15 Health Benefits Of Cat Whiskers

Health Benefits Of Cat Whiskers. Cat whiskers are known for their efficacy in overcoming various health problems around the waist. But the cat's whiskers can not only be used to overcome the disease in the abdomen just but also can overcome multiple other disorders. As a natural herbal remedy, of course, cat whiskers traditionally processed. The advantage of using herbal remedies is the cheaper cost and almost no side effects.

Plants with the Latin name Orthosiphon stamineus is called cat's whiskers because the flowers have a part that looks like a cat's whiskers. To utilize a cat whiskers plant is usually done by boiling it, both in the form of dry or fresh. Cat whiskers are also easy to obtain and can be bred anywhere, for example in the yard or in pots. As a natural ingredient to treat various diseases, cat whiskers can be utilized the root, stems, leaves, and flowers.

Compound Ingredients in Cats Whiskers

Behind the tremendous benefits, cat whiskers plant contains various active compounds that are proven to overcome numerous health problems. These compounds include alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, saponins, myoinositol, and orthosiphon glycosides. Besides, cat whiskers also contain minerals in the form of potassium. These compounds are necessary to help cure various diseases in our body.

The Benefits of Cat's Mustache For Health

Cat whiskers are no doubt concerning benefits. Even cat whiskers are available in capsule form, so very practical consumed by people who do not want to bother. The following are some of the benefits of the cat's whiskers plant for body health.

1. Overcoming Kidney Stone Disease

The habit of drinking less and consuming high purine foods can lead to the formation of rock deposits in the kidney organs. The stone can inhibit kidney function and cause unusual regular pain. To help break the stone and shed it with urine, take advantage of the cat's whiskers. The trick is to provide 20 sheets of cat whiskers and 5 layers of vile leaves, then boiled in 2 cups water. Let it cook for a while, then let it cool slightly. Drink the concoction twice a day until the pain or stone is thorough.

2. Overcoming Wind Entrance

Doing a lot of activity especially if working overtime until late at night can humid a person experiencing a cold. Do not be trivial with the cold because the effect can be awful for health. If you're getting cold, there's no harm in using a cat's whiskers as an antidote. Boil a few leaves of a cat's whiskers in a glass of water and let it shrink to half. Drink the concoction once a day.

3. Eliminate Whitish

Whitish is a common problem with the female organs. Usually whitish caused by bacterial or fungal infections and can get worse if not treated promptly. Dangerous whiteness can cause cervical cancer. To eliminate leucorrhoea, we can use cat whiskers. Provide leaves of cat whiskers, beluntas leaves, 10 cubes seeds and 1 spoon of cumin. Boil all ingredients in 2 cups of water and leave to the glass. Drink the potion once a day.

4. Overcoming Diabetes Disease

Diabetes is characterized by increased blood sugar levels in the body. This can be caused by eating too many sweet foods so that the hormone insulin is not able to neutralize the excess sugar into the body. Besides, insulin resistance in the body can also cause a person suffering from diabetes. To overcome and prevent the disease, boil the leaves of cat whiskers approximately 15 sheets in 2 glasses of water. Bring to a boil, and drink the potion once a day.

5. Eliminate Waist Pain

Back pain is more often suffered by people who have stepped on old age. Bone mineral deficiency to severe activity can be the cause. To help ease the pain, take advantage of the cat's whiskers. Boil the leaves of cat whiskers 7 sheets and roots from 2 plants cat whiskers. Boil with 2 cups of water and let it shrink to 1 cup. Drink the cooking water while it is warmed 2 times a day.

6. Expedite Discharge

Sometimes we feel pain during urination and the water that comes out like a halting. It could be caused by lack of drinking or the occurrence of infection in the urinary tract causing pain. Of course, this must be overcome so as not to get worse. Way, boiled cat whiskers as much as 25 grams in 2 glasses of water. Cook for 15 minutes, then drink the boiled water twice daily as ½ cup once drink.

