11 Health Benefits of Reflection massage therapy

Health Benefits of Reflection massage therapy You Must Know. Reflection massage therapy is a way to cure diseases or various health problems through direct nerve massage to the source. This therapy is one of the alternative methods that have existed since ancient times who came from China or China. In principle, every organ in the human body has nerve spots or called as a point of reflection that gives the stimulus effect to the parts of organs suitable to work better if done massage therapy. The point of reflection is often made massage therapy on the soles of the feet, palms, face, and surrounding areas.

Reflection massage therapy can be used to treat various diseases, or it can also be to take care of health to improve or improve the quality of health. This therapy is also often used in the field of aesthetics for beauty treatments. Massage is done with the aim to smooth the target circulation to the target organ and also to remove the blockage or unwanted substances in the body. Massage can be done by hand or can also use a small round-headed stick.

Reflexology is done by repeatedly massage the point of reflection associated with the body organs to be cured/treated. In general, massage using topical oil to give a fresh effect as well as avoid blisters/wounds on the area massaged. The various benefits of reflection massage therapy for health include the following:

1. Smooth blood circulation

Massage performed at reflex points can smooth blood circulation to target organs. As we know that blood carries oxygen and nutrients essential for the body so that if the flow is smooth then the metabolism of the body will run well and the organs will be able to work more optimally. With the smooth circulation of blood, it will be able to prevent at the same time help overcome diseases associated with blood circulation such as hypertension, heart disease, or stroke.

2. Remove toxins

Reflexology can also be a detoxification therapy that is to remove toxins or substances harmful to the body. In our body, every day is very vulnerable to receive various toxic substances that can accumulate and potentially damage our organs. These toxic substances can come from multiple sources such as food, air pollution, contaminated water, drug side effects, pesticides, radiation, and so on. With a routine and simultaneous massage it can remove toxins or toxins are usually issued in the form of urine, feces, or sweat.

3. Eliminate tired and stiff

The immediate benefits can be felt from reflexology in general that can remove tired and stiff. This is because the smooth blood circulation to the body until the smallest muscle cells give the effect of the body becomes fresher and the stiffness is gone. Bone and joint pain can also be treated with this therapy.

4. Make the body more relaxed (relaxation therapy)

In addition to eliminating tired and sore, the benefits of reflexology massage is also often felt the direct effect of making the body more relaxed. The busy work everyday demands our body to work and think hard so usually cause tension in our body both muscle tension and mind. Therefore, this therapy can relax the muscles of the body and make the mind more comfortable and fresh. Your sleep will feel more sound and can distance yourself from stress or depression.

5. Maintain and improve nerve health

Inside our bodies, there are so many nerve cells that center in the brain. At one time the nerve cells in our body can experience various disorders caused by multiple factors such as age-old age, the number of toxic substances, piles of cholesterol, and so forth. Therefore with massage at the point of reflection then the nerve cells will work more optimally. Also, the brain will work more efficiently so it will be easier to concentrate, improve cognitive function, stronger memory, and nerves become more reactive/responsive.

6. Increase stamina and endurance

Benefits of massage therapy reflection can also increase energy and stamina and endurance. This therapy is undoubtedly safer than you use supplements that can often endanger health. The cells responsible for the body's immunity will work more optimally so that immunity/endurance will increase that will make you not easily sick.

7. Accelerate healing / as a recovery therapy

Reflexology can also accelerate wound healing and post-ill recovery. This is because this therapy will optimize the delivery of sari-sari food to the area that is injured or sick so that damaged cells or tissue will be quickly replaced by a new one.

8. Relieve headaches

Blood circulation to the brain that is not smooth or muscle tension around the neck and head can cause a person suffering from headaches. There are even people who experience prolonged headaches in their days. Therefore with the effect of relaxation and smooth circulation system to all organs of the body because of massage then you can avoid the headache complaints.

9. Helps cure cancer

In cancer therapy, reflection massage therapy is usually used as a medical therapy companion. This therapy will help inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, activate antioxidants, and improve the ability of healthy cells to fight cancer cells. It also has the effect of reducing nausea and vomiting in cancer patients and reduce anxiety.

10. Therapy for pregnant women

Pregnant women usually experience various complaints on the body, such as fatigue easily, often feel sore, natural leg swelling, easy headache, easily anxious, and so forth. Therefore reflexology will provide comfort to the body and mind pregnant women either during pregnancy until postpartum.

11. Tighten the skin

Massage at the reflection points can also be applied to tighten facial skin. Massage is usually done in the area of the face that makes the face becomes more fresh and radiant. The smooth circulation of blood throughout the body also makes the skin cells will always look younger.

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