11 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a type of vitamin that is soluble in water and can not be produced by the body. Everyone is different needs, depending on age and life habits. In people who actually stick with smoking habits, consumption of alcohol or certain drugs, and can not be separated from the frequency of drinking coffee. Vitamin C is lost about 25% of the blood due to these habits, especially smoking.

Keep in mind, the role of vitamin C in the body is essential. Vitamin C is needed to maintain the integrity of collagen, such as the protein linking all the fibers, skin, veins, cartilage, and other tissues in the human body. The whole structure of collagen can heal broken bones, bruises, and minor injuries.

Other vitamin C functions such as support the absorption of iron and high concentration. Its properties as an anti-oxidant are used to neutralize free radicals. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has a laxative reaction so it can be used to increase the disposal of feces or feces from the body.

Also, to the benefits of vitamin C above, there are still many uses of vitamins that are said to be very useful to cure this canker sores. As from the results of research reports at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that vitamin C can counteract Nirit substances in the body that became one of the triggers of active cancer cells. More details, please read the benefits of vitamin C following.

1. Immunity

An interesting thing that is identical with vitamin C is its ability to keep the body from disease attacks by increasing the immune system or the immune system against the virus. It is not surprising that most immune enhancer supplements, especially for children, are mostly made of vitamin C.

2. Lowering Light Fever

Vitamin C can reduce the symptoms of fever and flu that naturally act as anti-histamine needed by the patient to recover quickly. It's good to consume vitamin C when sick by making it yourself, for example, squeeze oranges and make it juice to drink.

3. Anti-oxidants

The strength of antioxidant properties in vitamin C can keep the body from free radicals cause oxidative stress that eventually leads to a number of a dangerous medical condition such as atherosclerosis, the path of heart disease and stroke.

4. Useful for Patients with Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition in which the body increases blood pressure. Efforts that can be done is the consumption of blood pressure-lowering foods and actions that do not signal the cause of rising blood pressure. One of the foods that can lower blood pressure is vitamin C-rich.

5. Lose Weight

Fruits that contain lots of vitamin C become an essential requirement for everyone who is overweight. Health experts in the field of diet and nutrition often explained that fruits and vegetables with a high content of vitamin C can help lose weight significantly.

6. Preventing Cataracts

Vitamin C deficiency can reduce eyesight and health. Not infrequently if the condition is long left to end on the eyes and cataracts, especially for adults. By meeting the needs of vitamin C regularly (1000 mg per day), eye health will be healthy again.

7. Protect from Cancer

Apart from the results of research at ITM. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C can protect cells from DNA damage and protect the body against cancer in the long term. Because on the other hand vitamin C also works to boost the immune system, then the risk of all types of cancers such as lung, mouth, throat, colon, stomach, and esophagus will be reduced.

8. Increase Energy

Vitamin C can support the adrenaline function to increase energy metabolism. Besides, ascorbic acid also helps the process of creating dopamine hormones in the brain in a nervous system to record the activity of a favorite activity.

9. Preventing Heart Disease

Already explained before. Vitamin C can neutralize free radicals that trigger heart disease. Another greatness shown is to prevent the occurrence of damage to the walls of the arteries triggers the formation of plaque.

10. Preventing and Treating Diabetes

In diabetics, it is perfect to increase consumption of foods full of vitamin C. It is explained that vitamin C helps regulate blood sugar levels so that the risk of diabetes or existing ones will be reduced, at least minimize complications.

11. Prevent Asthma

Lack of vitamin C intake contributes to asthma. Diseases that can not be considered trivial should be treated optimally, one of them by replacing histamine with vitamin C.

Food sources of vitamin C are oranges, cantaloupe, peppers, cabbage, guava, chili, kiwi, strawberries, and papaya. Eat as recommended, do not overdo it even if your body condition is not fit (it's good to see a doctor just to do the examination).

Although many benefits of vitamin C as written above, do not you think that a lot of eating foods that are an excellent source of vitamin C when continuing to take the body. The ideal dose to give vitamin C intake to the body is 500 mg daily.

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