15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Zinc

Amazing Health Benefits Of Zinc Including improve the performance of the reproductive organs. Zinc is a mineral substance that is very important for the body and this substance is found in many cells in the body. The function of the zinc substance itself is essential for the body because it acts as a catalyst during the reaction in the body and also becomes one of the essential components in other cells such as DNA, RNA and in the nucleic acid. Zinc itself is widely found in the body as in the digestive system, blood tissue, metabolism and other systems.

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Zinc

Zinc has a great responsibility because it helps to heal 100 types of enzymes that exist in the body. The body desperately needs this zinc substance. Consume zinc substances in small amounts just to make a significant influence on the body. Currently, Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for zinc is prescribed at least 9 to 12 mg per day for women, while for men 12 to 17 mg per day. However, the amount may be up or down depending on the particular condition of the age and health condition of each person.

Lack of zinc in the body is perilous even according to research conducted zinc deficiency is responsible for the death of 800,000 children in the world each year. This zinc substance can exist in the food consumed whether it is consciously or not can also be explicitly found in the form of supplements.

Zinc is essential for the body because it can make the healthier body healthy to synthesize DNA. Another function of zinc is to accelerate the growth process as childhood also functions as a substance to speed up the wound healing process. For more details, the following will describe some of the zinc functions that can be had if appropriately consumed:

1. Organize Immunity

In the body requires zinc to activate T lymphocytes or T cells that are in the body. In this work, the T cells are able to help firstly protect the body by controlling and regulating the immune system response and the second is by attacking the cancer cells that grow abnormally in the body. People who suffer from zinc deficiency will be very susceptible to various pathogenic bacteria so that he will quickly get sick.

2. Treating Diarrhea

Diarrhea may sound reasonable to you, however, did you know that according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) found out that at least diarrheal disease is a killer of 1.6 million children under 5 years in the world each year. So do not Underestimate illness this one, let alone affected is a child under five years. One of the substances for how to handle diarrhea safely is to use zinc because it has been proven at least within 10 days of diarrhea will be cured if taking zinc drugs.

3. Influencing Children's Learning and Memory Process

A study conducted by University of Toronto United States showed the results that zinc plays an essential role in connecting between neurons in the brain, so the brain can work more leverage and can store more memory. This is probably excellent news for children so they can better coordinate and understand what they have learned.

4. Overcoming Colds

By taking a cold drug containing zinc will be more effective because it can cure a cold 40% faster than using other drugs. Besides, a study also showed that zinc was able to reduce the severity of colds for almost 24 hours. So, how do you no doubt to consume zinc?

5. Healing Wounds

For faster wound healing process usually, doctors use this zinc substance on the medicine. This is because zinc protects skin cells and mucous membranes. Therefore the use of zinc is more appropriate to use to heal and dry the wound.

6. Make Vision sharper

Not only foods that contain vitamin A that can make the vision becomes sharp, but it turns zinc substances can also make the vision becomes more pointed to the fullest. This is because the function of zinc can prevent macular damage in the retina of the eye that causes a slowdown in macular degeneration.

7. Benefits of Zinc for Children

Zinc is a substance that is included in one of the micronutrients and zinc has been proven to be one of the adhesives between the union of nucleic and protein in the body. This is very important because zinc is one way of action taken to prevent the occurrence of disunity. In other words, the cells in the body will work more optimally than usual, so it can stop children from various diseases and make the child's growth becomes more optimal.

Lack of zinc can make the child's memory go down so that children can become sluggish in absorbing information. Surely you as a parent do not want children to experience this? Therefore, do not let your child have a zinc deficiency in the body.

8. Benefits of Zinc for Teens

Adolescence is a period in which the body is incessantly producing hormones. Zinc plays an essential role in the formation of hormones because one of its functions as a catalyst for biochemical reactions in the body. There are at least some hormones that are aided by zinc substances include hormone insulin, sex hormone, growth hormone and IGF-1 hormone. Adolescents who have zinc sufficiency of this will be maximized in its growth, while for those who experience zinc deficiency can be disrupted even stop growth. Besides, there are also some benefits of zinc for teens as collagen builders, T1 to T3 changes and optimize bone growth and other functions.

9. Zinc and Vision Problems

Zinc is one of the primary substances needed by the body for vision problems. Zinc is able to regenerate cells in the vision so that the cell becomes sharper in the eyesight of the eye organs. Levels of zinc in the eye is very high and can be one of the substances that unite between vitamin A and liver so that, into a union of work is very unique and perfect.

This makes a person with zinc deficiency shorter his eyesight and the ability to see inside the dark room decreases uncharacteristically. People who suffer from an eye disorder must have a small amount of zinc inside the eye.

10. Zinc and sense of taste

Did you know that zinc also affects the sense of taste and result in appetite? So the function of zinc one of them is as a producer of mucous membranes in the mouth. This zinc deficiency will make the production of mucus in the mouth decrease and cause decreased appetite. This will also make the presence of specific substances that make the holes in the tongue closed so that, the tongue will not be able to feel the taste and just bargain. So, for those of you who are currently not appetite, it is good to consume drugs that contain lots of zinc.

11. Optimizing Reproductive Functions

Another benefit of zinc is to improve the performance of the reproductive organs. In fact, according to research conducted to show results in couples who have difficulty in obtaining offspring is associated with a disturbance in micronutrient. As mentioned previously, this micronutrient is one of them is zinc. This zinc content also affects the blood flow during the process of sperm formation occurs. When the sperm is formed if the blood flow is deficient in zinc then it is certain that the resulting sperm will not be as optimal as those with enough zinc content.

For women alone if up to zinc deficiency can result in fatal things such as difficulty containing or difficulty maintaining the womb, resulting in a miscarriage. Fetal fertilization that occurs will not be normal so the fetus is not developed, difficult to give birth and many other things are very risky.

12. Prevent senility

Did you know that the part in the brain responsible for memory is mostly zinc. Zinc content in the special organ is very thick even 20 times thicker than the blood, even 100 times thicker than the spinal cord. Part of the special brain on the memory has more nerve and more complicated but its function is very important as one way to remember and understand what is seen or heard.

Over time, this zinc will decrease and usually in old age will occur senility. But of course this can be prevented through the predetermined way is to consume zinc.

13. Helps cell regeneration

Zinc helps to regenerate damaged cells in the body faster than using other substances. If the body lacks zinc substances it will cause many diseases among which the most are on skin problems and in mucous membranes. Various diseases such as hair loss causes, sprue, dry skin, acne will appear if zinc deficiency.

Lack of zinc will also affect the immune system is decreased. This can make cancer cells and tumors can grow abnormally and make the body more susceptible to various diseases.

14. Become Antioxidant

So the function of zinc in the body also serves as a membrane that can be used to protect the body from foreign compounds that begin to attack our immune system. This is often the reason why many doctors provide drugs containing zinc if the body is sick. Especially now where free radicals and pollution is very high so it is possible the body affected by various diseases.

15. Fertilize Hair

Zinc minerals have been known since ancient times that can be used to nourish hair and prevent hair loss. Even now there are many shampoo and hair care products that use this zinc substance. if you have zinc deficiency in the body can also be seen one of them with the danger of hair loss.

Thus information about the usefulness of zinc in the body. Zinc itself can be obtained from various types of foods such as spinach, garlic, mushrooms, crabs, seeds and milk. Zinc is also commonly found in sources of protein foods both from animals and from vegetables. Remember yes that zinc deficiency is not very good for the body so always try to meet their needs yes. So much information this time may be a knowledge for you, thank you.

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