14 Health Benefits of Dates And Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Dates And Nutrition Facts. Unfortunately, many still do not know. Food typical of the middle east is highly recommended by pregnant women and maternity. Dates can be an attractive alternative for mothers who do not like the consumption of drugs during pregnancy. There has been a lot of research is done to consume this palm juice. The importance of the type of food consumed by mothers during pregnancy will have much impact on the health of the fetus.

In general, pregnant women need more calorie consumption than usual. There is less need for about 300-400 calories. In addition to calories, mothers also need another nutritional intake such as iron, folate, calcium, and others. Dates have a reasonably diverse content, and much is necessary for pregnant women are also maternity. Of 100 grams of dates say, capable of producing energy of 280 kcal, 2.45 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber.

In a date, the study contains many essential minerals such as potassium (potassium), magnesium, calcium, boron, sodium, phosphorus, cobalt, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, and iron. Dates also contain 23 types of amino acids, some of which are not present in other fruits. Vitamins contained in dates ranged from vitamin C to B complex. Also, dates also contain antioxidant compounds such as tannins, beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Dates have the Latin name dactylifera Phoenix, while in Arabic the dates are called Tamr. Dates are a type of palm plant (Arecaceae) as well as a Phoenix genus. The fruit that is thought to have originated from Iran has been cultivated since 4000-6000 BC. The shape of the palm tree trees of whole fruits has betel nuts. Arabs often make dates as one of the staple foods. In Indonesia, dates have been processed in various variants of one form in the form of palm juice.

Benefits of Date Dates for Exceptional Pregnant Women!
Several studies have shown that eating dates regularly has positive implications for pregnancy and childbirth. The description in more detail can listen to the following description:

1. Overcoming Nausea Vomiting in the Morning

Pregnant women are often hit by nausea vomiting in the morning or commonly referred to as morning sickness. This condition is certainly not comfortable for the mother. Many efforts are made from taking drugs to nutritional therapy. But it turns out dates can also be one alternative solution. Dates contain sugar that is very easily digested. This greatly helps mothers to reduce morning sickness.

2. Overcoming Anemia

Pregnant women often experience anemia, namely lack of red blood (Hb) in the body. This condition causes the body feels weak, tired quickly, easily drowsy, and not eager for the move. In more severe conditions, anemia is quite dangerous because it can potentially occur during labor bleeding.

Many things can be done to increase Hb levels in the body one of them by consuming date palm juice. The iron content in dates is equipped with 27 micronutrients and macronutrients that the body needs to overcome anemia.

3. Overcoming Constipation

The benefits of palm juice for the next pregnant woman is to overcome constipation, one of the problems often experienced by pregnant women. Although constipation includes physiological things, but if constipation is left unhealthy course and will give the impression uncomfortable for the mother. Therefore, pregnant women need lots of foods rich in fiber, one of them dates. Dates contain lots of fiber that is useful to launch a bowel movement.

4. Strengthen amniotic

Amniotic conditions during pregnancy greatly affect the welfare of the fetus. Fetal membrane is the protective membrane of the fetus during the womb. If ruptured membranes prematurely will invite various problems such as the appearance of infection. In a study said that mothers who consume palm juice routinely encountered more rarely found rupture of membranes prematurely. The incidence of premature rupture of membranes (KPD) can be suppressed.

5. The Cervix Opening Process is Faster

The mother who is in labor will enter the opening phase of the cervix up to 10 cm. Mother opening mechanism is different, some are fast, some are slow. In the study mentioned that mothers who consume syrup regularly found can speed up the process of opening this cervix.

6. Minimize the need for oxytocin

In labor, oxytocin is used to speed up labor. Oxytocin is usually given when obstacles are encountered in the delivery process, such as a prolonged opening. Eating palm juice regularly can reduce the incidence of oxytocin use by the time of delivery.

7. Streamlining the Birth Process

Benefits of palm juice for pregnant women can be felt during the birth process. In a study found the results that mothers who consume the juice regularly obtained more dates that undergo the process of childbirth normally.

8. Calcium Source

Pregnant women need an extra supply of calcium that serves to support the formation of fetal bones and teeth. In addition, calcium is also needed to strengthen the condition of the mother's bones and prevent osteoporosis. Dates have enough calcium content needed by pregnant women.

9. Potassium Source

Pregnant women who lack potassium in the body will usually occur oedema or swelling in some parts of the body. This is due to the fluid imbalance in the body. In addition, potassium deficiency can also cause fatigue and often experience muscle cramps. Dates contain potassium which is beneficial for maternal health during pregnancy.

10. Preventing Infection

Please note that dates contain tannins. This substance serves to prevent the occurrence of infection in the body. Pregnant women need this substance to maintain the health of pregnancy.

11. Sources of Vitamin A

Who would have thought dates also have a lot of vitamin A? The content of vitamin A in the date as much as 9 IU. The benefits of vitamin A are of course diverse, one of which improves eye health.

12. Helping Post-Maternity Wart Cuts

It's no secret that the condition of the post-saline mother's body is swollen and it's hard to get back to normal. Consumption of dates can help overcome this. Dates can stimulate the hormone potuchsin, a hormone that can increase the elasticity of the uterus so it can return to its original size.

13. Launch milk

Not a few post-maternal women encounter problems in breast milk. Breast milk has not come out for example. It would be troublesome considering breast milk is the only best food for an irreplaceable baby. Eating dates and katuk katuk leaves before the birth is very helpful to facilitate the production of breast milk.

14. Counteract poison

Dates contain various substances that are very beneficial to the body. One of them vitokimia and also antioxidant substances. The substance provides many benefits to pregnant women that can help ward off toxins in the body.

Seeing the benefits of palm juice for pregnant women who turned out to be extraordinary, no doubt for you to try to eat them regularly from now on. Many studies and studies have proven the efficacy of this middle eastern fruit. Good luck !

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