12 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Tomatoes For Skin

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Tomatoes For Skin. Tomatoes are one of the fruits that are often used as a vegetable, so do not be surprised if many people call the tomato is a vegetable instead of a fruit. Regardless of whether the tomato is a vegetable or tomato fruit has a variety of nutrients that are very beneficial to the health and beauty of facial skin. Some of the content in tomatoes include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, lycopene, fiber and a small amount of calcium.

Vitamin C in tomatoes is very useful to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals while making natural skin bright. In addition to these benefits there are much more benefits of tomatoes for skin beauty, more let's refer to the following reviews:

1. Minimize the pores of facial skin

Widespread facial skin pores will facilitate the dirt entry and cause acne. Tomatoes can help you shrink the pores of the skin so it can prevent acne. How: Blend fresh tomatoes with a blender. Put it into a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice. Before applying this ingredient wipe your face first. After a new clean apply a mixture of both materials to your skin using cotton balls. Let stand about 15 minutes then wash your face with water.

2. Remove oily facial skin

Excess oil on your facial skin can cause many problems. Excess oil can make the dirt more easily attached to the skin so that it will clog the pores and cause acne. Tomatoes contain natural compounds that can control the excess oil in this facial skin. The trick: cut the tomatoes into thin parts, stick to your skin until everything is covered. Wait about 20 minutes to make the tomato content seep into the skin. If it is finished lift and clean your face.

3. Kill the fungus on the facial skin

Tomatoes can kill fungi that can cause problems to your skin. How: Take two large tomatoes. Put it in a blender and add ½ cup of yogurt. Puree the two ingredients until completely united. As always apply to your facial skin and wait for 10 minutes more. When finished rinse your face until clean.

4. Prevent UV rays from burning skin

Excessive UV exposure to the skin of your face can make it burn, the skin becomes darker and redder. To help protect your skin from sunburn you can use tomatoes. Tomato fruit contains high lycopene which is an important antioxidant to protect the skin from damage. In addition to applied directly to the skin of tomato fruit consumption will also provide benefits not much different. A study in 2001 knew that published in the Journal of Nutrition found if eating tomatoes can protect the skin from damage caused by UV exposure.

5. Brighten skin naturally

Having a shining white skin is the dream of all women. So do not be surprised if many women who spend a lot of money to get it. But unfortunately, most of them actually use chemicals as bleach facial, in addition to having white side effects given chemicals is also not looking natural. For that, you should choose natural materials such as tomatoes. Tomatoes contain high vitamin C which is known to be able to brighten the skin naturally. Not to mention the content of vitamin C in tomatoes is also useful to increase the production of collagen which is an important protein for your skin.

6. Helps remove acne

For those of you who are currently having difficulty to get rid of acne on the face, there is no harm in using tomatoes. Tomatoes in addition to more natural are also cheap so you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy acne medicine. Not to mention acne medicine on the market sometimes even aggravate the condition of your acne. How to get rid of acne with tomatoes: Blend fresh tomatoes until they are shaped like pasta. Add a few teaspoons of fresh lemon juice to make the effect more real. Apply a mixture of these two ingredients to your facial skin until evenly distributed. Wait while relaxing for about 15 minutes. When finished rinse your face as usual.

7. Eliminates dead skin cells

Benefits of tomatoes for the skin of the next one is to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells that accumulate can remove light on the skin of the face so as to make it look dull. Tomatoes contain many vitamins Like Vitamins C, A and K which are helpful to maintain healthy skin. How: Cut the tomato into 2 parts. Sprinkle the refined grains of sugar into one part, then gently rub into your skin with a circular motion.

8. Helps remove blackheads

Blackheads are one of the most difficult skin problems to overcome. But you do not need to worry because it turns out one of the benefits of tomatoes for the face is to remove these blackheads. The way is easy, you just refine the fresh tomatoes with a blender, then smeared to your facial skin. Allow a few moments and rinse with water. Doing the above with a routine will help overcome your blackhead problem.

9. Protects skin from free radicals

Free radicals can cause aging of the skin. You can prevent it by consuming lots of foods that contain high antioxidants such as tomatoes. One of the most powerful antioxidant content in tomatoes is lycopene. In addition to lycopene, vitamin A and C in tomatoes also act as antioxidants that can counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. To get the benefits of this tomato you can consume directly or can also use it as a face mask.

10. Remove the black stain on the face

Black stains on the face are caused by many things, but the most common are acne scars and UV rays. Tomato fruit is able to remove black spots on this face safely and also cheap of course. You can use it as a face mask or paste it on facial skin.

11. Eliminate wrinkles on the skin

Extracts from tomatoes are often used as the main ingredients of massage oils to soothe the skin. In addition, tomato extract is also used also for eye care materials that are used to overcome problems such as eye bags and so on.

12. Maintaining healthy hair

In addition to the beauty of facial skin is tomatoes are also useful for maintaining healthy hair. How to use tomatoes for your hair care: Prepare 2 medium-sized tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Puree the three ingredients in a blender until they are all together. Apply to your scalp and let stand a moment. When finished rinse your hair until clean.

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