10 Impressive Benefits Of Banana Peels For Skin

Impressive Benefits Of Banana Peels For Skin. Although most people think if the banana peel is just a garbage, in fact, the benefits of a banana peel for skin face and beauty is very much. This should certainly be a concern for those who want to do cheap facial treatments and certainly safe.

In addition to the skin, it has long since the banana itself is used to bawan beauty treatments such as nourish the skin and prevent it from aging. Even masks from bananas are believed to soften facial skin. Armed with the benefits of bananas for this face many people try to use banana peel as an alternative beauty treatment. Of course, this is also supported by the many studies that managed to reveal the benefits of a banana peel for skin beauty. What are the benefits of a banana peel for the face? let's look at the following reviews:

1. Natural skin moisturizer

All skin types require moisturizing products even for those of you who have oily skin tends to breakouts. Banana peels contain high amounts of potassium that can give hydration to the skin that loses its freshness due to the increasingly threatening exposure of free radicals. Using a banana peel as a face mask can make your face look softer and more supple. No need to use a moisturizer with an incredible price to drain the pouch to get a skin that is always soft, just with a banana peel mask that is used routine is enough.

2. Controlling oil on facial skin

Do you have oily skin and make skin always look shiny? Do not use products that contain alcohol, you can use the banana peel to control the excess oil content. Banana peel is an excellent exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, making the skin look cleaner, moist, and the skin no longer has to work hard in producing oil to moisturize the face. Banana peel also contains vitamin C and vitamin E is very good to make the face look brighter, more energetic, and eliminate the dullness due to lack of nutrients.

3. Nourish the skin deeply

Banana peels are rich in vitamin A that restores the moisture of the skin lost by cleansing the face with a dry cleaning product for example, or for too long sitting in an air-conditioned room that keeps the skin dry, or because of the cold weather especially during the winter also makes the skin tend to dry. Getting the benefits of a banana peel for the face can be done with a mask with a mixture of honey, mixed with lemon juice, or applied directly to the face by rubbing the inside of the skin to the surface of the face.

4. Brighten skin

Dull skin can occur in any skin type even those who have white skin though there must be a time you feel skin looks like death and have no energy. Restore the light that is on your face by using a banana peel that contains lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a very influential role in your skin condition. The role of vitamin C in the skin, among others, is to restore the condition of skin cells damaged by free radicals, prevent the pigmentation process that makes the skin so dark, and make the skin become brighter instantly. Use banana peel as a mask to get instant skin instantly!

5. Anti-aging

What is the solution to getting skin that remains young so one can guess your age is younger than actual age? One of the secrets is at your own table, banana. Yes, bananas are the fruit that is around you that is not only delicious eaten and made a variety of preparations, but it also has great benefits for the skin. Not only the fruit, but it turns out the skin also has great benefits you know.

A high content of antioxidants and vitamins in banana peels helps to disguise black spots on the face, preventing the formation of fine lines that can lead to wrinkles if not treated promptly with routine care. Because of his prowess in the fight against aging, banana peel even gets the nickname as a natural botox you know. You can combine it with other natural ingredients that can help to slow the aging process such as yogurt, and orange juice.

6. Overcoming bruises on the skin

Bruises or scratches on the skin can disrupt the appearance so that many people try to overcome them. But who would have thought if the banana peel turned out to be used to overcome the problem? Banana peel naturally contains antioxidants and also important minerals that are used to regenerate the skin so it will help heal bruises. You just need to rub on areas that are bruised or exposed to minor injuries.

7. Protection from the sun

We all know if excessive exposure to sunlight can have a bad effect on facial skin. UV rays can make the appearance of black and dry spots on the skin, for that you need a solar tab that can protect your skin from the UV rays, and one of the ingredients you can use is a banana peel. In addition to protecting the face, the banana peel is also useful to protect the eyes from the sun. So the more complete it feels the benefits of a banana peel for your face and overall health.

8. Help get rid of acne on the face

If you are looking for ways to get rid of acne with natural ingredients then you can take advantage of banana peel. In addition to safe certainly also very cheap and maybe you do not need a fee. How to use a banana peel to treat acne is simply rubbing banana peel gently on the area of the face contained acne. Using it regularly not only helps you deal with acne problems but also prevents acne from reappearing.

9. Treating insect bites

Insect bites like mosquitoes though not harmful but quite disturbing because of itching and a little sore. Instead of scratching it with a hand that can cause skin irritation you can use banana peel to overcome it.

10. Smooth the skin naturally

You want to know how to smooth facial skin easy and practical? Use a banana peel. Yup,, than having to buy expensive beauty treatments you can use this garbage to get smooth skin naturally. Yes, I say rubbish because the banana peel is usually just thrown away and rarely used. In addition to the directly rubbed banana peel can also be affixed to the skin to get benefits that are not much different.

Make banana peel care part of your skincare routine for skinnier, youthful, and healthier skin results. So much for the discussion this time about the benefits of a banana peel for the face.

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