13 Amazing Health Benefits of Exercise

Amazing Health Benefits of Exercise Including Increase Brain Capacity. Exercise is a kind of physical activity that is good for the mind, body, and human spirit. Exercise can also be defined as all forms of physical activity that contribute to physical fitness, mental well-being, and social interaction. Lots of kinds of sports, such as play, recreation, gymnastics, and other physical movements.

By exercising regularly is an anticipatory step towards the prevention of the emergence of various types of dangerous diseases in the body. This activity can be done by anyone, whether children, adults, or people who have old age.

Sports activities can be done anytime and anywhere, either morning or night. It can be done at home, at school, at work, or in many wellness establishments that are currently being built to offer sophisticated sports facilities such as a gym.

Great time to do exercise :

  • Morning

According to a study conducted by Mollen Clinic, Arizona, USA, shows that +/- 75% of people who do physical activity or exercise in the morning have more enormous enthusiasm and energy in performing daily routines than the same people not doing any physical exercise at all.

  • Afternoon

The afternoon becomes a time when the body experiences an increase in temperature which causes the muscles to become more flexible. For that, health experts also recommend taking a moment in the afternoon to do sports. This will help improve sleep quality in the evening.

But it should also be remembered that we should avoid doing sports activities when approaching bedtime because it can actually result in trouble sleeping (insomnia).

  • Whenever the body needs exercise

In addition to the second time above, health experts also recommend doing sports activities whenever our body requires the exercise. Like when the body has the flu, when tired, during menstruation, or other times where the body needs exercise.

Lots of  exercise benefits that can get, like:

1. Improving Sleep Quality

Someone who takes time to do sports activities after a day of routine, can help to improve the quality of sleep at night. With good sleep quality will make the body fresh again and will be more ready to do the activities the next day. But keep in mind is, do not do sports activities when approaching the hours of sleep, because this will actually cause insomnia disorders (insomnia).

2. Make Body Look Fitter

After doing various activities, of course the body will look tired, tired, or lethargic. With a light exercise will be able to restore fitness. The muscles are initially tense will be able to return more relaxed. For that the benefits of exercise in the body is working to maintain health.

3. Eliminate Stress

The emergence of stress can be caused by pressure that comes from yourself, others, and the environment. This will cause health problems and the behavior of someone who experienced it. Exercise is a series of movements to maintain and improve the ability of body movement, which if done regularly can help reduce muscle tension, and can make the mind becomes more fres. A person who is physically active has a tendency to better adjust his or her emotional and mental state.

4. Improving Mood

With exercise can help stimulate the chemicals in the brain that can ultimately make a person more relaxed and feel happier. so it makes you feel happier and relaxed. The emergence of a sense of happy and relaxed can improve one's mood.

5. Increase Brain Capacity

According to David Atkinson, director of the Cooper Venture Development Program, one of the divisions of Cooper Aerobic Center in Dallas, USA stated that exercise can help to increase the serotonin present in the brain, where serotonin is a hormone that acts as a modulator of brain work capacity, such as to regulate emotion, understanding, or appetite. Increased brain capacity can help to improve quality in performing daily routine tasks.

6. Helps Increase Energy

By doing regular exercise can help in the process of burning food substances that absorbed the body into energy. During exercise activities endorphin compounds present in the human brain will be released into the blood. This is what makes a person feel more energetic and become more relaxed.

7. Increase one's confidence

Someone who regularly do sports activities can have the ideal body shape, look fresh, fit, and healthier. This of course can add confidence to them.

8. Can Lose Weight

Exercising can help to burn the fat and calories that accumulate in the body. For that people who have excess body weight (obesity disorder) is strongly recommended to do this activity on a regular basis to be able to help you lose weight. In addition, regular exercise can also help keep the weight to remain ideal, so it can avoid dangerous diseases.

9. Prevent Premature Aging

Doing regular exercise is believed to be able to help the regeneration of cells in the body. In addition, exercise can also prevent wrinkles, wrinkles, and can make the skin feel firmer.

10. Can Improve Body Resistance

Exercising can also stimulate hormones that work to increase endurance such as serotonin and endorphin hormones to work more effectively in the body. That way, the immune system will increase and can fight various diseases caused by infection either by viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms.

11. Restore Sexual Passion

After a day of doing draining routines, the body will feel tired and tired. This of course will affect the quality of a person's sexual relationship. Exercising can help improve sexual arousal and can prevent erectile dysfunction.

12. Strengthening Muscle Mass Bone

Some types of sports such as weightlifting can help to strengthen bones. This is because when lifting weights, the muscles of the body will be stimulated for the formation of new muscle cells, so as to prevent the occurrence of bone fragility and make bones become stronger. In addition, by training lifting beben, muscles can also develop. This is best done by those who want to have muscles as well as athletes.

13. Can Be Avoided from Different Types of Disease.

Doing exercise regularly is recommended by health experts, this is because with exercise can help to reduce the risk of contracting some types of dangerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and various other dangerous diseases. A study has shown that exercising fast walking for 15 to 20 minutes per day can reduce the risk of various types of diseases.

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