14 Benefits Of Passion Fruit During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Passion Fruit During Pregnancy, For Skin, And Hair. Passion fruit is a common fruit found in tropical and subtropical countries. This fruit is shaped like an egg with wrinkled skin. Fruit colored green with a unique aroma. Passion fruit flavor varies depending on the type but generally has a sweet-sour taste. Passion fruit is often made into a very fresh juice when drunk in hot weather. In addition to refreshing the benefits of passion fruit is also very much for health and disease prevention so you should try it.

Some types of passion fruit

Purple passion: This type is the most common passion fruit. The purple passion has a length of about 4-9 cm in diameter about 4 to 7 centimeters. Purple passionfruit has a pericarp (broken fruit wall layer) brown and darkish yellow pulp that occupies 35 to 50% of the weight of this fruit. Purple passion fruit comes from Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Yellow Passion Fruit: Yellow passion fruit is more energetic than purple because it has bright colors. This fruit has a smooth yellow surface. Their pericarp is tight and has a larger size with a length of 6 to 12 cm and a diameter of 4 to 7 centimeters. They are relatively less savory and slightly more acidic.

Sweet Passion: Also known as sweet granadilla, this fruit is commonly found in Mexico, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Passionfruit type has a round shape like eggs with a length of 5-9 cm and a diameter of 4 to 7 centimeters. The sweet passion fruit skin is more rigidly crunchy, and the protective skin of the seeds inside is white.

Benefits of passion fruit during Pregnancy 

1. Improving immunity: Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to viruses and also to diseases related to the weakening of the immune system because their body's defenses are feeble when pregnant. For that pregnant women need more foods containing high vitamin C as well as passion fruit.

2. Reduce back pain: Vitamin C in addition to the body used to improve the immune system is also essential in producing collagen. Collagen is commonly known as one of the ingredients of beauty products, but the benefits of collagen are not only that, the article of collagen is also a component to make cartilage. Back pain during pregnancy can be minimized by adequate vitamin C from passion fruit.

3. Maintaining bone strength: There are many important minerals found in passion fruit such as magnesium, copper and also phosphorus. All of which are essential to support the power of your bones. When pregnant a woman is very susceptible to bone loss because their nutrients must be shared with the baby in the womb. Not to mention problems such as back pain can also be overcome if we meet the needs of bone nutrition. So, Wait no more, enter the passion fruit into your pregnancy menu.

4. Preventing stress: Hormonal changes during pregnancy make the mother get a lot of problems including stress. If not appropriately treated chronic stress can endanger pregnancy. Fortunately one of the benefits of passion fruit is to reduce stress levels. Passion fruit contains alkaloids that provide a calming effect that is very helpful to overcome various kinds of mental disorders including stress.

5. Maintain gastrointestinal health: Just like the fruit in general, passion fruit also contains fiber which means it is perfect for your digestive health. Fibers in the passion fruit are used to improve digestion so it will prevent constipation that is often experienced by pregnant women.

6. High in iron: Iron is an essential mineral that the body needs to make red blood cells. Passion fruit is a portion of food that contains high in iron so it is perfect for pregnant women. Iron requirements during pregnancy increase sharply, if this is not balanced by eating foods high in iron like passion fruit, then it is feared pregnant women will have anemia. Anemia at a mild level may not cause problems, but if it has entered a chronic stage, it can lead to premature birth.

7. Increasing fetal growth: Passionfruit enriched with essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are needed for growth and development of the fetus in the womb. For that, regularly consume passion fruit will ensure the fetus get additional healthy nutrients.

8. Rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants are the opposite of free radicals. Lack of antioxidant index in the body can facilitate some diseases perch on a person's body is no exception pregnant women, where their immune system is fragile. Vitamin C and A in passion fruit act as an antioxidant that helps reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

9. Preventing insomnia: Stress and insomnia are two very closely related issues. Because passion fruit has a soothing effect, it is also perfect for reducing insomnia. Hormonal changes in pregnant women still dominate problems such as insomnia. Enjoying passion fruit in the morning can be an interesting option to get quality sleep.

10. Lowering blood pressure: In passion fruit contains many essential minerals such as potassium. Potassium is used to relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow throughout the body. Potassium in passion fruit is also used to normalize the heartbeat so it will help maintain the health of the cardiovascular system of pregnant women. Although many pregnant women with high blood pressure have healthy babies without serious problems, high blood pressure can be harmful to the mother and fetus. Pregnant women with high blood pressure are more likely to have specific complications during pregnancy than those with normal blood pressure.

Benefits of passion fruit for beauty

11. Eye health: Eye is one of the symbols of beauty for women, it is no wonder keeping her health becomes a necessity. Because passion fruit is very high in vitamin A, where one serving provides about 43% of daily vitamin A requirements, so this fruit is excellent for improving your eyesight. Also, antioxidants in passion fruit can also help reduce the risk of macular degeneration ( a decreased retinal function of the eye).

12. Lose weight: Almost all women want a slim body, not least you indeed are. Passion fruit can be used as a healthy diet because it is shallow in calories and high in fiber. Fiber is perfect for weigh loss because it helps improve digestive health.

13. Skin health: 100 grams of passion fruit meets half of your daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen deficiency can accelerate wrinkles, so sufficient vitamin C from passion fruit can help delay skin aging. Not only that, but passion fruit is also a source of vitamin A, which promotes the growth and development of skin cells.

14. Increase hair growth: In addition to skin, hair becomes one of the body parts that often cause problems for women. Passion fruit contains all the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy hair growth cycle. Passion fruit contains a high amount of iron that is used to increase hair strength and prevent it from loss.

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