12 Amazing Top Health Benefits of Black Tea

Amazing Top Health Benefits of Black Tea. Black tea is one of the beverages that has many benefits for health because it has a very complete nutritional content. Black tea contains antioxidants which are important components to support your overall health. There have been many studies that have revealed the benefits of black tea for health including improving digestive health, reducing asthma symptoms, and helping to lower high blood pressure. To find out more about the benefits of black tea for health, let's look at the following reviews:

1. Helps to treat diarrhea

Black tea has excellent tannin content to improve digestive health. Tanin in black tea has a healing effect on bowel problems including stopping diarrhea. Patients suffering from diarrhea only need to consume several cups of black tea to benefit in reducing the symptoms of diarrhea.

2. Relieve asthma

Benefits of black tea for other health is to help cure black asthma can reduce asthma symptoms by expanding the airways and make asthma sufferers breathe easier.

3. Prevent breast cancer

Benefits of black tea for health is the most important is to prevent breast cancer. Drinking black tea may inhibit the growth of breast cancer, especially in pre-menopausal women. This is because black tea has the ability to increase globulin hormone levels during menstrual periods. In addition, the flavin content that is present in black tea is also useful in destroying cancer cells in the body before causing cancer. For patients suffering from early breast cancer is recommended to consume more black tea to prevent the development and complications of breast cancer further.

4. Lowering cholesterol

There is good news for those of you who have high cholesterol levels because one of the benefits of black tea is to help lower blood cholesterol levels. American Heart Association in New Orleans conducted a study that showed a close relationship between high intake of black tea and decreased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Bad cholesterol levels known as LDL can cause heart attacks and strokes if not treated promptly. Consuming about 3-4 black teas a day can reduce the risk of heart disease significantly.

5. Maintain oral health

According to research conducted by the Diet health research Association shows that black tea is very effective in reducing plaque formation and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth that can cause tooth decay including cavities. The benefits of black tea are obtained because of the high content of polyphenols in the black tea. Nevertheless, surely black tea will not replace the function of the toothbrush to clean your teeth.

6. Protect heart health

As we all know that black tea can help lower cholesterol, making it one of the best natural ingredients to prevent heart disease. There is a very close relationship between the high cholesterol levels in the body and the risk of heart disease.

7. Contains high antioxidants

The content of polyphenols present in black tea works as a powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in preventing DNA damage associated with the use of toxic chemicals. Consuming 3 to 4 cups of black tea every day will help you get the benefits of antioxidants to prevent from various diseases including cancer and cataracts. In addition, antioxidants are also important to counteract the detrimental effects of free radicals that can cause aging.

8. Maintaining bone health

One of the benefits of black tea for health that should not be ignored is its ability to maintain bone health. Black tea has a powerful phytochemical content that is useful in making your bones stronger and reducing your risk of Arthritis. For those of you who have problems with bone health should consume at least 3 cups of black tea every day.

9. Relieve stress

Stress is one of the most common human problems that are difficult to avoid. Stress can occur due to high human activity and also a less healthy lifestyle. High antioxidants in green tea can help you relieve stress and other mental problems including excessive anxiety. Tea consumption in the morning helps you relax and calm the mind. The benefits of black tea are obtained because of the amino acid L-theanine. In addition, consuming black tea can also lower levels of cortisol stress hormone in the body.

10. Preventing diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to high blood sugar levels. This disease is very difficult to treat but can be prevented by applying a healthy lifestyle with a lot of exercises and consume foods that contain high fiber. Consuming black tea regularly can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 70%. Make sure you do not add sugar to the black tea you consume because it will actually have a bad health impact.

11. Increase endurance

One way to increase body endurance naturally you can practice is to consume foods that contain high antioxidants such as black tea. Black tea in addition to having antioxidant content also contains alkylamine antigen that has the ability to boost our immune system. Not to mention the content of tannins present in black tea also contributes greatly to the improvement of the immune system. Improving immune function plays an important role in preventing various diseases mainly caused by viruses and bacteria including flu.

12. Help lose weight

Black tea is very low in calories and excellent sodium is consumed for those who want to lose weight. In addition, black tea can also increase your body's metabolism, making it easier to burn fat and calories. So do not hesitate to include black tea into your healthy diet.

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