menu is very surprising.

According to various studies, kiwi fruit contains high fiber and low glycemic index. The fiber content will help the body bind the excess fat, while the small glycemic will prevent the formation of fat.

6. Launch the digestive system

Diarrhea, constipation, and dysentery are common digestive problems that often result from lack of fiber intake. To meet your fiber intake, you can eat kiwi fruit regularly.

According to some nutritionists, kiwi fruit contains enough fiber to meet your daily needs. Not only able to overcome constipation and diarrhea alone but if consumed regularly your digestive system is much healthier and smoother.

7. Prevent blood clotting

The benefits of kiwi fruit for further health is to prevent blood clotting. The appearance of blood clots is terrible for the health condition of our body because the freezing causes stroke and even heart attack.

Consumption of 2-3 grains of kiwi fruit every day is believed to reduce the risk of blood clots by 18% and lower the risk of triglycerides by 15%. So good to reduce the risk of heart attack.

8. Useful to reduce the risk of diabetes

Kiwifruit is said to contain low glycemic because the glycemic index of this fruit is only 4. With low GI content, kiwi fruit will not make the risk of diabetes becomes high.

In fact, the content of soluble fiber in this one fruit is believed to be very good for lowering blood sugar levels to the maximum. I strongly recommend that you come from a family of diabetics to consume kiwi fruit on a regular basis.

9. Prevent macular degeneration

A research study has proven that 110,000 men and women have a 36% decrease in the risk of macular degeneration after they consumed 3 servings of fruit rich in lutein and zeaxanthin.

According to experts, both compounds are able to prevent the harmful oxidation of the emergence of macular degeneration in parts of your eye organs, either in adults or children.

10. Regulate the alkaline balance in the body

The efficacy of kiwi fruit for the balance of alkali in the body is quite remarkable. Included in the "base" fruits, the kiwi is able to regulate alkaline balance in the body.

With this alkali balance, metabolism in the body will run smoothly. Even some health problems can be prevented because of the balance of alkali.

11. Avoid from pesticide residues

Kiwifruit in 2012 until now has been included in the top 10 foods that do not contain pesticide residues, so it is very safe if we consume.

For those of you who are looking for nutritious organic food, I recommend eating kiwi fruit that has been cooked. Because the nutritional content of this fruit is very good for the body digested.

12. The food was delicious

Children love food that has tastes quite tasty and exotic. You can give your baby the consumption of kiwi fruit because this one fruit has a delicious enough taste for his tongue.

In addition to having a delicious flavor, your child will also get enough nutritional intake from this one fruit. Nutrient content such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, and much more.

13. Help the detoxification process

Detoxification is a process of expelling toxins from the body. The most dominant organ in the detox is the liver or liver. To optimize the performance of the liver you can eat kiwi fruit.

A study at the University of Yale, proving that kiwi fruit contains high enough fuzzy fiber. Such content is believed to either move toxins from inside your body out through the digestive system.

14. Good to prevent degeneration

Degeneration of the skin can lead to the emergence of various kinds of health and beauty problems. Sunlight is thought to be the leading cause of the degeneration. This is evidenced by some people who experience skin cancer after sunbathing during the day.

To prevent the adverse effects of sunlight, you can consume kiwi fruit on a regular basis. Because this fruit contains vitamin C and E which is antioxidant. To counteract the adverse effects of free radicals.

15. Keep skin young

The benefits of kiwi related antioxidants are not only able to prevent degeneration alone, but the content is also kind enough to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles without premature aging.

The way is enough to use a kiwi fruit mask mixed with lemon juice. Use the natural mask regularly after a shower for 30 minutes only. In the absence of wrinkles and wrinkles, you will look 10 years younger than others.

16. Optimizing fetal growth

Kiwi fruit classified as fruits that contain a variety of nutrients, ranging from vitamins, natural minerals, antioxidants, and so forth. These nutrient contents are able to optimize the growth of the fetus.

According to a 2009 study, amino acids in kiwi fruit are able to optimize the development of the central nervous system of infants. While the calcium content is good enough for the growth of bones and teeth.

17. Optimizing the release of breast milk

For those of you who have problems with breast milk, please eat kiwi on a regular basis. With lactose, folic acid, and various natural minerals, kiwi fruit is perfect to spur the liquid out.

Not enough just to spur out breastmilk alone, but the content of various nutrients in it is excellent to improve the quality of your milk for your baby.

Side effect of Kiwi fruit 

Not everyone is allowed to consume kiwi fruit, some of the compounds in kiwi fruit can be very dangerous for you who suffer from certain diseases. Here are some people who are not recommended for consumption of kiwi fruit.

Patients with kidney and gallstones: kiwi fruit contains high oxalate substances. The content if excessively concentrated in the body will turn into a crystalline precipitate. So it is not suitable for your kidney and bile condition.

Patients with latex allergy: kiwi fruit contains a high enough latex compound, as well as the content of latex in papaya fruit. For those of you who are allergic to these ingredients, I recommend not eating kiwi fruit for any reason.

That is the presentation of information about the benefits of kiwi fruit for health, beauty, pregnant women, and breastfeeding. For all the superior kiwi efficacy you can perolah, I strongly recommend that you consume according to the rules or not excessive. Because if the excessive fear later oxalate content in the fruit can make the emergence of kidney stones.

Hopefully, the above information can be useful and a source of health reference for you. If there are any less obvious or want to add, please pass the comment field. Good luck and feel the usefulness.

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