12 Benefits of Dragon Fruit you must know

Benefits of Dragon Fruit you must know. Dragon fruit began to be famous for its benefits very much. Fruit with this unique appearance, has a pink skin, with layers of leaves that look like thorns on durian fruit.

Nutritional Content in Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit contains essential ingredients: Water, Fiber, Protein, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B12), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Calcium, Carbohydrate, Phosphorus and Iron.

1. To maintain bone health

Nutrition in the dragon fruit there are natural minerals in the form of calcium, iron, and phosphorus. The benefits of these nutrients, it is very important to maintain health and bone strength. According to the Livestrong.com page, the calcium and iron content in the dragon fruit is good enough for bone and blood organs.

Food and Agriculture Agency The UN organization explains that dragon fruit has a high nutritional value because of its calcium content. Dragon fruit is also a good source of iron. In addition to promoting bone health, calcium intake is also needed to maintain body muscle function and maintain nerve transmission.

The content of vitamin C is also high in the fruit dragon serves to improve the body's ability to absorb iron more optimal.

2. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a disease that becomes a frightening specter, especially for those who apply bad lifestyle. In fact, many experts who mentioned that cancer has not found the cure for sure. To avoid cancer, then one way of prevention is to routinely consume dragon fruit.

That's because of the dragon fruit there are high antioxidant compounds phytoalbumin. Both compounds serve to ward off free radical attacks into the body so it can inhibit the development of cancer cells in the body.

The content that is of the dragon fruit is also useful to help optimize the process of removal of toxins from the body. So a variety of toxins that are at risk of causing cancer will be discarded.

Reported from Caloriebee.com page, that dragon fruit can reduce the risk of cancer. The color of the red pigment in the dragon fruit is rich in lycopene, a flavonoid antioxidant, and phytoalbumins, which serves to prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body.

In the journal, American Institute for Cancer Research eNews mentioned that the content of lycopene phytochemicals in the red dragon fruit efficacious to prevent prostate cancer.

But it is important to always remember, in overcoming the problem of cancer, it is mandatory for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

3. Lowers high cholesterol levels

One of the important benefits of dragon fruit, especially for people who have prohibited doctors eat 'delicious', The benefit is to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Dragon fruit has a high vitamin B3 content, which benefits very important for high cholesterol patients, in order to reduce levels of LDL so as to prevent the onset of the risk of serious illnesses, such as heart attacks.

From Caloriebee.com page, Dragon fruit has soluble fiber content. Fiber is useful to maintain the function of the digestive system, which in turn is also used to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol that accumulates in the body of food 'less healthy' consumed.

In a clinical study published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences, pages 1341-1346, edition of 2009. It says that the consumption of red dragon fruit for five weeks can effectively reduce total cholesterol levels in the body.

4. Preventing obesity, helping to lose weight

Dragon fruit has a pretty good protein content, other than that dragon fruit low fat and carbohydrate content. With such content weight, dragon fruit becomes very suitable for you who want to keep the weight so as not to overweight, or for those of you who want to lose weight.

Protein content can be relied upon for the body needs in producing energy every day. Besides also the low fat and carbohydrate content does not make you fat.

In addition, the fiber in the dragon fruit is used to help digestion, so it also helps your diet program.

5. Preventing Diabetes Mellitus

A person suffers from diabetes due to poor lifestyle, often eating unhealthy foods, especially eating too much sweet. Routine consumption of dragon fruit (at least 1 times a week) is used to prevent diabetes. Content in the fruit serves to kill the bad cells in the body arising from eating unhealthy foods.

From the Caloriebee.com page. Based on research by experts conducted by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia, and published in the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. There it is stated that dragon fruit rich in betacyanin content (antioxidants) are used to prevent the risk of diabetes.

In another study, researchers observed that patients with type 2 diabetes were asked not to be dependent on insulin. However, they were given 600 daily doses of red dragon fruit gm for four weeks

6. Prevent heart attack

Dragon fruit has a useful fiber content to prevent the occurrence of inflammation, as well as overcoming hypertension (lowering high blood pressure). That way, to maintain your heart health, especially to avoid the name of heart attack, then try to start to eat dragon fruit.

7. Caught and asthma

This cough disease is commonly experienced by people, so many people underestimate cough diseases. Although the impact of cough disease is not serious, but in a situation can lead to shortness of breath. The most range is for people with asthma, where 'complications' cough and asthma can torture breathing.

Consumption of dragon fruit helps to relieve symptoms of cough and asthma, so the symptoms are not too bad.

8. Helps the formation of red blood cells

The body is in need of sufficient number of red blood cells. The formation of red virgin cells can be due to the help of vitamin B12 or riboflavin nutrients consumed from food. Dragon fruit there are vitamin B12 nutrients in it, the amount is quite a lot. Therefore, the consumption of dragon fruit is beneficial for the process of formation of red blood cells in the body.

9. Maintain the health of the gut organs

The habits of people who like the consumption of food in large quantities, can lead to intestinal organ function becomes heavy, so the intestinal organs will work very hard. You can minimize the problem of the intestine organ glands are too heavy, by consuming dragon fruit on a regular basis.

That's because the fiber content in the dragon fruit serves to relieve heavy intestine work. In dragon fruit there is a fairly high fiber content, which is beneficial for the health of the intestinal organs.

10. Increase your appetite

If you feel lazy to eat, or most often are children who are hard to eat. So that can give the dragon fruit intake so that food desires become arise. That's because in the dragon fruit contain vitamin B2 and B1 that serves to stimulate the desire to consume food.

11. Helps muscle formation

This benefit is very important for those who like to exercise every day, the benefits of dragon fruit that is able to help the formation of body muscles. Where the protein content contained in the dragon fruit has a function to form the muscles of the body with more optimal.

Drinking dragon fruit juice better dibandungkan drink special beverage protein supelemen, where the consumption of dragon fruit is much safer in helping the formation of body muscles.

12. Overcoming the entry of toxins into the body

Protein content in dragon fruit also serves to neutralize toxic substances that enter the body. Toxic substances will certainly have adverse effects on the health of the body, even can be very dangerous. By consuming dragon fruit, useful to help the body to be able to neutralize any toxins that enter, to then be thrown out the body.

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