17 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves. Not only the fruit is beneficial, but avocado leaves also have tremendous benefits not only for health but also for beauty. Plants were grown in this tropical region known for its delicious fruit and contain many nutrients that are good for health. The fruit is often used as a glass of juice, and if consumed with a routine can overcome various diseases in the body.

So is the leaves. Although many still do not know, avocado leaves also contain many essential nutrients that can maintain health and cope with various diseases. As a natural ingredient, avocado leaves can be used for traditional medicine. Herbal medicine is often used as an option because of minimal side effects, and the material is easy to obtain.

Leaf Avocado Compound Contents

Some of the content of compounds contained in the leaves of avocado is believed to treat various types of diseases, including internal disorders. These compounds include:

Polyphenol compounds

Polyphenols play an essential role regarding taste and color in fruits and vegetables. It is called polyphenol compounds because in them there are many phenol groups. Polyphenol compounds provide benefits for the body to fight pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Quercetin Compounds

Quercetin belongs to the most significant flavonol group, which is about 60-75%. Quercetin compounds can counteract free radicals and neutralize low food transition metal ions. That way the body will avoid degeneration disease.

Alkaloid compounds

Alkaloid compounds are also found in avocado leaves. Besides, the avocado leaves tasted bitter, but behind the sour taste was avocado leaves can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Benefits of Avocado Leaf For Health and Beauty

Well after knowing the critical compound content of avocado leaves, it is time to understand what are the benefits of health and beauty as follows.

1. Overcoming High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be caused due to narrowing of blood vessels due to the accumulation of blood fat around it. To fix this, we can use avocado leaves. Way, take 3 pieces of avocado leaves then wash with clean water. Bring the avocado leaves with hot water. Let stand for a while to cool then drink the water only.

2. Overcoming Irregular Haids

As women, we will definitely experience menstruation every month. But sometimes at certain times, menstruation becomes not smooth and regular. This is probably not good for health because supposedly infected blood or menstrual blood should be removed from the womb. By consuming boiled water avocado leaves, then menstruation can return regularly. Way, prepare 4-6 pieces of avocado leaves that have been washed clean, then cooked until boiling. Once cool, strain and drink the water daily.

3. Overcoming Stone Urine Disease

Stone urine disease is characterized by a hardened sediment like a stone in the urinary tract. These conditions cause great pain when we remove urine. To fix this, take advantage of the avocado leaf. The trick, prepare 4 pieces of avocado leaves, 5 stalks and 5 leaf, 1 nutmeg, half betel nut and 3 fingers palm sugar. Rebuskan all the ingredients in a water glass up to 2 ½ cups. Divide into 3 cups and drink 3 times a day until the disease healed.

4. Treating Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can occur due to late feeding, Magh relapse or too tired. The pain makes us uncomfortable and can even decrease appetite. Avocado leaves can be used to treat stomach pain. The way to take 5 pieces of avocado leaves, after washed clean boil until boiling. Allow to cool and drink the boiled water.

5. Shed the Kidney Stones

The avocado leaf can also help overcome kidney stone disease. Before the rock deposits in the kidney getting bigger, immediately take treatment action. How to make the potion is the same as how to overcome bladder stones. The alkaloid compounds will help shed the rocks in the kidneys little by little. This traditional treatment should be done routinely until the disease is cured without surgery.

6. Relieve Headache

It turned out that headaches can also be cured by consuming avocado leaf water. The way is quite easy, just by taking some fresh leaves then boiled until boiling. After that can be filtered and drunk the water. In this way, the headache will soon subside.

7. Overcoming Back Pain

Many factors can cause back pain. Even the diseases that often engulf this old man is now mushrooming so that young people can experience it as well. How to fix this, boil some fresh avocado leaves in a glass of water. Boil until boiling and pour boiled water into one glass. Drink the boiled water when the waist starts to hurt.

8. Keeping the Respiratory Tract

Respiratory tract may experience inflammation due to various factors. To keep the respiratory tract always in excellent condition and avoid infection, we can use the avocado leaf. Way, boil some avocado leaves that have been cleaned with one glass of water. Bring to half a glass. Pour the boiled water and add warm water until the glass is full. Drink the potion regularly.

9. Smooth the Skin

No one thought that it turns out avocado leaves can also be used to smooth the skin. This is because avocado leaves contain antioxidant compounds that can counteract free radicals and help lift dead skin cells. How to use it, take some avocado leaves, wash it thoroughly. Mash until smooth and then apply on face. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

10. Overcoming Dry Skin

With the density of activity especially for a career woman, often facial care is ignored when feeling tired. This can make the skin dry due to lack of nutrients. To fix this, we can use avocado leaves are finely ground and used as a face mask. Use regularly to get the moist and well-nourished skin.

11. Eliminate Swelling

Swelling can occur due to inflammation or bumps of hard objects. To help relieve the pain and swell the swelling, we can use avocado leaves. Take the avocado leaves are still young, mashed until smooth. Attach to the swollen part of the body. You can also wrap it with a bandage. Allow up to 4 hours, then clean and see changes to the swelling.

12. Overcoming canker sores

Thrush can appear at any time, especially when we are deficient in vitamin C. Sprue can make the mouth becomes uncomfortable, and appetite decreases. To remove it, use avocado leaves. Chew the avocado leaves softly are young then paste on the mouth that there is sprue. Allow up to 10 minutes later wipe with a gargle.

13. Blacken Natural Hair

Avocado leaves can also help blacken the hair naturally. How easy enough, take the avocado leaves are still a few sheets. Blend the avocado leaves by pounding. Then apply evenly to the hair and leave for up to 10 minutes. Then immediately shampoo until clean.

14. Overcoming Pipe pain

When we are tired because of too much activity, the body will quickly feel sore. For the painful can be lost or reduced, we can use avocado leaves. The trick can be by gluing avocado leaves that have been finely ground on the body that stiff. Besides, it can also by drinking herbs from the sheets of an avocado leaf.

15. Preventing Osteoporosis

Although not studied further, but the avocado leaf is also believed to prevent osteoporosis. By drinking boiled water regularly then bone health will always awake. If the bones become firm, then the osteoporosis likely will be smaller.

16. Can overcome dysentery

Avocado leaves can also be used to treat dysentery. As we know, dysentery disease can even endanger the safety of the soul if not immediately addressed. Therefore there is no harm in using avocado leaves for dysentery disease can heal.

17. Relieves asthma

The tightness that appears on the chest due to asthma is very painful. If you want the symptoms caused to be resa-, we can use avocado leaves. The only way to boil avocado leaves to cook and drink water.

18. Able to relieve pain in the nerves

If we are too much of a blessing to burden the functioning of the brain, then the nerves present in mind can become tense. These conditions will give the pain so that any activity can be disrupted. For the pain can be reduced, we can take advantage of a concoction made from avocado leaves.

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