13 Amazing Health Benefits of Almonds Nutrition

Health Benefits of Almonds Nutrition. Almonds are part of the Prunedale subcategory of the Rosaceae family. This plant is still classified by peach in Amygdalus subgenus inside Prunus. Almonds are quite famous throughout the world and are often used as an additional ingredient to make chocolate, pasta, cakes and ice cream. Along with the unfolding benefits of almonds are very much for health makes it increasingly known throughout the world including Indonesia. Immediately to find out the hidden benefits of almonds let us refer to:

1. Overcoming bad cholesterol

Benefits of the first almond nut are powerful in overcoming the bad cholesterol that the number is quite a lot in your body. This cholesterol needs to be prevented so as not to cause many diseases that will damage your health.

2. Prevent diabetes

The properties of almond nuts are also used in preventing diabetes. Nutrient content in this nuts will help your body in lowering excessive sugar levels so that diabetes can be pressed risk.

3. Healthy heart

Benefits of almonds are very good for your heart health. If you have an indication of symptoms of heart disease, you'll want to eat these nuts regularly. Nutrients will make your heart protected from disease attacks.

4. Maintain brain function

The properties of almonds can keep your brain's performance. This is probably very useful to sharpen your brain's response and also keep your concentration level for the better in every day-to-day activity.

5. Good for weight loss program

Benefits of nutritious almond nuts to be foods that you need to input in the weight loss. Nutritional content in this seed will help overcome the fat in the body so your healthy diet can run successfully.

6. Prevent defects in infants

Birth defects in infants are the most feared by mothers. To prevent it, pregnant women are required to eat healthy foods. If you are one of these pregnant women, try to be more diligent eating almonds.

7. Helps digestion

Fiber content in almonds can make your digestion more smoothly. Fiber serves as a laxative food residue in your intestine so as not to inhibit the performance of the digestive tract in digesting food.

8. Overcoming ulcer

An ulcer disease is a symptom in which stomach acid rises. This can be overcome by eating almonds. These nuts are very healthy for your stomach and can cure ulcer disease.

9. Strengthens bones

One of the healthy ingredients present in almonds is calcium. So if you eat these nuts every day, then your body will have stronger and healthier bones from disease attacks.

10. Smooth blood circulation

Your blood circulation will be smooth with the help of almond nuts. Proper nutrition contained in these nuts will make your blood flow smoothly and spread evenly throughout the body.

11. Source of vitamin E 

Vitamin E is an important nutrient for maintaining your skin health. Several types of nuts are known to be an excellent source of vitamin E, especially almonds. When we consume 100g of almonds, then we will get about 25 g of vitamin E, which amount has exceeded our daily vitamin E requirement.

12. High fiber content 

Fiber is a nutrient that is often found in a variety of plant foods, including almonds. Fiber has many functions in our body such as maintaining digestive health, preventing colon cancer, lowering cholesterol levels to prolong life. A study has proven that someone who routinely meets the fiber needs has a likelihood of living up to 9 years longer than those who do not meet the fiber requirement.

13. Strengthens bones 

Many important minerals have almonds such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Nutrition is needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth. In 1 ounce almonds already meet 8 percent of the potassium requirement, 20 percent of the need for magnesium and 14 percent of the phosphorus needs. Lack of these nutrients can be bad for bone health such as causing osteoporosis.

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