10 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Longan

Unexpected Health Benefits Of Longan. In addition to the taste of sweet and delicious, it turns out the fruit longan have benefits and efficacy is good for our health. Who does not know this fruit? longan is a type of fruit that has many names, ranging from cat eyes to Bavaro. The fruit is round as small as duku and the color is brownish yellow. Longan is often used as a favorite food because it is easy to get or planted by yourself.

Besides sweet fruit longan, it contains many nutrients. The nutrients in this fruit are iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, minerals, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and calories. With all the completeness of these nutrients, no wonder this fruit deserves to be a source of healthy food. Longan can help you to overcome various kinds of health problems. So what are the benefits and efficacy of the long for the health of the body? Check out the description below.

In order not to be mistaken in understanding the benefits and efficacy of longan, we provide a detailed explanation of some use of this fruit for your health. Here is the information.

1. Anti-depression

Benefits of the first longan that is used as a remover of depression. This fruit is able to make your nerves much more relaxed and not tense. Nerves are tense is the main source of the onset of stress disease.

2. Improve cardiac performance

Benefits of longan for the heart is to improve the performance of heart function. Better functioning heart organ will make your blood circulation more smoothly. The smooth blood will make the oxygen in your body spread evenly to the body.

3. Helping the healing process

For those of you who are in a condition of post-illness or in healing, you'll want to eat this fruit. Benefits of this one longan are very good to help the healing process of your body after illness.

4. Make blood circulation becomes smooth

Benefits longan the next is to make your blood circulation becomes more smoothly. Smooth blood flow will make you avoid dangerous diseases such as blockage of blood vessels.

5. Source of energy

Benefits longan for the body can also be a food that provides additional energy. The body is already full of energy will be ready to face all kinds of daily activities, so not easily tired or tired.

6. Treating snake bites

Benefits longan as a drug that can be an herb that works to treat snake bites. However, you still need to see your doctor immediately for a further examination.

7. Increase your appetite

Efficacy of longan for appetite is to increase it so you will feel immediately feel hungry. This fruit has a good content to increase appetite, especially in children.

8. Diarrhea medication

Benefits of longan for digestion are also able to treat diarrheal diseases. Diarrhea arises from the entry of bacteria into the digestive organs, including the large intestine. Eat this fruit regularly to cure your diarrhea diseases.

9. Make your intestines healthier

Benefits of later in the digestion of the digestion is to make your intestines become healthier. A healthy intestine will certainly avoid diseases, germs, and bacteria that cause many diseases.

10. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation often makes your body sick. To fix this, you can eat fruit longan. This fruit can be a food to relieve inflammation, so it can ease the pain. Imbangilah consumption of this fruit also by providing external drugs, especially on the skin that is inflamed.

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