10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Napping

Unexpected Health Benefits of Napping For You. Napping is one of the most effective ways to relax the body after a long and tiring activity. Not only suitable for children, but napping is also very good for adults because it can provide many health benefits. So what are the benefits of a nap for health? Here's the review.

1. Reduce Stress

Benefits of the first nap for health that is to relieve stress. Believe it or not, by taking a short nap or sleeping for at least 10 minutes, it can counteract the stress you are experiencing. According to a study from the National Sleep Foundation, 10 minutes for a short nap is very useful to relax one's mind.

2. Increase Productivity

When the day is late, usually you will feel the body began to tire and lazy, so that productivity will decline. Taking a nap for a while, can refresh your body and restore your work spirit more efficiently than when you drink a cup of coffee.

3. Improve Brain Function

A study released by Health.com mentions that there is an increase in brain function right on people who take a nap. This part of the brain plays an essential role in regulating creativity. Therefore for those who do rest will be easier to solve the problem with the improvement of brain function.

4. Increase Memory

Napping can be a solution for you who are forgetful. Research conducted at Harvard Medical School found that napping is an effective means to improve the brain's ability to remember and learn to learn. Benefits of this nap even can still you feel also nap not soundly.

5. Increasing Body Resistance

Benefits nap for the next health that can help increase endurance in fighting infection. Conversely, if you experience lack of sleep, this can make the immune system weakened, so you sicker.

6. Improving Heart Health

Not only good for brain health, napping is also useful for heart health. By doing enough naps, it can help lower high blood pressure which is one cause of heart disease.

As in a study conducted in Greece, which shows that people who nap regularly have a lower risk, up to 37 percent, death from heart disease.

7. Prevent Craving for Snacking

Fatigue usually causes hunger or a desire to eat certain foods. This often happens in the afternoon. To avoid this, if you have 30 minutes, try to take a nap for a while. This is an efficient way to reduce the desire to eat excess food and improve mood.

8. Prevent Insomnia

Who would have thought that the benefits of nap can also be felt for those who have trouble sleepiness symptoms or nap? With a nap, primarily offset by regular exercise, can make the body re-fit and ease the effects of insomnia such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating, to decrease the quality of work

9. Rejuvenate the skin 

The cells of our body need to regenerate to replace the batteries that have died. And the right time for the cells to regenerate is when to sleep when the body is resting. By taking a nap then we provide an additional opportunity for the body to restore cells including skin cells that are very helpful for skin rejuvenation.

10. Prevent premature aging 

Every human being must experience the aging process visible from the symptoms of skin that began to wrinkle, especially in the area around the mouth and nose, the lower eyelid that began to decline, the appearance of stains and spots on the face, and the emergence of dark circles under the eyes. But do not let us aging prematurely aka premature aging caused by various factors such as smoking, pollution, stress, or an unhealthy lifestyle. To prevent premature aging one of them by doing nap that can make skin ageless and relieve stress such as stress on workload.

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