15 Health Benefits Of Starfruit and Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits Of Starfruit and Nutrition Facts. Starfruit is one type of fruit that is widely available in the tropics, this fruit is almost spread throughout the territory of Indonesia. With a refreshing taste, starfruit is sometimes used to make a preparation of recipes.

Starfruit is not only beneficial because it tastes good, but more than that the efficacy of starfruit for health and beauty is considerable.

There are so many studies that are able to prove that the efficacy of starfruit is immense. One of the latest research on the benefits of starfruit is done by experts from the University of Chicago United States.

Starfruit Contents

Can be said the most significant fruit starfruit content is vitamin C, vitamin content is almost the same as the content of vitamin C citrus fruit. No doubt the benefits of starfruit practically similar to the interests of citrus fruit.

The starfruit content includes:

  • Calories: in one serving of starfruit able to provide about 2 percent calorie for nearly 2,000 calorie needs per day. Or in other words about 30 calories for every 1 starfruit.
  • Carbohydrates: starfruit contains about 9.5 grams of carbohydrate compounds per serving and fiber about 2.5 grams. Thus, 1 starfruit will give 3 percent of the daily value of carbohydrates and 10 percent of the daily amount of fiber we need.
  • Protein and fat: can be said fat and protein content in starfruit equal to the same. Protein in starfruit about 1 gram and also fat 1 gram. Both of these compounds are able to provide protein and fat intake of 2 percent for each day. Not only that, but the fat content in starfruit is also classified as unsaturated fats, so it is good for the health of the body.
  • Vitamins and minerals: in starfruit contained vitamin C compound of 24 mg, vitamin content is able to provide 40 percent of vitamin C needs every day. Besides vitamin, A content is also able to provide the needs of 15 percent every day. For minerals, starfruit has a reasonably complete mineral content, ranging from iron to calcium.

Benefits of starfruit fruit for the health of the body

Starfruit is an exotic fruit that provides low enough calories for our body, thus if you eat this one fruit do not fear the body grows fat.

Instead of consuming starfruit on a regular basis, your weight will down significantly. According to experts starfruit, as much as 100 grams provides about 31 calories is much lower than other types of tropical fruits.

1. Helpful keep the digestive system

The digestive system of the body will be well preserved if we get enough fiber intake. In this context starfruit contains high fiber, you can get better fiber intake when consuming it.

Fiber content is not only beneficial to maintain the health of the digestive system, but the fiber content is also able to overcome various kinds of indigestion.

The disorders of the digestive system that can be treated with starfruit, among others, such as diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, and much more. therefore for those of you who want a healthy digestive system and smooth, consume starfruit on a regular basis.

2. Prevent cancer

Cancer is one a deadly disease that is very feared by anyone, I am also one of them. Because this disease can kill the sufferer very quickly only a moment.

Prevent cancer you can do by eating fruit starfruit on a regular basis. Because starfruit contains high vitamin C is good enough to ward off cancer-free radicals.

According to experts, vitamin C content in starfruit is able to meet about 57% of the body needs every day. It could be said that the amount of vitamin C in starfruit is almost the same as the orange that postscript is a king of vitamin C.

3. Rich in antioxidant content

Vitamin C is indeed one of the natural antioxidants, but the starfruit actually also stores the content of other antioxidant compounds, which is probably very good for health.

The content of flavonoid polyphenols, quercetin, epicatechin, and gallic acid considered is the content of antioxidants that make the fruit starfruit is very high for health.

These antioxidant compounds are not only nutritious to ward off free radicals, but they are also beneficial for improving our immune system against attacks of various diseases.

6. Can cope with kidney disorders

Kidney stones are a serious and dangerous kidney organ disease. Because the disease until now there has been no antidote. However, you can prevent kidney stones by overcoming some minor disorders of kidney organs that appear.

According to research conducted in Japan in 2003, starfruit contains high oxalic acid. This acid content will work optimally with potassium in the kidney part of the organ.

The benefits of starfruit for kidney health include such as dissolving dirt on the kidneys, prevent the oxidation of negative causes of kidney damage, treating kidney nephrons, and much more.

7. Able to reduce bad cholesterol levels

Cholesterol can mainly be divided into 2 good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. As the name implies, bad cholesterol is not good for the health of the body, while good cholesterol is important and necessary by the body.

starfruit contains pectin high enough, according to scientists from Hong Kong, pectin is able to bind lousy cholesterol in the body and throw it through the secretion of bile.

Thus, the efficacy of starfruit for lousy cholesterol levels in the body is excellent.

8. Overcoming inflammation

The body is very susceptible to inflammation, such as inflammation involving gout, rheumatism, wounds, and much more. To overcome this inflammations-inflammation is a good idea to consume starfruit on a regular basis.

Because according to experts starfruit contains anti-inflammatory compound is high enough. In addition to efficacious overcome inflammation, anti-inflammatory content is also useful to reduce the pain resulting from the swelling.

9. Good for eye health

As I have mentioned above, starfruit contains high enough vitamin A. Just like with carrots, the content of vitamin A starfruit is very nutritious to maintain eye health and prevent macular degeneration.

Even some experts also revealed, by eating starfruit regularly, then our eyesight will be much sharper than someone who does not eat the fruit.

10. Increase vitality

This is the benefits of starfruit that is always anticipated by every couple. Yup, with the content of various essential nutrients, starfruit can increase one's vitality. Benefits of starfruit this is true for both women and men.

Not only nutritious increase only, but the natural mineral content of minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and others are also believed useful for treating human reproductive organs.

Benefits of starfruit Fruit for Beauty Skin and Hair

11. Able to delay the aging process

Aging is terrible for beauty, be it skin or hair. Aging on the skin can lead to wrinkles, wrinkles, dulls, and lines. As for the aging of the hair usually cause hair loss, out a gray hair, and so forth.

By utilizing a hair mask from starfruit, all the problems of aging can be delayed and even prevented its appearance. Because starfruit itself contains a compound antioxidant, this antioxidant content that helps the body counteract the free radicals that cause premature aging.

12. Good for natural hair thicken

Bauh starfruit ed into the type of fruit that contains vitamin B complex is large enough. vitamin content is very useful for hair, because it can melebatkan hair by nourish on the scalp.

To get the efficacy of this belimbing fruit, please use the fruit starfruit as a hair mask after bathing for 30 minutes on a regular basis every day.

13. Reduce oil

Excess oil in the face area can cause the appearance of various disorders, ranging from the appearance of blackheads to acne. To lower the oil content, you can use the starfruit mask on a regular basis.

Believed in its acidic nature it is good to reduce the oil on the face. So in addition to reduced oil, your face will also be free from pimples and blackheads.

14. Able to smooth the skin

The content of oxalic acid in starfruit is quite high, the content of oxalic acid is believed most experts are able to dissolve dead skin cells attached to the face.

Well one of the causes of rough skin is the presence of dead skin cells that accumulate in the face. To exfoliate dead skin cells use starfruit as a mask on a regular basis every day. not only smoothing, but also nutritious brighten your skin with vitamin C content.

15. Eliminate scars

Benefits of starfruit for the last beauty is able to eliminate scars. Black spots scars on the face can be caused by the existence of dead skin cells are buried in the section.

starfruit is enriched with vitamin C content is high enough, where vitamin C content is able to optimize the regeneration of new skin cells on the scar. Therefore remove your scars with starfruit masks.

Those are some of the benefits of starfruit for health and beauty. In order for all the above starfruit benefits you can get optimally, please consume and use the fruit regularly every day.

Such is the presentation of information that I can present in this opportunity. If there are any less obvious or want to add, please pass through the comments field that has been available.

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