7. Treating Rheumatism

Rheumatism is characterized by pain around the joints, stiff muscles and seizures and the presence of inflammation in the joints. A disease is more often experienced by parents because of bone health, and their joints have decreased. To overcome it naturally, rebound 5 sheets of cat's whiskers and a handful of Phyllanthus niruri in 3 glasses of water. Allow to boil, then chill. Drink three times a day with a ½ cup drinking amount.

8. Relieves Coughing

Coughing can strike anyone, and the disease comes unfamiliar with the seasons. Many factors cause coughs such as dust, cold air, sore throat, and the presence of conditions around the respiratory tract. Generally cough there are 2 types, namely dry cough and cough with phlegm. To fix this, boil the leaves of cat whiskers as much as 15-20 sheets in a glass of water. Drink 3 times a day in 1 cup.

9. Treat Uric Acid Disease

Uric acid caused by high purine into the body, causing pain in the joints. The most commonly sick parts are generally the big toe and heel. Too much purine cannot be filtered by the kidney completely to form uric acid crystals that settle around the joints. To overcome this, boil the leaves of cat's whiskers and leaves Phyllanthus niruri in a glass of water. Let stand to shrink half a glass. Drink boiled water 3 times a day.

10. Treating Stone Urine

Bladder stones are characterized by the presence of hardened sediments in the urinary tract causing great pain during urination. Lack of drinking becomes one of the causes of the emergence of this disease. To fix this, boil the leaves of a cat's whiskers as much as 90 grams with a glass of water. Let it down to half a glass. Drink boiled water as much as 3 times a day. Expand drinking water to prevent this disease reappear.

11. Overcoming Constipation

Constipation caused stools hardened so challenging to defecate. Illness occurs because of indigestion, caused by lack of fluid that enters the body and fibers from vegetables and fruits. If left in an extended period of constipation can cause other problems in the digestive organs. To fix this, boil a few leaves of cat whiskers with a glass of water. After cooking and cooling, drink the boiled water once a day.

12. Overcoming Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure can be triggered by several things, such as food and the burden of the mind that is too heavy. Narrowing of blood vessels can also cause high blood pressure. To normalize blood pressure, we can use a cat whiskers plant. Way, boiled the leaves of cat whiskers as much as 50 grams and two glasses of water. Allow to shrink into one glass and drink the herb once a day until blood pressure decreases.

13. Treating Kidney Inflammation

Kidney inflammation is characterized by intense pain and swelling in one part of the body. This is because the kidneys have problems, so they are not able to work optimally. As a result, excess fluid will accumulate in the body and cause swelling. Common signs can be seen in pain in the waist, distended stomach, fever, swelling of the hands, feet, and eyelids, and the urine is cloudy, and the volume is reduced. To help overcome them, put 60-120 grams of cat whiskers in 3 cups water. Allow it to be one glass. Drink three times a day until healed.

14. Eliminates Allergic Itching Sore

Allergies can occur because the body is sensitive to some allergens such as food, animal fur, dust, flower powder and so forth. Allergies are characterized by itching of the skin, and the nose feels itchy to experience sneezing many times. Allergies can be overcome one of them by using cat whiskers. Way, boiled half a handful of cat whiskers, soto leaves and Phyllanthus niruri leaves and 2 fingers of ginger in 4 glasses of water. Simmer until shrunk to 2 cups. Drink twice a day with a dose of one drink.

15. Helps Overcome Swelling

If inflammation occurs or infection is usually accompanied by swelling. Swelling or edema happens with pain and pain that can make you become disturbed. Of course, to help relieve the pain and shrink the swelling we can use cat whiskers. Prepare a handful of cat whiskers and Phyllanthus niruri leaves, let to boil, drink the boiled water once a day until the swelling disappears.

Cautions: Before using cat's whiskers plants should consult with a doctor first because in addition to having benefits of this plant also has side effects

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